あともう一歩で目的だったのにガス欠に合いレスキューされたMOONEYES Staffの相澤君、
We headed to Twin Ring MOTEGI, where Indy Japan 300 miles is held every year. MOONEYES Staff Aizawa had to be rescued within steps of our destination because he ran out of gas!

Although we were steps from our destination, the place we stopped was actually near the closed Motegi East Gate – why did he go to that side? Motegi is South or North Gates which are always open.

After getting inside, we finished filling up and safely entered the oval course area.

先週はネコ・パブリッシングの開催する土日 2Dayのイベントがあり、日曜日はVWのDrag Race、
Last week was Neko Publishing’s 2-Day event (Saturday and Sunday) with Sunday being VW Drag Races. My friend Miyazaki was participating and we went to cheer him on. He purchased the T-1 to use for parts but changed his mind and put his own engine in it to race, but it looked like a Rat.

On that day, there was a circuit race going on at the same time with some serious cars running the course. Inside there was a 904, I think, being towed.

VW周回レースでおなじみのY’s Cup主催者の佐藤君も参加、しかし彼が目の前を通過したのはこの時だけでした。どこかで何かが起こり904のようにトウされたそうですが 残念ながら目の前に二度と姿を見せませんでした。
There was a VW circuit race as well with Y’s Cup organizer Mr. Sato participating in his race car. However, he only passed by once. I think something happened on the other side and he was towed like the 904. Unfortunately, that was the only time I saw the car.

MOONEYES Area-1 マネジャー成田君のブログ「本牧スタイル」にも登場した1969年Mustang Boss 302は元気に軽快に目の前を通過してゆきました。
The 1969 Mustang BOSS 302 that has appeared on MOONEYES Area-1 manager Narita’s blog “HONMOKU STYLE” before was running real strong and nimble, passing right before my eyes.

このサンビームアルパイン or タイガー(だと思う)はなんと “MOON CAFE” のプレートを付けて下さっています。ありがとうございます!!懐かしのTV「それ行けスマート」もサンビームでした、最近映画化された「Get Smart」が公開中ですが面白いですよ。ぜひご覧下さい。
This Sunbeam Alpine or Tiger (I think) really surprised me because it had a “MOON CAFE” license plate attached to it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! The old TV show “Get Smart” had a Sunbeam. Recently made into a movie “Get Smart” is now showing and it’s very interesting. If you get the chance, you should see it.

MOON BuggyはフロントにAir Shockを入れ少々車高を下げたので 停車中の姿は最高にいい感じになりました。
There are Air Shocks on the front of the MOON Buggy and that lowered it just a little but the stance and view from the side looks perfect.

Here’s Aizawa sprinting passed the stands on the way back.

Gasser / ガッサー?

Gasser、日本ではガッサー?僕的はギャッサーの方がSound rightなんですが
当社のSteveが ”ガッサー” って言うから、どうやらそうらしい。
GASSER. In Japanese, spelling is based on pronunciation so how is Gasser spelt?
For me, I say it like [Gya-sah] which sounds right but our “native” English speaker, Steve, says [Gas-sah] without the minor Y sound. He says it’s the same as GASOLINE. Perhaps a good point.

さて、Bakersfieldで見たGasser Styleのレースカー達です。
Anyway, here are some Gasser Style racers from our trip to Bakersfield.
This “LOOK” is still very popular in the US.

そしてGasserの肝はなんと言ってもMOON DecalとMOON Fuel Tankです。
Speaking of GASSERS, many were equipped with MOON Decals and/or a MOON Fuel Tank, which suit this car perfectly.


Last weekend was the 10th Custom Hill meeting.

The weather on this day was excellent with an unfiltered shot of Mt. Fuji.

We met up with other MOONEYES Staff that left Yokohama in the early morning and together to the event area it was GO!

A meeting place with clean and beautiful green is so perfect.

There was an excellent view of Mt. Fuji almost all day long.

農家のオジサンではありません。Deuce Factoryの笠井さんです。
That’s not a old farmer. That’s the Deuce Factory Japan’s Mr. Kasai.

搬出途中で会場を後にしたParadise Roadの下平さん・生井さん
Mr. Junichi Shimodaira & Mr. Namai of Paradise Road left early while the event was still going on.

It’s been a while for him to leave early but with his helmet on, driver Mr. Blue rushed out.

10月31日(金)、いよいよMOON Illustrated Magazine(MIM) 2号目が全国書店で発売開始となります。今回は総ページ約150、そのうちおよそ2/3が読み物、1/3はMIM1号発行以降発売された新製品と冬・春物の新製品が掲載されています。
記事内容はSouthern California取材、Wildman変態ページ、その他たくさんの内容でお届けします。 通信販売でも予約可能です。どうぞお楽しみに!
31 October (Friday) is almost here and MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) vol.2 will be available across the nation at all bookstores. This issue has a total of 150 pages and 2/3 is featured articles with 1/3 including products that were released after MIM#1 plus new products for Fall and Winter. The main focus around most of the content and featured articles is Southern California centric as well as Wildman’s Hentai page among other content.
And it’s bilingual English and Japanese!

We are now taking advace order for the catalog’s(MIM#2) release through our mail order.

We hope you enjoy MIM#2 as much as we enjoyed putting it all together.


月曜日、Europe Bug In(EBI)の主催者の一人、ベルギーのKobus君が
Kobus, one of the European Bug In (EBI) promoters from Belgium, came to MOONEYES USA on Monday with his friend Maurice, owner of Kieft en Klok (www.kieftenklok.nl) from the Netherlands that sells T-II VWs along with Rudi, one of his staff.

This is their rent-a-car but take a look at that floor! Actually, you can’t!

彼らは日曜日、Huntington Beachで開催されたT-IIのEvent ”OCTO”に行って来たそうです。
They were here in Southern California for a T-II event called “OCTO” on Sunday in Huntington Beach.

この日MOONEYES USAは、ヨーロッパやオーストラリア等からのVisitorで賑やかでした。
On this day, there were many visitors from Europe and Australia etc. to MOONEYES USA.
Recently, the Euro and AUS Dollar has been strong against the US Dollar and has brought many foreign visitors to the US. While the JPN Yen is also strong, unfortunately, there were no visitors from Japan.

With the current US economic conditions not getting any better, it is greatly appreciative to see the increase of visitors from countries doing well.
Come to think of it, Europe was also in recession!?
That being said, US, Japan, all sides are down.

走れなくなった MOONEYES Dragster

木曜日、17th California Hot Rod Reunion(CHRR)に向けてMOONEYES USAを出発。
On Thursday, we left MOONEYES USA and headed to Bakersfield, CA for the 17th California Hot Rod Reunion (CHRR).

金曜日 DragsterのInspection(車検)をとり行くと、Techスタッフから「安全で無いから走れない」 聞き慣れた話しだなーと思っていたら本当にPassできなくて(色々交渉しまたが。。) 結局MOONEYES DragsterはTrackを走れないTrailer Queenとなってしまったようです。注:Trailer Queenとは走れない車等を呼ぶようですが、何とも意味深い表現ですね。
Trophy Queenではなく、Trailer Queenです。間違えないの無いようにお願いします。
On Friday the Dragster went for its Inspection and the Tech staff said what I hear often, that it might not pass because of safety concerns, but to our surprise it really didn’t Pass (although we tried to discuss it over with them…).After all was said, the MOONEYES Dragster couldn’t run the track anymore ?

結局 エンジンを掛けるだけとなったのでDean MOON Jr.にDriver’s Seatは譲りました。
In the end, only the engine was fired up and Dean MOON Jr. took over the Driver’s Seat duties.

#533 ’27 T とMOONEYES Dragster いい感じです。
Here’s a picture of #533 ’27 T and MOONEYES Dragster. Looking good.


今週末、Bakersfieldで開催されるNHRA Hot Rod Reunionに向けて
MOONEYES Dragsterの準備も整いつつあります。

音を聞いてまずBill (写真奥)が、


皆Machine Shopに集まって来ました。


Great to see you again, Tom!

VW Type-II Party

Type-II Party、その昔秘密裏に「タイクツ パーティー」と呼ばれていました。昨年までは赤レンガ倉庫となりの埠頭で開催していましたが、そこ建物が立ってしまったので、今年は本牧 MOONEYES Area-1裏で開催しました。
A red brick warehouse is what became of the previous meeting place for the Type-II Party on the pier and now that a building is there, this year the meeting was held in the rear parking area at HONMOKU Area-1.

これが思いのほかコンパクトにまとまり、エントリー台数が減り続けるこのイベントにはちょうど良い開催場所となりました。と言っても Type-II 55台、Swap Meet 30軒と見ごたえあるイベントにが変わりありません。


Initially, a compact area like this wasn’t desired but each year the number of entries have slightly decreased for this event and the results made it a perfect size meeting space.
With that said, there were 55 T-2 vehicles and 30 Swap Meet spaces filled which truly was something to see. To everyone and all the entrants, thank you very much for coming out.

今回、一番気になったのはこのType-IIでした。とにかく低い、Low, Lower, Lowest? こんな進行形あるか分かりませんが、その位い低くてカッコ良かったです。
This was the most interesting T-II this time. At any rate, it was low. Low, Lower, Lowest? Don’t know much about this kind of progressive form but at that low stance, it looked extremely cool.

このイベント唯一の賞である Long Distance賞は、北海道 千歳市からお越しの小林さん。それも青函連絡船以外 全行程自走と言うガッツに感謝です。それもトンボ帰りの強行軍、ショー終了後青森まで走る!って気合が違います。
This event had one award, the Long Distance Award, and it went to Ms Kobayashi, all the way from Chitose, Hokkaido (the northern most island of Japan) which is about 1,160km (721 miles) from Honmoku, Yokohama.

In the parking lot, there were a group of K-Cars with conversions that came to see the show.

さてMOONEYES Area-1では 突然のKawasaki KH250の来店にスキップを踏み喜びを隠し切れない
Wildman, 手には何と力道山のメルセデスを持っているではりませんか。 
Over at Area-1, an unexpected Kawasaki KH250 was parked at our store and unable to control or hide his excitement and urges, literally skipping to its side was Wildman! Is he holding a super car Mercedes or something? This guy, you have to wonder just how far he will go.

Now, when ever there’s a MOONEYES sponsored event, we have many people that lend a hand and become Helpers for the day.

その中で今年皆勤賞を狙うHelperのMOONEYES Fan。じつは彼は昔1971年Dodge Challenger それも426 Hemi Motor, しかもAT車、何でも12台しか作られなかったという超貴重なオートマ付きHemiを持っていたのですが、ちょっとした心の迷いからそれを手放ししまい心に残るのは深い後悔だけ。
Within that group, there’s a Helper that has had perfect attendance to every event this year and he’s a MOONEYES Fan. The fact is, he used to own a 1971 Dodge Challenger with a 426 Hemi Motor. Although being an AT, there were only 12 built that year – now an insanely valuable Hemi Automatic – that he used to own was reluctantly sold years ago. Not only was he hesitant to let it go, he emotions run very deep still today and obviously had heavy hearted regret.

そんな彼の前を1970 Challnegerがやって来ました。
Just then, in front of him came a 1970 Challenger.

車から目を背けるMOONEYES Fan
MOONEYES Fan deliberately looking the other direction of the car.

目を逸らしたに関わらず 後姿を見送る未練タラタラのMOONEYES Fanでした。
Although he turned the other way, MOONEYES Fan looked after it passed and drove away – with lingering regrets.


Sunday 9月28日は不安定な天気ではありましたが PRA Fall National & So Cal Speed Trialが無事開催されました。Super Shotが主催するSo Cal Speed Trialは 煙モクモク、9秒台続出、凄い一日でした。
With unstable weather on Sunday, September 28, the PRA Fall National & So Cal Speed Trial was successfully held. Super Shot sponsored So Cal Speed Trial filled the air with smoke and recorded several 9-second runs for a full day of excitement.

この’66 Novaは、この日最速の9.463秒を記録。
This ’66 Nova ran the fastest of the day at 9.463 seconds,

2番目が ’73 Camaro、9.688秒。しかし9秒台4台中3台がBig Blockという中、このCamaroはSmall Blockです。驚きの速さです。
followed close by number 2, a ’73 Camaro with 9.688 seconds.
However, out of the four cars that ran in the 9 second bracket, 3 were Big Blocks and this Camaro with a Small Block. It was surprisingly fast.

3番目は ’69 Chevelle、9.908秒、
Third fastest time was a ’69 Chevelle at 9.912 seconds,

次が ’69 Camaro、9.912秒でした。
and a ’69 Camaro with 9.912 seconds, just making it in the 9’s.
These cars are getting faster and it’s very scary to watch in person.

この貴重な ’70 Camaro Z28は12.491秒、
This valuable ’70 Camaro Z28 ran at 12.491 seconds.

ちょっと遅れてMOONEYESの’72 Novaが12.497秒。
Just behind that was the MOONEYES ’72 Nova at 12.497 seconds. The Nova was using normal tires but managed to smoke ’em like this all four times. With less than 50km of use, these were still new tires but the tread was almost gone by the day’s end.

女性ドライバーIgnite Magazine発行人の佐久間さんの ’67 Camaroは遂にフロントが上がりました!タイムもどんどんよくなり10秒台もすぐ近くの11.045秒。凄い!
Ignite Magazine’s female driver, Ms. Sakuma, in her ’67 Camaro finally got the front wheels off the ground! She also improved her time with every pass, getting closer to the 10s. She clocked in at 11.045 seconds. That’s GREAT!

静岡県富士市から自走参加の ’74 Ford Marvericは思ったほどタイムが伸びず15.735秒、床屋さんのオーナーちょっと悩んでいました。
This ’74 Ford Maverick drove to the day’s event from Fuji, in Shizuoka-ken. The barber shop owner was a little worried though, with a 15.735 second time.

PRAではベテランの西谷さん、大友さんもNew Machineでモクモクでしたし、
The veterans of PRA, Mr. Nishitani and Mr. Otomo had brought a New Machine.

Nao from Flat-4 was there too. They all drove real hard.

帰りの東北道は栃木インター付近から「11キロ 120分」なんて事故渋滞もあり、ヘラヘラで走っていると偶然V-Woodyと遭遇。彼は仙台にはいませんでしたから、どこから現れたのでしょうか?
On the way home on Tohoku HWY, there was an accident on Tochigi-Interchange that backed up traffic, taking 120 minutes to travel only 11km (almost 7 miles). It was a slow ride home. Just by chance, we saw the V-Woody. He wasn’t there in Sendai with us so I wonder where he was traveling from?

Sendai PRA Drag Race

虹?!?! それが出るのは??そんな状況でした。

Went to Sendai Highland looking forward to clear skies as reported in the weather forecast and this is what it was like.
Rainbow?!?! Those come out when?? That was the situation.