今週のマッちゃん と そのバイクと他2台 プラス1

This week’s Mat-chan & Bike, 2 Others Plus 1

4月に名古屋で開催された「Joints」と言う Custom Bike ショーの事務局から送られてきた封筒があったので、開けてみるとその時展示した MOONEYES スタッフのバイクの写真と CD が入っていました。
The Custom Bike show called “Joints” was held in Nagoya (central Japan) this past April. We received an envelope sent from their office and inside were photos taken during the event, and a CD, of the bikes that MOONEYES Staff had on display.

まずは、Hardcore Chopper マガジン「今月の松浦さん」で御馴染のマッちゃんの Triumph Chopper です。購入当時はしっかり 70s した Chopper だったのですが、飛ばし過ぎでエンジンを壊し、家に内緒で買ったもんだから家には持って帰れず、不動車の為長期に渡り雨ざらし状態となりせっかく付いていた貴重なパーツは皆錆びだらけ。いつまで経っても何もしないのでバイクが可哀想だから、会社で勝手に直しこの形に落ち着きました。
First, featured column called “This month’s Mr. Matsuura (a.k.a. Mat-chan)” that appears in Hardcore Chopper magazine, is Mat-chan’s Triumph Chopper. When he first purchased it, it was a solid 70s chopper, but he managed to break the engine. He couldn’t take it home because he kept the purchase a secret so it just sat in the parking lot for a long period. Exposed to the elements, all those precious parts began to weather and rust. Feeling sorry for the bike in that condition, we took the bike from him without asking and fixed it up into what it is now.

Mat-chan, the front forks are not yours!

よせばいいのに懲りないマッちゃんは、今度は Harley の Sportster を購入、しばらくしたら事故で壊れ、そのついでに?カスタムが終了したのがつい先日、こんな形になりました。このバイクは家の方もご存じだそうです。
You would think he learned something from this but instead he purchased a Harley Sportster. He had an accident on his way to work and wrecked it, so he decided to rebuild it and recently finished customizing it. This bike is not a secret because his wife doesn’t even know he has two bikes.

次は角谷君の Triumph、後輪に MOON Disc した Bobber スタイルです。
このスタイルが Triumph は一番ですね。
Next is Sumiya’s Triumph pre-unit, Bobber style with a MOON Disc on the rear wheel. This style Triumph is the best.

さて最後の画像は CB750 です。 
このバイクを作ったのは 10数年前ですが、こうしてしっかり写真に収まるとこれはこれでカッコいいです。
CB750 はいいな~。
Lastly is the CB750. This bike was built about 10 years ago but still takes great pictures and that’s cool.
CB750s are just cool.

By the way, receiving such an incredible photograph like this makes entering the event worth the effort. The feeling is right on.
Being an event promoter of similar events I would like to follow the same practice.
Thank you very much for the wonderful photos!!

あれ!? スイングアームにストラップが巻かれたままだ! 
Hey wait a minute!? I just noticed this strap wrapped around the swing arm!
Mat-chan! What is this!?

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