Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet (LBSM)

またまた Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet (LBSM) へ行ってきました。
I went to the Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet (LBSM) again.

なので写真は全部曇り空です。 Harley ばかりの中、数台の日本車ベースの Chopper が
During this time of year in Southern California the mornings are often cloudy so leaving the house isn’t as exciting. On top of that, all the pictures I took were cloudy too.
Among all the many Harleys, there were several Japanese makes used as Chopper base bikes.

This Chopper was literally Chopped.

こちらの2台とも日本車の Honda CM400 です。
These two are both Japanese bikes based on a Honda CM400.

とそんな中 ひときわ目立っていたので Don Ed Hardy仕様のSuzuki カスタムです。この状態で販売しているのでしょうか? 
And then, noticeably sticking out and catching my eye was a Don Ed Hardy themed custom Suzuki. I wonder if they are selling it this way?

I ran into Danny Takahashi whom I haven’t seen in a while.

LBSM のあと友人とLunch を取る約束をしていたので Long Beach Harbor に向かう頃には太陽も顔をだし Southern California になりました。
After LBSM, as I was on my way to have lunch with a friend, heading to Long Beach Harbor, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds and it began to look more like Southern California.

It really isn’t the same without this sunshine.

Long Beach から PCH を南下していくとさすが日曜日です色々な車が走っていました。
On PCH heading south from Long Beach, as one would expect on a Sunday afternoon, there were many cars.

Huntington Beach あたりで前を走っていたこの Impala はカッコ良かったです! 
Right around Huntington Beach, I saw this awesome Chevy Impala driving in front of me!

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