Southern California Weekend

週末の夕方Costa Mesaへぶらりと出かけるとなんとGabeのショベルが
I saw Gabe’s Shovelhead one weekend evening when I went to some small shopping center in Costa Mesa.

He came back just then and we talked for a while. Then he came over to hang out. It was really late when he headed home.

He is very considerate of others and left quietly.
Thank you!

日曜日には久しぶりにLong Beach Swap Meet(LBSM)に行ってみたら、入場早々Super ShotのTシャツの着た3人組に遭遇
Sunday was the Long Beach Swap Meet (LBSM). It’s been a while since I last went and just as I got to the entrance, I encountered three men wearing T-shirts from Super Shot Speed Shop in Japan.

メンバーの一人の彼は、このCamaroでDrag Raceに参加しています。
One of them has a 1970 Camaro Z28 and participates in Drag Races at Sendai in northern Japan.

まずはCar For Saleの駐車場をブラブラ歩くと気になるのがありました。
I then walked around the Car For Sale lot and saw an interesting car.

それはこの1972Vega Wagon、初期型の1本バンパーカッコイイです。
It was a 1972 Vega Station Wagon, first generation model with single bumper. So cool!

しかもV-8が載っていてFord 9″ 等、それに以外とBodyやインテリアも悪くありません。
It had a V-8 and Ford 9″ rear-end, etc. The Body and interior weren’t bad either. Above all, the appearance remained relatively Stock looking.

そしてもう一台は、Sunbeam Tiger、Sunbeam AlpinにV-8が載っているVersionです。
Another one that interested me was a Sunbeam Tiger (016), Sunbeam Alpine which was a V-8 Version.

Perhaps there were many people that wanted to sell their car because the parking lot was completely Full.

せっかくですからSwap Meet会場を歩き出すと、なんとIgniteの石橋君とばったり。
Finally, as I strolled through the Swap Meet, I bumped into Mr. Ishibashi from Ignite magazine.

Swap Meetも会場もいつもより人もベンダーも多く、大変盛況でした。
The swap meet was packed this time with so many people and vendors, it was great.
There were a lot of unusual things that you don’t see all the time at LBSM.

I didn’t expect to see this, in a Chevy (5 on 4-3/4) bolt pattern, 15 x 3.5″ 5-Slot Wheels???, Oh man!
Maybe it’s the season but there were a lot of people selling things.

夕方South Coast Plazaへ世の中の経済状態をチェックに行くと、以外と人が出ていましたし、Xmas Tree装飾もすみ、Holiday Seasonへまっしぐらって雰囲気でしたが、高級品店街はガラーとしてました。
I wanted to check the current economic conditions so in the evening I went to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. They already had the Xmas Tree with decorations and ornaments up.
They were already into the Holiday Season atmosphere but high-grade shops seemed slow.

It was dark by about 6PM when I went to Mitsuwa Market in Costa Mesa and by coincidence, ran into this big guy I know well. Also saw this 60’s Impala pass by us, the 60’s Big Old American Cars in dark colors looks so cool!

2003年CivicにSpeed Master Wheelですが、何気にスマートになり気に入っています。
For no apparent reason, it’s pleasing to see how this 2003 Honda Civic looks stylish with Speed Master Wheels.

Gasoline prices have come down in the US and lately have been in this price range.

As I was writing this blog entry, the 3 men I met at LBSM came to into the Shop at Santa Fe Springs, USA. I promptly gave them the Shop Tour.

Machine ShopではBillがCamをグラインドしていました。
In the Machine Shop, Bill was working hard on a Cam grind.

Thank you for coming to the Shop.

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