Primer Nationals

Primer Nationals で Gate Open 前、駐車場で待っていると 「オ!MOON T-shirts を来た女性が」
While I was waiting at the gate before the opening of Primer Nationals I thought, “OH! This woman is wearing a MOON T-shirt.” but something wasn’t right, maybe because I was so far away. So I took a picture and sure enough, it was different.

会場で入ってみたら Nash が一人で Booth をだしているではありませんか珍しく Pinstriper は誰もいません。
彼は一人で Burnout Magazine を販売していました。
When I was inside the event I saw Nash by himself with his own booth this time which was unusual to see. No Pinstripers with him this time.
He was there alone to sell Burnout Magazine.

MOONEYES ブースは Sales Manager の Bob が Family で手伝ってくれてます。
At the MOONEYES booth was Sales Manager Bob and his family was there helping too.

午後になり、そろそろ OC に戻ろうかと Nash に「じゃ そろそろ帰るよ」と伝えに行ったら
In the afternoon, I figured I should head back to OC so I went to tell Nash good-bye. But when I got there, he asked if I would tend his booth so he could take some pictures first.

「OK!」と軽く受けたのですが、Burnout Magazine まったく動きません。
そこで、フっと「Burnout Magazineの表4(裏表紙)は毎号 MOON の広告なので全部ひっくり返してMOONの宣伝をしよう!」 と思い全部ひっくり返し Nash の戻りを待ったのでした。
I said, OK! and took over while he was gone but none of the Burnout Magazines moved at all.
While I was there it came to me that MOON has put advertisements on the back cover of every single Burnout Magazine issue to date. So I took the opportunity to showcase MOON and flipped all the issues over to show the back covers and waited for Nash to return.

Road DogのSonnyのブースでは日本人Pinstriperの”Kamikaza”君が頑張っていました。
Over at Sonny’s booth of Road Dog Customs was Japanese pinstriper, “Kamikaza” who has been working hard over there.

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