Tire Exchange


Tire Exchange

Norwalkで Duallyの Tire交換です。
We changed the tires on the Dually in Norwalk.

This shop had three tire changers lined up in a row and over in the back was the tire balancer.

All three of the changers were in full operation and cars were coming in one after another.

「ここは Santa Anaか?!」ってくらい懐かしいスタイルの近所のタイヤ屋さんです。
“Are we in Santa Ana?!” is something you might think of because it’s such a nostalgic neighborhood and traditional style tire shop.

昔のバランサーってパイロンみたいな円錐の上に液体の入ったゲージ (ゲージの中に空気が入っている- 「Bubble Balancer」って呼ばれていたそうです)が付いていてそこにタイヤを載せ傾いた Bubble の反対側にウエイトを付けて調整すると言う物だったのです。この雰囲気から”それ”があるかなと期待したのですがさすがにありませんでした。
The old tire balancers looked like a cone with a fluid filled gauge (air is trapped in the gauge and they called it a Bubble Balancer) and the tire would be put on top of this and gauged by the bubble. The tire would be adjusted with weights on the opposite side until the tire was balanced. The atmosphere of this place had me thinking they would surely have “that” but they did not have one.

The forklift used by that Shop had “DATSUN” written on it.

そして帰り道にはこんなPontiacとも遭遇、まさにSanta Anaでした。
On the way home we encountered this Pontiac. This can’t be Santa Ana.

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