1966 Harley Davidson FL Police Special

1966 Early Shovel Police Special 元はRobのHDです。 縁あって日本へやって来ましたが完成したのでFor Saleです。
1966 early Shovelhead Police Special used to be Rob’s H-D. Destiny brought
it to Japan and now that it has been completed, it’s For Sale.

Fresh Candy Califronia Blue PaintにBull Original製 White Solo Seat, セルモーターも付いてますから
エンジン始動は楽々、元々Police Special、USでは違反のBlueレンズも日本でならOK、Turn Keyですぐ乗れます。 春はもうすぐそこまで来ていますよ!
Fresh Candy California Blue Paint with MOON Equipped White Solo Seat made by Bull Original. It comes with an electric starter so the engine is easily fired up. As with any former Police Special, having blue lights would be illegal in the US but here in Japan it’s OK. This is a Turn Key Complete bike, ready to ride. Next thing you know it will be spring time!

1966 FL Police Special

Early Shovel

Fresh “California Blue” Candy Paint
S&S Carb
5G Fuel Tank
Police Spot Lights with Blue Lenses
Front Crash Bar
Stock 2 pcs Handle Bar
Police Speedometer
MOON Leather Solo Seat

Turn Key

検 2011年(平成23年) 12月1日
現状 as is

Shaken (Japanese Car Inspection, aka JCI) expires 2011 (Heisei Yr.23) Dec. 1st
2,800,000 Yen + Tax
Condition: As Is.

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