Toyota Prius

Lately, the price of gasoline has been coming down again and depending on your location a liter costs about 119 yen ($4.76/gallon) for regular gas but it really was good timing when we purchased the Toyota Prius.

ちょっと前ですがMOON Discを装着したらもっと燃費が良くなるだろうと思ったのでMOON DiscならLake Styleしかありません。 
A short time ago we mounted MOON Wheel Discs thinking it may boost gas mileage, so we went with the Lake Style look that only MOON Discs can produce.

スバルレガシー用スペアタイヤホイルにミシュランの135をフロントに、165をリアに そして車高をかなり下げたらまさにBonnevilleに似合うスタイルになりました。カッコイイ!
Using the wheels from Subaru Legacy spare tires, we used Michelin 135 X 15 tires for the front and 165 X 15 on the rear, then lowered the body as far as it could go. It matched the car real good and had a Bonneville look! Awesome!

さっそく試乗、高速道路を走りましたが。Traction Controlのランプが点いたままでまったく加速しません。ただヌメーと走るだけです。車高の下げ過ぎもあり跳ねる跳ねる。
Now for the test drive. We drove around and even went onto the express way. Even with the Traction Control lamp on the car,
means “Traction Control” was alway on! So, no acceleration. It just crawled along. It was obviously lowered too far as it bottomed out over and over.

翌日には元に戻しました。Air Suspensionまでは入れる勇気はないので、次の手を考える事にします。
The next day it was raised back up. I don’t have the desire to put Air Suspension so for now I am thinking of what to do next.

さて そのPriusに装着簡単なアクセサリーが発売されます。
Speaking of the Prius, it was just equipped with new accessories that are simple to add on.

クロームメッキのドア ハンドル カバーサイドマーカランブカバーそしてミラーカバーです。
Chrome plated door handle covers, side lamp covers and mirror covers.

It comes with two-sided tape and mounts easily. They will be available for sale soon.

Right now, the Prius gets about 17km per liter (40 miles/gallon). A full tank of gas lasts about one month.

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