SEMA 2008

新しいCamaroはSunocoカラーだし、ChallengerはHURST Challengerになっていました。
さて今年もMOONEYESは、SEMA ショー Hot Rod Alleyに出展しました。
世の中の動向が悪い中 今年のSEMAはどうなるか心配しましたが 明けてみればそんな心配は無用!大変盛り上がっていました。
On display was the New Camaro with Sunoco color scheme as well as a Challenger in HURST Challenger clothes.
It’s seeing cars like this that make me think about how cool American cars are.
This year, MOONEYES went to the SEMA Show and had a display booth in Hot Rod Alley.
In these current times of difficulty, there was some worry about how this year’s SEMA show would be. However, once there at the show and seeing the action, the worrying was useless! Everyone there was in high spirits and having a great time.

There were many people that came over to the MOONEYES booth, here are just a few.

MOON Tatooを見せに来てくれた方々です。
Several stopped by to show off their MOON Tattoo.

First to stop over was Custom Car magazine Editor-in-Chief and party,

しばらくしてMOONEYES Dealer Louiseのオーナー、
followed by the owner of Louise, a MOONEYES Dealer from Kyoto,

九州 SS Runの社長もいらっしゃいました。
and president of SS Run from Kyushu also came by.

USAでToyotaのイベントと国産旧車のイベントを運営しているMr.& Mrs.Yamaguchiさん
なぜ2人一緒に写っていないかと言うと Babyが一緒だったため、Babyをつれて入場できないので
Mr. & Mrs. Yamaguchi stopped by. They manage Toyota events and Japanese Old-Domestic car event in the USA. Why wasn’t there a photo of both of them you ask? Well, they had brought their baby with them and children are not allowed into the area so they had to take turns.

Lastly, Mr. Takemaru whom we haven’t seen in a while.

たくさんの方にブースに寄って頂きましたが 話に夢中になり写真を撮り忘れたりで「僕も居たのに」と言う方、ご免なさい。と言うSEMA報告でした。
There were so many more people that came by the booth and many times I was chatting with them that I forgot to take a picture. Thank you for stopping by and sorry about not getting a photo. And that’s my SEMA report.

PS. 先月のBlogでカレッジ時代の友人と会った事を紹介しましたが 今日また一人友人のArtがTomと現れました。3人とも同じ寮で3年あまりを過ごしたので、会うのは15年振りになりますが、会えば30年前に逆もどりでした。中央がそのBig Artです。
PS. In a recent blog entry I mentioned about an old college friend, Tom. Today, he brought another old friend, Art. The 3 of us shared a dormitory for three years. It’s been about 15 years since we last seen each other but to meet again is like going back 30 years in time. In the middle is Big Art! 

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