Walking around 150 year old Yokohama Port…

横浜開港150年と言うことなので、山下公園から本牧まで ブラブラと歩いてみました。 
Continuing on the topic of the 150th anniversary of the Yokohama Port Opening, there are various things to see while going from Yamashita Park to Honmoku.

Normally I drive through this area but if you walk there are so many things you can see.
You really don’t know until you walk.

山下公園の 氷川丸です。 氷川丸の反対側には 横浜を代表するホテルのNew Grand Hotelマリンタワーです。New Grand Hotelは旧館だけで撮影しました。
The vintage ship called Hikawamaru of Yamashita Park. On the opposite side of Hikawamaru, is New Grand Hotel and Marine Tower, both major landmarks of Yokohama. I took a picture of New Grand Hotel just because it’s such an old building.

新館ができるまでTopに横浜港を見ながら食事ができた “Star Light Grille” と言うレストランがありました。良いレストランだったのですが今は閉鎖されています。
Until newer and much higher buildings were built there was a restaurant called “Star Light Grille” at the top where you could see breath taking views of the Yokohama harbor while eating dinner. It was a great restaurant, however it’s no longer the same restaurant today.

Hotelに向かって左の角部屋は WWII 敗戦直後 厚木飛行場に降り立ったGeneral マッカーサーが投宿した部屋があります。マッカーサーズスイートとして今でも宿泊可能です。旧館 1FのBarとカフェテリアはお勧めです。
Facing the hotel, the corner room on the left side was used immediately after WWII by General MacArthur. It’s still an active room today and it’s appropriately known as the MacArthur Suite. On the 1st floor of the old building is a bar and cafeteria that is worth a visit.

上か下か忘れましたがこの角部屋がマッカーサーズスイートです。 角が丸いビルって素敵ですね。
I don’t remember which floor it was on, but the corner room is the MacArthur Suite. The rounded corners on the building look elegant.

左の写真は接収直後のホテル入口です。 右の写真は焼け野原にぽつんと残るNew Grand Hotel(矢印)です。 写真画像は 「占領下の日本」 河出書房新社
The photo on the left is the hotel entrance immediately following its seizure. The photo on the right shows the remains of a burnt area with the New Grand Hotel (marked with arrow) still standing. Photos from the book “Senryouka no Nihon” (Occupied Japan) Kawade Publishing

これ安いですね!スタッフと行こうと話していますが 毎月2日間限定と言うのが肝です。
This is cheap! All you can eat is only 2,000 YEN ($20)!!
MOONEYES Staff have been talking about going together. It’s a limited yet bold campaign for 2 days each month.

崖の上は “港の見える丘公園” が続く丘、その麓には銭湯。この並びに Bay Side Court と言う米軍の宿泊施設がありました。
Continuing up a hill, you can see “Minato no Mieru Park” which literally translates to “You can see Minato Park” on top of the cliff. At the base of the cliff is a SENTOU (Public Bath). Also in this area was Bay Side Court, the housing district for US Armed Forces.

旧Bay Side Courtから見上げた丘の上は山手です。丘の上は豪邸、したは庶民の街、古今東西この図式は変わりませんね。
From the old Bay Side Court looking up the hill is Yamate area. Atop the hill are luxurious residences, and below are the common people, the masses. Although the times have changed through the years, this schema is still the same.

Walking along the inner roads of Honmoku Street was this sight.

約1時間でMOONEYES Area-1にとたどり着きました。
After about 1 hour of walking I arrived at MOONEYES Area-1.


Yokohama Port Opening 150th Anniversary

There was an article in the Kanagawa newspaper about the 150th anniversary of the Yokohama port with a picture of US Armed Forces on the north pier in 1972, which is near JR Higashi-Kanagawa train station in Yokohama now..

During the Vietnam War, tanks that needed repair were brought here for maintenance and shipped via large trailers to Sagamihara. It was a common sight to see during that time.

ノースピアとは有名なStar Dustと言うBarがある所です。
There is a famous bar called Star Dust on the north pier.

ノースピアの入口 遠くにみなとみらいにある横浜インターコンチネンタルホテルが見えます。
North pier entrance. In the far distance you can see Yokohama Intercontinental Hotel in Minato-mirai.

On the other side of this bridge is the area of north pier.

橋の手前には有名なStar Dust, 今でも営業しています。
Just before the bridge is the famous Star Dust bar, still in business today. 

It’s about a 5 minute walk from JR Higashi-Kanagawa station.

Dean MOON and Me at Pomona Swap Meet in 1986

これは、1986年に Dean MOON と Pomona Swap Meet へ行った時の写真です。
This is a picture of Dean MOON and me in 1986 when we went to Pomona Swap Meet.

カートを押せと言う指示を貰い、一緒に歩きまわり、Dean は「MOON buys MOON」と言いながら Old MOON Products を買っていました。Old MOON Products,今では高くなって簡単には買えなくなってしまいました。 Good Ol’ Days でした。
I was told to push the cart as we walked around together. Dean would say, “MOON buys MOON,” and look for Old MOON Products to buy. Old MOON Products have become expensive today and they aren’t easy to buy. That was the Good Ol’ Days.

MOONEYES Area-1 の 裏側

Behind MOONEYES Area-1

MOONEYES Area-1裏 臨時駐車場 (日祭日のみOpen)側に映画村(?)があるのはご存じですか?
今回は 「婚カツ!」 と言う番組のセットらしいです。
Did you know there’s an empty parking lot (Open during festivals) being used as movie set(?) behind MOONEYES Area-1?
Apparently, it’s for the TV drama series called “KON-KATSU!”.

The view looks like this, but…

when viewing it on TV etc., it’s magically transformed into a full town.

When ever they are filming, it draws in crowds of onlookers.

今週のマッちゃん と そのバイクと他2台 プラス1

This week’s Mat-chan & Bike, 2 Others Plus 1

4月に名古屋で開催された「Joints」と言う Custom Bike ショーの事務局から送られてきた封筒があったので、開けてみるとその時展示した MOONEYES スタッフのバイクの写真と CD が入っていました。
The Custom Bike show called “Joints” was held in Nagoya (central Japan) this past April. We received an envelope sent from their office and inside were photos taken during the event, and a CD, of the bikes that MOONEYES Staff had on display.

まずは、Hardcore Chopper マガジン「今月の松浦さん」で御馴染のマッちゃんの Triumph Chopper です。購入当時はしっかり 70s した Chopper だったのですが、飛ばし過ぎでエンジンを壊し、家に内緒で買ったもんだから家には持って帰れず、不動車の為長期に渡り雨ざらし状態となりせっかく付いていた貴重なパーツは皆錆びだらけ。いつまで経っても何もしないのでバイクが可哀想だから、会社で勝手に直しこの形に落ち着きました。
First, featured column called “This month’s Mr. Matsuura (a.k.a. Mat-chan)” that appears in Hardcore Chopper magazine, is Mat-chan’s Triumph Chopper. When he first purchased it, it was a solid 70s chopper, but he managed to break the engine. He couldn’t take it home because he kept the purchase a secret so it just sat in the parking lot for a long period. Exposed to the elements, all those precious parts began to weather and rust. Feeling sorry for the bike in that condition, we took the bike from him without asking and fixed it up into what it is now.

Mat-chan, the front forks are not yours!

よせばいいのに懲りないマッちゃんは、今度は Harley の Sportster を購入、しばらくしたら事故で壊れ、そのついでに?カスタムが終了したのがつい先日、こんな形になりました。このバイクは家の方もご存じだそうです。
You would think he learned something from this but instead he purchased a Harley Sportster. He had an accident on his way to work and wrecked it, so he decided to rebuild it and recently finished customizing it. This bike is not a secret because his wife doesn’t even know he has two bikes.

次は角谷君の Triumph、後輪に MOON Disc した Bobber スタイルです。
このスタイルが Triumph は一番ですね。
Next is Sumiya’s Triumph pre-unit, Bobber style with a MOON Disc on the rear wheel. This style Triumph is the best.

さて最後の画像は CB750 です。 
このバイクを作ったのは 10数年前ですが、こうしてしっかり写真に収まるとこれはこれでカッコいいです。
CB750 はいいな~。
Lastly is the CB750. This bike was built about 10 years ago but still takes great pictures and that’s cool.
CB750s are just cool.

By the way, receiving such an incredible photograph like this makes entering the event worth the effort. The feeling is right on.
Being an event promoter of similar events I would like to follow the same practice.
Thank you very much for the wonderful photos!!

あれ!? スイングアームにストラップが巻かれたままだ! 
Hey wait a minute!? I just noticed this strap wrapped around the swing arm!
Mat-chan! What is this!?

Gabe’s Slag Lamp

友人が製作販売している Slag Lamps です。
A friend of mine makes and sells Slag Lamps.

吊るすタイプがメインですが 僕は無理をお願いしてスタンドタイプにしてもらいました。
The main types are hanging lamps but I pleaded for a stand type and got one made.

早速 Fire Place の前に置いてみました。良い感じじゃありませんか!
I immediately set it up in front of the Fire Place. And it really looks great!

そして、これは彼の Chopper の Gas Tank です。
And this is my friend’s Chopper Gas Tank.

Aloha Rod & Custom Super Show

4月にHonoluluで開催されたAloha Rod & Custom Super Showの模様です。
The 1st Annual Aloha Rod & Custom Super Show was held in April this year in Honolulu, HI.

MOONEYES Dealer in Hawaii の Pacific Rod and Street の Tad から送られてきました。
Tad from, MOONEYES Dealer in Hawaii, Pacific Rod and Street, sent us some pictures from the show.

MOONEYES からは Wildman が描いた MOON Disc を提供し、このNovaが MOONEYES Pick に選ばれたそうです。
MOONEYES presented a MOON Disc with artwork by WILDMAN as an award. The MOONEYES Pick went to this Chevy Nova.
Winner of Moon Disc award, Guy Pauline's '67 SS Nova
Winner of Moon Disc award, Guy Pauline’s ’67 SS Nova

There seems to be many Radical cars in Hawaii and looks like a lot of fun.

ハワイの友達 Jason からも写真遅れて来ました。
My friend Jason from Hawaii also sent some photos.

Thanks Tad and Jason!

Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet (LBSM)

またまた Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet (LBSM) へ行ってきました。
I went to the Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet (LBSM) again.

なので写真は全部曇り空です。 Harley ばかりの中、数台の日本車ベースの Chopper が
During this time of year in Southern California the mornings are often cloudy so leaving the house isn’t as exciting. On top of that, all the pictures I took were cloudy too.
Among all the many Harleys, there were several Japanese makes used as Chopper base bikes.

This Chopper was literally Chopped.

こちらの2台とも日本車の Honda CM400 です。
These two are both Japanese bikes based on a Honda CM400.

とそんな中 ひときわ目立っていたので Don Ed Hardy仕様のSuzuki カスタムです。この状態で販売しているのでしょうか? 
And then, noticeably sticking out and catching my eye was a Don Ed Hardy themed custom Suzuki. I wonder if they are selling it this way?

I ran into Danny Takahashi whom I haven’t seen in a while.

LBSM のあと友人とLunch を取る約束をしていたので Long Beach Harbor に向かう頃には太陽も顔をだし Southern California になりました。
After LBSM, as I was on my way to have lunch with a friend, heading to Long Beach Harbor, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds and it began to look more like Southern California.

It really isn’t the same without this sunshine.

Long Beach から PCH を南下していくとさすが日曜日です色々な車が走っていました。
On PCH heading south from Long Beach, as one would expect on a Sunday afternoon, there were many cars.

Huntington Beach あたりで前を走っていたこの Impala はカッコ良かったです! 
Right around Huntington Beach, I saw this awesome Chevy Impala driving in front of me!