今日は MOONEYES USA Shop にこんな素敵な ’55 Chevy が来ました。
「年末のMOONEYES X mas Partyに行くぞ!」って言って帰って行きました。

This CQQL ’55 Chevy came to the MOONEYES USA Shop today.
The driver said, “I’ll be at the MOONEYES XMAS Party at the end of the year!” and then left.
It’s a hot day today.

Long Beach

日曜日はLong Beach Motocycle Swap Meetでした。
Last Sunday was the Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet.

Sample の Oil Tank の反響は上々、もう少し手直しをしてから販売したいと思います。
The Sample Oil Tank we’ve been working on is looking great and we hope to have it for sale soon.

The weather was nice and there were a lot of bikes at the swap meet.

Bonneville Speed Week 2009

Report by Chico Kodama

2009年のボンネビル スピードウィークに向けて準備を開始した際に、ブロワーのPop Off ガスケットが飛んでいることが発覚した。
このブロワーのPop offとは、ブロワーで圧縮された圧が過剰になった際にエンジンがブローしないよう圧を逃がすためにあり、昨年のレースでブローしてその場で交換修理を行った部分だった。
昨年のレースの終番でエンジンの馬力が弱く感じたのは、このPop offのガスケットが飛んで、そこから圧が抜けてしまったのが原因と思われる。

When we started getting ready for Bonneville Speed Week 2009, we discovered the blower pop-off gasket was worn and pushed out. Not having to touch anything until this time, I came to the conclusion that the reason why I felt the motor was tired on the last run I made last year was because of this gasket. Without boost the blower put out, this 183CI (cubic inch) engine does not produce any power. So, we had high hope of good result. We’ve also added 50lbs in back and 150lbs in front to make car more stable.

8月6日の木曜、朝7時にMOONEYES USAを出発。ラスベガスで給油とランチを取り、
We left shop on Thursday August 6th, 7:00am. Stopped in Vegas for fuel and lunch. It was very windy. Reached Wendover around 6:30pm. Very windy. You can see salt flying sideways. People said 75-80mph gust.

We couldn’t get on salt, so we turned around and went to hotel.

(泊まったホテルの目の前 岩山には数十年以上前に描かれたFred Larsenの文字が。)
(Directly across from the hotel we stayed at was a rocky mountain with Fred Larsen painted on it from several decades ago.)

The next morning 6:00am, we headed for salt.

Got car inspected and pit set up. Got ready for Saturday. It was very cold for August. Everybody had sweatshirts and jackets on.

Saturday morning, we warmed up motor and went to get in line. It was 11:30 by the time I made first pass.

Motor wouldn’t rev no more than 6500RPM and it was very loose. Spun around at 160mph. there was no damage to car, but it took the rest of the day to get car signed off.

When you spin, you must have your car inspected for any damages and Okayed by official.


Sunday, tried one more time. 192mph (307.2kmh).

Motor was still lazy. We changed main jet to 110 and got in line again. It was 2:30pm. Couldn’t tell much difference. 191mph. checked spark plugs and still shows sign of being to rich. Went to 115 main and try it again.


118 のジェットに交換して翌日チャレンジすることにした。
Monday morning, motor wants to pull, but car was so loose, I couldn’t stay in it. Many people were having same problem with tuning and spin. In the afternoon, I ran left side of course. Very nice, but still 192mph. I wanted to try 118 main and try it one more time next day.

Tuesday morning, officials made announcement that they have moved course over to the right. So left side I ran day before is no longer there. Being new course, nobody knows what part of course is better than other. Took right side of course. Loose. No time.


In the afternoon, we decided to try new air scoop we made up. Before we discovered blown gasket, I thought we were running out of air, so we made air scoop to collect fresh air. You can tell new scoop works. Motor would rev up past 7000RPM, but it was so loose, I had to lift. This motor won’t produce any power under 6000RPM with peak horse power at 8500RPM.


Best time was 192.114 (307.3824kmh). Didn’t quite get what we wanted to accomplish, but we learned a lot in tuning and weight balance. After talking to few people, I’m beginning to believe I need more weight in the front and rear of the car. We’ll put all 4 wheels on a scale and see what we have to do.
Incidentally, my record was broken on Tuesday as Walter Medlin with 212.536mph (340.0576kmh) two way average.

I have my work cut out. So much more reason to look forward to next year.


As the salt was washed away, so ends the race for this year.

まっすぐParkできない!/Can’t Park Straight!

Man! ここ最近 バックで駐車し車から降りてみると必ず曲がって停まっている。
Man! Lately, I’ve noticed that after backing into a parking space and getting out, the car is always crooked.
Even if I’m trying to keep it straight, when I get out and look, it’s crooked.
Using my side mirrors and such to carefully pull in, it’s still crooked.

I bet there are a lot of people that think this too.
Even though this is an everyday occurrence for many of us.

Today I looked at how Chico parked crooked and was relieved that I park a little better.
Both of us park crooked but maybe the difference in degree of the angle is due to age?!

それでも二人ともまっすぐ走るレースでは真っ直ぐ走っている と書きながらそう言えばそうでもないかとフッと思った。
However, both of us are straight-line racers, but now that I think of it as I’m writing, we barely do that any better I think…

これも年齢か。。。? 参ったな。
Maybe this is due to age as well… ? I give up.


Me, Park, not bad!

Dodge Challenger

FreewayでNew Challengerを見つけたので前のブログで古い Challenger を紹介した時と

While I was on the Freeway I saw the New Challenger. I remember posting about seeing an old Challenger before (past blog post), so I tried to take photos the same way.

The image on the right is the old Challenger from the past blog post.

Looking at it from directly behind, it really does have bottom half.

I like the angle of this shot.

Here’s a view of the front.

For those that plan on going to Bonneville

これから Bonneville へ行かれる方々へ

For those that plan on going to Bonneville

見渡す限り真白, 雪のように綺麗なBonneville, しかしそこは塩湖で雪ではありません。
雪なら溶けてしまうので気にする必要ありませんが 同じで白でもこちらは塩なのでまったく溶けません。

While visiting Bonneville, the pure white like snow landscape is breathtaking. However, that’s salt and not snow. If it were snow, it would melt and there wouldn’t be much to do afterwards. The salt on the other hand stays white and does not melt away.

If you don’t think about it and enter/exit your car it can get very messy before you know it.

Once it gets like that, it’s hard work to clean it up.

Salt Lake City で借りるレンタカーには 「塩の上には絶対行ってはいけません」と言う注意書きがある位です。
Bodyにくっついた塩は洗えば何とかなりますが 室内の掃除はそう簡単には行きません。
The car I rented from Salt Lake City had strict instructions to “Do not drive vehicle on salt”…
The salt that gets on the outside of the car can easily be cleaned but the interior won’t be.

以前レンタカーで行った際 車をReturnする為に町はずれにあるCar WashでBodyにこびりついた塩を水で流し、塩湖に行った事がばれない位い室内を綺麗にするのは本当に大変でした。
The last time I came and rented a car, I took the car to a Car Wash and cleaned the Body, then spent some time cleaning out all the salt from the inside so they wouldn’t know. It was a real pain.

袋に足を突っ込んだまま運転するのに少々戸惑いますが これなら塩で汚れません。
I’ve got an Idea!でした。
That’s when I came up with this technique of using a large plastic bag and putting your feet in it while still being able to drive. Having your legs and feet inside a plastic bag does make it tricky while driving but it keeps the salt from getting everywhere inside the car.
That was my “I’ve got an Idea!” for the trip.

First, you want to brush off as much salt as possible from your shoes.

Then you want a very large plastic bag (big garbage bag works) to put both feet in.
Be sure that the plastic bag doesn’t touch the ground outside so that no salt gets on it.

Then, with both feet inside, take your position to drive.
Be sure to pull up the bag and any slack as that will get in the way of driving normally.

そう、これでLet’s go!! です。
And you are ready. Let’s go!
Notice the bag I’m using is black, which Japan doesn’t sell anymore but they are still well used in USA.

Bonneville Speed Week

Wendover, Utah の Bonneville Salt Flats にいます。

I am at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, UT (USA).
It’s been about 20 years since the first time I was here and although the cars have probably changed, the scenery is exactly the same.
It’s hard to believe this used to be the bottom of the sea at one time.

Brand New Camaro! On the Salt!! (新型カマロだ!しかも、塩の上に!!)
It’s a rent-a-car so I wonder if I’m allowed to be on the salt?

Personally, I like the Challenger much better.

The 1 Liter Lifeline – MOON Emergency Fuel Tank

命の1リッター MOON Emergency Fuel Tank

The 1 Liter Lifeline – MOON Emergency Fuel Tank

ドイツの関根君からメールが来ました。 本当はNobbi君なんですが奥様が日本の方で
関根君とはイタリアで会ったのですが 彼は大のMOONEYES Fanそして日本が大好きだそうです。
その関根君がイタリアからドイツに帰る時 MOON Emergency Fuel Tankを上げたのです。
I got a message from my friend Nobbi from Germany. I mentioned him in a recent blog post, his wife is from Japan. They live in Germany and work for a large Harley parts wholesale company.
I met him during my trip to Italy but he has always been a big fan of MOONEYES and of course, he also loves Japan. They rode on motorcycles from Italy back to Germany and I gave him a MOON Emergency Fuel Tank when they were leaving.

そうしたら画像が来ました。 これは彼がSwedenに行く途中のガソリンスタンドでのショットです。
下が関根君からのメールです。 お使いの方はすでに体感していると思いますが
これ1本あると安心ですが最近 暑いですからタンクのガスキャップを開けてエア抜きをマメにお願いします!
In his message, he also sent a couple pictures. The photos were taken in Sweden at a gas station on their way home. Below is the message that accompanied the pictures. I’m sure those that use this already know but it’s a big relief to have this extra bottle handy. With the recent hot weather, please don’t forget to release the air pressure before you open the gas cap!

しげさん こんにちは、

MOON Emergency Fuel Tank はとても便利ですね。

関根 ノビー

Hello Shige-San,

Last weekend we ride to Sweden and I used your product.
The Moon Emergency Fuel Tank is very good.
It’s a good feeling when you know you have 1 liter reserve fuel.

Nobbi Sekine

日曜日は雨だった / It rained on Sunday.

8月2日Sunday、東京お台場で、4回目になる Motorcycle Swap Meet (MSM) が開催されました。
が朝から曇り、雨、曇り、強い雨、晴れ間も覗き、そして雲、また雨 大変でした。
Panhead “Orange Krate” に乗り会場に向かって湾岸線を走っているとポツポツと雨の兆し、
関係あるのか ないのか取敢えず来年はPanでは行きません。
こんな雨の中 エントリーして下さった皆様、そして会場のお越しくださった皆様、ありがとうございました。 また来年宜しくお願いします。

The 4th Annual Motorcycle Swap Meet (MSM) was held on Sunday, August 2, in Odaiba, Tokyo.
From the early morning it was cloudy, then rain, to strong rain, turned to slightly sunny for a short period, then back to clouds, then rain again. It was harsh.
I rode the Panhead, “Orange Krate” to the event and as I was on the Wangan Expressway, there were signs of rain with drops here and there.
As I was riding, I remembered back three years ago to the first MSM, I rode this very bike and it rained and just as the thought entered my mind, sure enough it rained. The 2nd and 3rd MSM I rode the Shovel and it was fine weather.
If there’s any relation or not, in any case next year I won’t be riding the Pan.
To all the people that went to the MSM in this rain, and all the riders that entered, thank you very much. I hope to see you all again next year.

When the rain got stronger, a lot of people moved out.

元Staff 和崎君も帰ってしまいました。
Old staff Mr. Wazaki left too.

The rain stopped for a period but most of the bikers were heading home by then.

暇なり、ブラブラしている元 Staff でイベントを手伝ってくれたShogo(右)、
と仕事しないといけないと思いながらも Shogo に流される永井君(左)
Having extra time on his hands, old staff that were even helpers had nothing to do, like Shogo (right).
He was beginning to persuade Mr. Nagai (left) whom is always finding ways to keep busy working.

雨があがったの Deluxie の高田さんは朝しまったバイクを再度引き出してきました。
When the rain stopped, Deluxie’s Mr. Takada brought his bike out again after he put it away in the morning.
Thank you for your participation.

しかしこのカップルは犬が好きです。 Mr .& Mrs. Bull YONE Original.
この首輪もBull Original製です。
This couple sure does love dogs. Mr. & Mrs. Bull YONE Original.
This color is a Bull Original item.

番外編は Mad Max の Goose役、バイクは250と小ぶりですが ヘルメットもジャケットも
From the series of Mad Max movies was Goose, the bike is a 250 on the smaller side but the helmet and jacket are movie replicas, I had no idea it was that popular.

最後はMOONEYES Fan, StaffにはT-shirtsを配ったはずが なぜか彼だけは
Lastly is MOONEYES Fan. Staff had event T-shirts on but for some reason, he was the only one wearing a turtleneck.


MOONEYES の Pinstriper Wildman 石井が 日本で Signs & Pinstriping を始めて20年!
その軌跡を追ったイベント Ace High Only One Wildman を MOONEYES Area-1 Garage で開催しています。 Garage ですから窓はありませんし、クラーもありません。
しかもこの猛暑です。でも扇風機はあります。Wildman はこの期間中 Garage に居ますので

It’s been 20 years since MOONEYES Pinstriper Hiro “WILDMAN” Ishii began Signs & Pinstriping in Japan!
Celebrating its success is the event, Ace High Only One Wildman, being held at MOONEYES Area-1 Garage, in Honmoku, Yokohama. It is in the garage so there’s no windows, or A/C either.
However, the recent heat. There are electric fans blowing. Wildman is in the garage for the entire duration of the event so if you have a chance, please stop by and visit. There are also limited edition, 20th Anniversary items for sale too. Wildman has been restless because he loves to sign and he’ll be delighted if you ask him.

さてそんな Wildman の 20年間を振り返ったインタビューが最近発売になったばかりの 「FlyWheels マガジン」 に掲載されています。
今まで通説となっていた事が実は違っていたとか。。 このインタビューで Wildman のすべてが理解できます。
え!本当?!知らなかった!! なんて言う内容です。ぜひ お近くの書店や Amazon.com で購入して下さい。
ちなみに、Amazon で購入すると送料が掛からないとかです。 確認してください。

Speaking of Wildman, he is featured in the recently published first issue of “FlyWheels Magazine” in a 20th year renewal interview.
In the interview, it’s revealed that some of the thoughts and opinions he’s had over the years has actually changed. You will better understand Wildman from this interview.
What? Really? I didn’t know!! The contents are detailed. Check your local bookstore or Amazon.com (JP) for the magazine.
By the way, I heard if you purchase from Amazon (Japan), they don’t charge domestic shipping/delivery. Check it out to be sure.

そして 「VINTAGE AUTO」 の8月1日発売号には、何とあの生沢徹さんの
And finally, on bookstands now, released on August 1st, “VINTAGE AUTO” magazine features three interviews starting with the legendary Japanese race driver Mr. Tetsu Ikuzawa,

in an article titled, “The 2nd Annual Japan Grand Prix Reality”.

と 「シゲ菅沼/粋な遊びと昭和の車」
And “Mr. Shige Suganuma/Stylish Fun and Showa-era Cars”.

そして Deuce Factory の 「笠井俊一/珠玉の小型車たち」
Followed by Deuce Factory’s “Mr. Shunichi Kasai/Jewel of Compact Car People”.

Two of the featured articles are about car life over the years.

To my surprise, I didn’t realize Mr. Kasai has owned 38 cars.
But I was sort of happy to together with Mr. Ikuzawa’s feature…

ちなみに、やっと My Office を写真とりました。
On another topic, I finally took a picture of my office.