New Jackets & New Dickies Pantsの金子社長 ⇒Mr. Blueのひとり言




日本自動車大学校(NATS) ブースに展示されていたNISSAN 720 トラックのボンネットには何と!Truck Mastersの記念Tシャツまで飾られ、主催のBlue Panic 金子社長の喜びようと言ったらありませんでした。

その他、会場で気になったのは ホンダ バモス ベースのStep Vanにそっくりなポケットバン。

日産 ラシーン ベースのハマーならぬLummern H4、よく出来てますね。

そしてスズキ ラパン ベースのChevy Suburban LOOK、これもよく出来ていました。K-carは楽しいですね!

Last weekend was Tokyo Auto Salon. My impression was that many of those called Japanese Domestic Classics called as JDC like Toyota Celica, Nissan Farilady Z and Nissan Skyline called “Hako-Ska” in Japanese were displayed inside the show. May be this is due to current popularity of the JDC style.

MOONEYES had late Toyota’s Twin Camed 1JZ Motor swapped Sleeper 1970 Toyota CROWN MS50 Sedan displayed so felt like was on the current move this year.

Among many cars in display, ones with Dreams were the 1960 something Mazda Carol based Hot Rod called “Kizuna” build by students of Shizuoka Professional College of Automobile Technology.

At booth of Nihon Automobile Technology School(NATS), very surprised to find Nissan 720 Mini Truck which had “Truck Masters” Special Show T-shirts displayed on hood, and how happy the president of Blue Panic Mr. Kaneko who is the organizer of Truck Master was well more than anyone expected.

Other than that was HONDA Vamos based “Pocket Van” look a like Old HONDA Step Van.

NISSAN Lasheen based “Lummern H4” look a like Hummer, build very well.

And SUZUKI Lapin based Chevy Suburban LOOK, This was build very well too. K-cars(Japanese Small Cars) are fun too!

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