MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe裏側、山手警察署隣に11月21日(金)イトーヨーカドー本牧店がオープンしたら、いきなりMOOEYES Area-1/Cafe周辺は交通渋滞となりこの連休はとんでもない事になりました。
It was the grand opening of Ito Yokado (Super Market) Honmoku on November 21 (Friday) located across from the Yamate Police Station, behind MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe. This past 3-day weekend caused an unthinkable surge and a huge traffic jam in the surrounding area of MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe.

MOOENYES Area-1/Cafeにお越しの際
When making a trip to MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe, here are a few things to note.

山下方面からアロハカフェ前をとおり、山手警察署手前を左折しMOONEYES Area-1/Cafe裏に来る道順で来店される方は 山手警察署手前(裏に入らず)を左折せず その先の信号を左折し、MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe正面を通過し次の信号(ローソン)を左折で来店させると比較的すいています。
1) If you come from the Yamashita direction, pass Aloha Cafe in front of Ito Yokado (Super Market), a typical route would be to turn left before the Yamate Police Station and take the back road to the rear parking lot of MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe. Now, instead of turning left prior to the police station, go straight and turn left at the stop light. This passes the front of MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe and then make a left at the next stop light (LAWSON) to come around to the rear parking. This path is comparatively less crowded.

Oncoming traffic in the opposite lane has no traffic control issues at this time.

もし、山手警察署左折車線が混んでいたら そのまま気にせず直進し、突き当たりを左折、また突き当たりを左折し信号(ローソン)を直進すれば、多少迂回する事になりますがMOONEYES Area-1/Cafeの駐車場にたどりつきます。
Also note that right across from where Aloha Cafe is located is Ito Yokado’s parking lot entrance/exit. This is backed up with cars in line along the left side. It might be easier to stay to the right lane until you pass and approach the police station intersection.
If you are in the right lane and pass the crowd but don’t make it over to the left lane by the stop light, don’t worry and go straight. Go to the end of the street and turn left and go until the end of the street again and turn left. This will bring you up to the Lawson stop light. Go straight at the light and it more or less brings you around to the rear parking of MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe.


<この交差点がネックになりました。小港交差点> This intersection is a key point of the issue. 高速を本牧出口で降りる方は 降り口の信号を右折し、そのまま直進、シーメンズクラブを右に見ながら90度カーブを左に曲がり、信号を直進するとアロハカフェ前に到達しますので、その後は(1)に従ってご来店ください。 2) If you take the Honmoku exit off the express way, make a right at the first stop light and go straight from there. With the Seaman's Club Restaurant on the right-hand side, there's a 90-degree curve to the left, proceed straight through the stop light. This takes you in front of Aloha Cafe. Follow step 1 (above) to reach MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe.
MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe裏道路がイトーヨーカドー駐車場の出入り口になっているので、土日祭日は混み合います。
With Ito Yokado parking on the same road as MOONEYES Area-1/Cafe rear parking, weekends and holidays are sure to be very crowded.

At the grand opening sale last weekend, 1 carton of eggs was 98yen, which caused an uproar of shoppers.

This may cause some inconvenience but we truly appreciate your cooperation.

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