The two old men went racing but…


The two old men went racing but…

Super American Festival走って来ましたが、 


We went to Super American Festival and raced but,
unfortunately, I’m afraid us old men did not qualify (DNQ) for the elimination.
It’s been a long time since I raced at Fuji Speedway, and with fine weather, it was a wonderful event.
There were quite a few accidents, reminded me of USA races.
Also, the Camaro last raced here in Fuji Speedway 28 years ago, now that’s a long time ago.

入場口を守るMr. Blue

Mr. Blue was working at the main gate.


Driver: 53 years old


Cheering spectators

This driver is 54 years old.

’69 CAMARO が Fuji Speedway で走り出すVIDEO を You-Tube にアップしました。
You can see the ’69 Camaro run at Fuji Speedway on You-Tube.

Along the surface of the strip, where is looks white, a few cars before this run it blew something and oil started pouring out. Well, the clean up was that white stuff.



This photo is from 1981, I was 26 years old, Fuji Speedway has been improved since TOYOTA owned it.

Interior of the Camaro now.

Interior 28 years ago.

右から3人目の黒Tシャツは御馴染のMOONEYES Fan
中央が、最近Hardcore Chopper誌「今月の松浦さん」で話題のMOONEYES Staff 松浦君。

Up in the stands, 3rd from the right in a black T-shirt you can see MOONEYES Fan,
In the center, MOONEYES Staff Mr. Matsuura, that has a featured column in Hardcore Chopper magazine called, “This Month’s Matsuura-san”. By the way, this month’s issue has this.

On the left, Sales Manager Mr. Kumasaka.
Speaking of which, if you two are up in the stands, who’s taking care of the Shop (booth)??

Milan, Italy

ミラノ編/Milan, Italy

This is the second part of my Italy trip, where we visit Milan.

ベニスからミラノへはEuro Star (ES)と言う電車で 2時間ちょっと鉄道の旅です。
We rode the train called Euro Star (ES), which is a 2 hour trip from Venice to Milan.

思いっきり Guess をして並んだラインの先頭の人に聞いたら 「ここが10号車だ
Follow me!」 と言うからその気になっていたら目の前に停まったのは3号車、
We purchased our tickets at the station in Venice. Tickets are assigned to reserved seating and our seats were in Car #10. When we got to the platform, we had no idea where Car #10 would be. Everyone we asked gave a different answer so we ultimately guessed where it would be and lined up. Once the train came we asked the person at the front and I think they said, “Car #10 is this way, Follow me!” That’s when I realized we were standing in front of Car #3. Lugging 25kg (55lbs) of baggage, we literally ran for car #10. Each car is roughly 20m (65ft) long, so we made a mad dash for at least 140m (153 yards). I can’t say it was spotless inside but we made it on and riding a train all the way to our destination was relaxing.

ミラノでは Italy Rumblers の Romano君と Lowride Magazine の Giuseppe氏と Dinner を取り
In Milan, we had dinner with Rumblers member Romano and Loweide Magazine’s Giuseppe.

翌日は Lowride Magazine Office を訪ねました。
隣はBody Shopです。
The following day we visited the Lowride Magazine Office.
Next door is a Body Shop.

Once we were inside their office, it was literally a Motorcycle Museum! Bikes I’ve never seen before.

そしてこのバイクはオーナーによって開発されたライトウエイトの市販Sports Bikeです。
And this bike is being developed by its owner as a light weight production Sports Bike.

オーナーの Mr. Cabassi氏(右)と Lowride 編集長の Giuseppe 氏。
The owner, Mr. Cabassi (right) and Lowride Chief Editor Giuseppe.

彼らの Office からちょっと市内観光しました。
We also checked out the sights nearby their office.

Also found a poster like this too.

Cable cars and vehicles move on the same streets

次に向かったのは市内でバイク関連商品を販売している”Officine Mermaid”。
Our next stop, in the same city, was a shop that sells motorcycle related products called, “Officine Mermaid”.

ここは、イタリアで、横浜 Bull Original 商品
Here, in Italy, the shop carries products such as Yokohama Bull Original,

や、零 Road Hopper を取り扱うShopで、
and Zero Engineering Road Hopper, etc.

5月に Pre Open し 9月26日に本格 Openする予定との事、Open の日にはイタリア初の
Kustom Kulture Art Show を企画しているそうで Kustom Kulture の伝道師 NASH君
協力しているそうです。日本からは Wildman, MakotoMr. G 日本が誇る Super Pinstripers がイタリアに集合です。
In May this year, they had a Pre Opening and on September 26, they will have their official opening. For the opening day, they are planning to host Italy’s first ever Kustom Kulture Art Show and have been collaborating with Kustom Kulture Evangelist, NASH. Attending the art show from Japan will be WILDMAN, Makoto and Mr. G, the Super Pinstripers from Japan together in Italy.

近くには25年前イタリアで初めてハレーを売り出したNumero Uno Milanoと言うShopに、
Close by is a shop called, Numero Uno Milano, the first shop to sell Harleys in Italy 25 years ago.

When I looked inside, among the bikes, I saw one HD built by Hidemo (Hide Motorcycle) from Japan that was displayed at HCS..

And look, there’s an HCS Poster!

しばらくShopの前にいると Motoguzziに乗り うれしい事にMOONステッカーをヘルメットに貼ったライダーが
As I was in front of their shop, a rider approached on a Motoguzzi and it was exciting because he had a MOON sticker on his helmet. But as he got closer, I got a better look and the MOON text was RED!

He didn’t add the color; it was fake.

So I promptly gave him a real one.

Officine MermaidのStaff, 中央がオーナーのDario氏です。
The staff of Officine Mermaid. In the center is the owner, Dario.

最後にSuper Marketへ行ってお土産の買出しです。
Our last stop was at a Super Market to pick up some food and gifts.

As expected, lots of seafood.

パスタ用の具です。 これは便利そうですね。
Toppings for pasta in packs. This looks very convenient and useful.

Rice Salad was good so I bought a lot of this.

I was looking forward to eating Milan-made cutlet but instead, bought some to bring home for later.

Woh, the checkout stand is Self-Service!

ミラノ市内の縦列駐車はこんな感じで、押しながら出るので 車が動きやすく
Within the city of Milan, this is the situation with parallel parking. You have to push your way out. I was told that cars move quite easily because no one puts their car in “P” (Park). Instead, they leave it in neutral?! Is that true?

それとイタリアはタバコの吸い殻が沢山落ちていました。 Smokerには天国です。
日本食レストランは沢山ありますが多くは日本人経営でなく 日本人経営のレストランでは
Also, I noticed there were a lot of cigarette butts on the ground in Italy. Must be paradise for a smoker.
There are a lot of Japanese restaurants but many are not managed by Japanese. I noticed most Japanese restaurants that were keen on having “What’s Japanese Food” brochures(?), where managed by Japanese.
I was craving Asahi Beer and was drawn into a restaurant that had a sign of it and it wasn’t run by Japanese either. It had been a long time since I had a radical Tempura-don.

ワカメ、 ダシが良く効いていましたよ。 70年代のCalifornia 日本食を試したい方どうぞ!
The soup was Japanese fish kelp base, seaweed and interestingly enough, it had small shrimp and twice as much batter making it look much bigger than normal. The soup was ok because it was straight from the box. It reminded me of Japanese restaurants found in California back in the 70s!

The river running below this bridge has been there since Napolean’s era.

This view of Milan’s outdoors is changed just by the A/C fans on the roofs.

And without incident, that was my trip to Italy.

明日は富士でSuper American Festivalです。
Tomorrow is the Super American Festival at Fuji Speedway.
See you there!

Travels to Italy

イタリアへの旅/Travels to Italy

Click for Larger Images

先々週ですがイタリア ベニスとミラノへ行ってきました。今回はベニス編をお送りします。
The week before last, I traveled to Venice and Milano, Italy. This blog entry showcases what I saw in Venice.

ベニス近郊、アドリア海に面した Jesolo Beach にある Gasoline Road Bar の Alberto が主催する第11回 Independence Weekend American Cars and Choppers Showへ
Jimmy C, Chopper Dave, Jeff from Church of Choppers, Dice Magazine’s Matt & Dean, Trophy Queen Jennifer 達と参加してきました。
On the outskirt of Venice is Jesolo Beach which faces the Adriatic Sea and it’s where Alberto organized the 11th Independence Weekend American Cars and Choppers Show at the Gasoline Road Bar. I attended the event along with Jimmy C, Chopper Dave, Jeff from Church of Choppers, Dice Magazine’s Matt & Dean as well as Jennifer from Trophy Queen.

イタリアで American Cars and Choppers? あまりピンと来ませんが行ってみない事には何もわかりませんしイタリアには MOONEYES Dealer の No Water を言う Shop もありますしミラノに居る友人は最近 New York の Car Club、Ramblers の Italian Chapter になったとも聞いていましたからここ数年ヨーロッパに浸透しつつある American Hot Rods and Chopper Scene がここイタリアにも飛来してきたようです。
At first you might think American Cars and Choppers in Italy? It’s hard to believe unless you actually attend and see it for your own eyes. MOONEYES Dealer Shop called “No Water” is located in Italy and I have a friend in Milano that recently started an Italian Chapter of the New York Car Club, Rumblers. So after several years, I finally decided it was time to check out the scene of American Hot Rods and Choppers in Italy.

ミラノの友人が横浜を訪ねてきたのはは3年前、彼は Kawasaki W650 の Chopperを作っていてその部品が欲しく来日した際 MOONEYES Area-1 を訪ねて来ました。その後 Bull Original, Brat Style 等有名 Shop を周りお目当ての部品を買って帰ったのです。その彼は今 Original Ford Model A を手に入れそれをイタリアで Hot Rod に作り上げるそうです。イタリアでもHot Rod and Chopper が熱くなっていました。さてイベントの模様は沢山の画像からお楽しみ下さい。イタリア旅行の番外編はこのブログにも掲 載されています。
My friend in Milano visited Yokohama about three years ago. Building a Kawasaki W650 Chopper and needing parts he would fly to Japan and stopped by MOONEYES Area-1 for a visit. After that he would visit Bull Original, Brat Style and other famous shops looking for parts. At this present time, he acquired an original Ford Model A and is building this Hot Rod in Italy. Hot Rods and Choppers are really hot right now in Italy. As for the event I attended, below are many pictures I took from my trip. For some extra photos of my trip check out this blog.
My next blog update will feature the Milano portion of my trip.

Jesolo のメインストリート
The main street in Jesolo

Facing the Adriatic Sea. But it doesn’t seem like you are in Italy.

主催者の Alberto Castellaro 氏。
Event organizer Alberto Castellaro.

イタリアの MOONEYES Dealer “No Water”
Italian MOONEYES Dealer “No Water”.

So-Cal 風です。
So-Cal style.

昨年のHCS 08にスイスからエントリーした Danny は新作の BMX 風 Flathead を展示していました。
This is Danny’s new BMX style Flathead/Sidevalve he entered. Danny came to HCS 08 last year all the way from Switzerland.

Italian Rumblers、彼らはローマから自走してきたそうです。
Italian Rumblers drove all the way from Rome.

Chopper Dave & Church of Choppers の Jeff達はサイン攻め。
Chopper Dave & Jeff from Church of Choppers giving out autographs.

Awards made of Venezia Glass.

MOONEYES ステッカーはあっというまになくりました。
The MOONEYES Stickers were gone in a heartbeat

対応に追われるMOONEYES Staff。
MOONEYES Staff handling correspondence.

Jimmy C(左画像)も一日中ピンストライプをやり続けていましたが この一日中って言うのは 午後2時から始まり翌朝の2時まで丸々12時間です。 夜中の12時でもショー会場ではライブ演奏(右画像)があり町が静かになったの夜も明けた朝5時です。
Jimmy C (left pic) was busy pinstriping all day as he normally is at events. But this event begins at 2PM and goes until 2AM the next morning; a full 12 hours. At 12 midnight, there was a live band playing (right pic)

Chopper Dave のステッカーが MOONEYES ステッカー上に。
Chopper Dave put his stickers on top of MOONEYES Stickers.

奥様とドイツからやってきた関根君のPanです。関根君はドイツ人ですが奥様が日本の方で大の日本好き、そして MOONEYES Fan なのです。
Sekine and his wife rode their Pan all the way from Germany. Sekine is German and his wife is from Japan and he is not only loves Japan, but he’s a MOONEYES Fan too.

(right image)Sekine is on the far right and his wife is on the left..

Dice Magazine の Matt & Dean
Matt and Dean from Dice Magazine

Jimmy C and Dena,そして Alberto。
Jimmy C and Dena with Alberto.

This picture was taken around midnight..

This picture was taken close to 1AM and there were still a lot of people on the streets!

実はショー前日に Alberto の奥様はわれわれをベニス観光に連れて行ってくれました。
Jesolo から Venice へは船で渡ります。
The day before the show, Alberto’s wife took us sightseeing to Venice.
We crossed over from Jesolo to Venice by boat.

Venice です。

左から:Alberto’s Wife, Italian Pinstriper Blaster,
Dena & Jimmy C, Jennifer
From the left: Alberto’s wife, Italian Pinstriper Blaster, Dena & Jimmy C, Jennifer

Venice といえばゴンドラ。
You can’t say Venice without the thought of gondolas.

Hot Rod 発見! そのオーナーの Claudio 氏。
I spotted this Hot Rod! The owner is Claudio.

Gasoline Road Bar


CKB, Kenさんが会社に

CKB、Ken さんが会社に CKB, (Crazy Ken Band) Ken Yokoyama Visits Mooneyes

9月12日(土) 横浜港シンボルタワーで、横浜開港150周年記念

今回は本牧埠頭 D 突堤での開催、海のまん前、横浜と言えば港、そして本牧、
CKB にぴったりな場所での開催楽しみですね。

そんな事で Kenさんが MOON Tシャツを着て会社に来てくれました。
気配りのKenさんさすがです。 見習わなくては!
このライブへ MOONEYES も出展予定です。
詳しくは www.crazykenband.com へ。

昨日、CKB 横山さんが来店された様子が、FM 横浜の CKB Blog に UP されています。

On September 12 (Saturday) at Yokohama Minato Symbol Tower, there will be a Yokohama Port Opening 150th Anniversary Special.
The event is called “SUNSTAR TONIC presents CRAZY KEN BAND (a.k.a. CKB) HONMOKU MASSIVE” and features CKB live in concert.

The first time this event was held, it was at Honmoku Sankeien four years ago and was very exciting.
This time it will be held at Honmoku Pier D right near the breakwater next to the ocean. After all, Yokohama is a harbor city and CKB represents our town, Honmoku so this is the perfect place to hold such an event. I can’t wait!

With that in mind Mr. Ken Yokoyama stopped by the office wearing a MOON T-shirt to give me the news.
As one would expect, that’s exactly how Ken does things. He is a great example to follow!
At this event and live concert, MOONEYES will be participating too.

For more information, visit www.crazykenband.com.

CKB Mr. Ken Yokoyama’s visit to our store yesterday was posted on the FM Yokohama CKB Blog.

1970 Toyota Crown 4WD??

Big Isalndに住む友人が送ってくれた1970年型トヨタクラウンそれもステーションワゴンの4WDです。ボデイーもそんな程度悪そうではないしもったいないな!

A friend from the Big Island (Hawaii) sent these photos and wrote:
This weekend I finally was able to catch up to this MS50 series Crown on the Big Island. I have seen it for years, but it was always driving the other way. It is really weird with it sitting on top on 4wd frame chassis. This is the only other Crown I know of in Hawaii today, that is actually driven other than mine.

by Kirk


土曜日(7月4日) のブログを作っていたら思い出しちゃったのです。 ブログに載せた VW T-2、後日Staff の居眠り運転でこんなになってしまったのです。

While doing the blog last Saturday (July 4), it brought back this memory. The fate of the VW T-2 photo posted to the blog, would end up like this from a Staff member that fell asleep while driving.

Coming off of Dai-san Keihin Highway, Kouhoku Exit, right on the off ramp where it begins, the car went straight into the median.

It was late at night when my home phone rang.

STAFF: Hello? This is —. I bumped the car and now it won’t move so can I leave it there for now and go?

僕: 寝ぼけながら 「置いて帰るって今どこ?」
ME: (While still half sleeping) Leave it there? Where are you?

スタッフ: 「車は第三京浜の港北インターに下りる本線上にあります」
STAFF: The car is right off of Dai-san Keihin Highway, on top of the median.

僕: 「で君は今どこ」
ME: And, where you at.

スタッフ: 「歩いて料金所を出た所の公衆電話からです。板金屋も近いので明日引き取りでいいですか?」

This was a time when mobile phones were still not wide spread, so
STAFF: I walked back to the tollgate where I exited, at a payphone.

ウチの車を修理してくれているAuto Connectionさんは港北インターからすぐだったのですが。。。
Our cars are serviced at Auto Connection and they are real close to Kouhoku Exit, so…


ME: Absolutely not, obviously. Go to the Expressway Police and discuss the situation with them, you have to turn yourself in!
After saying that, in the midnight hours I when to pick the staff member up. I was grateful it wasn’t a drunken driving case so it was over quite quickly and we return home.

Around this time period, there were two other cars that were decommissioned.

その一台は Bonneville Racer、Fred Larsen が新車から乗り毎年Bonnevilleで彼のRace Car のPush Carとして活躍し その後譲ってもらった 1969 El Camino も電柱にぶつかって廃車になりました。
One in particular was Bonneville Racing Legend, Fred Larsen’s, purchased and owned since new, used every year as a Push Car for his race car at Bonneville, 1969 El Camino. It was crashed into a telephone pole and decommissioned.

この時も、「も も もし もし・・・・」 当時 営業時間外の電話は恐怖でした。
When that accident happened I got the call again, “Heh, h-hello?” At the time, any phone call I got after hours I already knew something was wrong.

さて引き揚げてきた T-2 は修理不能な為廃車。
Anyway, back to the T-2 story. After I picked up the driver, it was determined not possible to repair the T-2 so it was decommisioned from road use.

ハイエナのように部品を外す T-2 オーナーの2人のスタッフとぶつけた本人です。
Like a pack of Hyenas, these 3 guys took the parts off. Two of them were T-2 owners and the other was the crasher himself.

この本人、今は沖縄でスキューバダイビングの Shop を経営していますので良かったら行ってあげて下さい!

You can see how the car was severely damaged but the driver, physically well built, escaped without any injury and even acted as if nothing happened, which kind of made me sick.
Speaking of the driver, he now resides in Okinawa and manages a Scuba Diving Shop so if anyone is out that way, feel free to stop by!

Deuce Factory の笠井さんから買ったカッコ良い T-2 だったのに・・・
It was such an awesome T-2 that I purchased from Deuce Factory of Japan’s Mr. Shun Kasai…

そう言えば El Camino を潰した奴も今沖縄に居るんだ!
Speaking of which, the “person” that wrecked the El Camino now resides in Okinawa too!

おじさん達 レースにでます / Old Men Going Racing

7月26日(日)富士Speedway で開催される Super American Festival, ’69 Camaro & Vega、2台とも Drag Race 出場に受理して頂けました! 2人の合わせて107歳 オジサンがんばります!
It’s been confirmed, JULY 26 (Sunday) Super American Festival at Fuji Speedway, both the ’69 Camaro & Vega will participate in the Drag Races!


Finding a cool place to take a picture of a car is difficult in Japan today.

元町ShopがOpenした当時 元町・山手周辺で雰囲気のいい場所を探し走り回っても結局たどりつくのは何時も米軍根岸キャンプ、その頃は一般道路との分け隔てがはっきりしていなかったのでフラフラととぼけて入り込んでこの様な写真を撮って来れたのですが
When MOONEYES shop first opened in Motomachi, we would drive around the surrounding areas of Motomachi and Yamate looking for a good place to take pictures but always ended up at Negishi Camp with its US style buildings. At the time, there was only a main road that divided military property from civilian grounds and wasn’t strictly enforced like today so you could carelessly drift into the area and easily find a spot for a picture.

あのテロ事件依頼 警備が厳しくなりこんな事できなくなっちゃいました。
Now a days, especially after certain terror events, that isn’t possible.

この場所探しの苦い経験が現在のMOONEYES Area-1のデザインに生かされ
With that bitter experience of searching endlessly for a photo opt, the core design aspect of MOONEYES Area-1 has made it possible to take a variety of photos with the right atmosphere all in one place.

Super American Festival

7月26日(日)富士Speedwayで開催されるSuper American FestivalのDrag Raceに

Drag Races at Fuji Speedway are set for July 26 (Sunday) at Super American Festival and these two are scheduled to participate! Why just scheduled you might ask and that’s because we haven’t received confirmation of our entries yet. Will we be accepted?