営業のマッチャンこと松浦君、得意の1969 Triumph Chopperに乗ってKruise Knightに参加したのは確か先々週の事。ところが昨日、家庭に内緒でTriumphを買った事がばれてしまいました。


という事でこのTriumphは138万円でFor Saleです。興味のある方はメールをお願いします。マッチャンを助けて下さい。

Map of sale dept is the nick name for our staff "Matsura" who was proudly riding on Triumph Chopper on Kruise Knight two weeks ago but yesterday the secretly purchased Triumph Chopper was leaked to his family.

Before picture is when he was fine and lively, After picture is over 30 and old man Map who is looking like a high school boy scold for buying a motorcycle on his own. Mmm, what are you going to do next, Map? Now, this Triumph is for sale. He is asking for 1,380,000 Yen. If someone has interest, please send us e-mail.