Walking around 150 year old Yokohama Port…

横浜開港150年と言うことなので、山下公園から本牧まで ブラブラと歩いてみました。 
Continuing on the topic of the 150th anniversary of the Yokohama Port Opening, there are various things to see while going from Yamashita Park to Honmoku.

Normally I drive through this area but if you walk there are so many things you can see.
You really don’t know until you walk.

山下公園の 氷川丸です。 氷川丸の反対側には 横浜を代表するホテルのNew Grand Hotelマリンタワーです。New Grand Hotelは旧館だけで撮影しました。
The vintage ship called Hikawamaru of Yamashita Park. On the opposite side of Hikawamaru, is New Grand Hotel and Marine Tower, both major landmarks of Yokohama. I took a picture of New Grand Hotel just because it’s such an old building.

新館ができるまでTopに横浜港を見ながら食事ができた “Star Light Grille” と言うレストランがありました。良いレストランだったのですが今は閉鎖されています。
Until newer and much higher buildings were built there was a restaurant called “Star Light Grille” at the top where you could see breath taking views of the Yokohama harbor while eating dinner. It was a great restaurant, however it’s no longer the same restaurant today.

Hotelに向かって左の角部屋は WWII 敗戦直後 厚木飛行場に降り立ったGeneral マッカーサーが投宿した部屋があります。マッカーサーズスイートとして今でも宿泊可能です。旧館 1FのBarとカフェテリアはお勧めです。
Facing the hotel, the corner room on the left side was used immediately after WWII by General MacArthur. It’s still an active room today and it’s appropriately known as the MacArthur Suite. On the 1st floor of the old building is a bar and cafeteria that is worth a visit.

上か下か忘れましたがこの角部屋がマッカーサーズスイートです。 角が丸いビルって素敵ですね。
I don’t remember which floor it was on, but the corner room is the MacArthur Suite. The rounded corners on the building look elegant.

左の写真は接収直後のホテル入口です。 右の写真は焼け野原にぽつんと残るNew Grand Hotel(矢印)です。 写真画像は 「占領下の日本」 河出書房新社
The photo on the left is the hotel entrance immediately following its seizure. The photo on the right shows the remains of a burnt area with the New Grand Hotel (marked with arrow) still standing. Photos from the book “Senryouka no Nihon” (Occupied Japan) Kawade Publishing

これ安いですね!スタッフと行こうと話していますが 毎月2日間限定と言うのが肝です。
This is cheap! All you can eat is only 2,000 YEN ($20)!!
MOONEYES Staff have been talking about going together. It’s a limited yet bold campaign for 2 days each month.

崖の上は “港の見える丘公園” が続く丘、その麓には銭湯。この並びに Bay Side Court と言う米軍の宿泊施設がありました。
Continuing up a hill, you can see “Minato no Mieru Park” which literally translates to “You can see Minato Park” on top of the cliff. At the base of the cliff is a SENTOU (Public Bath). Also in this area was Bay Side Court, the housing district for US Armed Forces.

旧Bay Side Courtから見上げた丘の上は山手です。丘の上は豪邸、したは庶民の街、古今東西この図式は変わりませんね。
From the old Bay Side Court looking up the hill is Yamate area. Atop the hill are luxurious residences, and below are the common people, the masses. Although the times have changed through the years, this schema is still the same.

Walking along the inner roads of Honmoku Street was this sight.

約1時間でMOONEYES Area-1にとたどり着きました。
After about 1 hour of walking I arrived at MOONEYES Area-1.

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