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ちょっと古くなったけど Short Story を4つ

Some of it old now, here’s 4 short stories

MOONEYES の Camshaft の製作、そして MOON Tank の Welding を長年やって来た Mr. Bill Jenks の Retirement Dinner を Anaheim の Mimi’s Cafe で行いました。 MOON で45年、(Potvin Racing Cams からだと、51年位?) 朝鮮戦争に行き停戦で USA に戻り Potvin で働き出したというので Cam を削り 50年、まさに Mr. Cam Master、素晴らしい人に出会えて、Dean MOON に感謝です。
We had a Retirement Dinner at Mimi’s Cafe in Anaheim for long time employee, MOONEYES Camshaft grinder and MOON Tank welder, Mr. Bill Jenks. He has been with MOON for 45 years (if you include his time at Potvin Racing Cams, it’s more than 51 years of service). After the ceasefire ending the Korean War, he returned to USA and began work for Potvin, having always hung out there before the war, and started Cam grinding over 50 years ago. Yes, you can certainly say he is Mr. Cam Master and I am grateful to Dean MOON that I was able to meet such a wonderful person.

I think he will be showing his face at the machine shop still. He’s always welcomed here.

Dean MOON Jr. was there too.

TV News を観ていたらオアフ島では公共交通機関に「臭い物や、臭い・・」で乗ったら $500(ドル) の罰金か6ヶ月の Jail (牢屋)だとの事、加齢臭の僕らはどうすりゃいいのでしょう?? 誰が「臭い」って判断するだろう?オアフ島にお出掛けの中高年の方 気を付けてくださいね。
臭いと思ったら歩いて帰りましょう! でもこんな法律が通るのかしら?
I saw on TV News recently that the state of Oahu was considering a new law that would prohibit “smelly things, or bad odor” on public transportation, including people. You could be subject to a fine up to $500 or up to 6 months in jail, and that made me wonder what about distinctive body odors of old people like myself?? Who makes the decision of what is bad odor and what is not? For anyone that is middle-aged or older that is planning a visit to Oahu, please be cautious! But can a law like this be passed?
As this article states, the law actually didn’t pass.

Wild Fire!南カリフォルニアの山火事は多くの人の財産を焼きつくし、今だに避難が続いている地域もあります。現場から遠く離れた MOONEYES Shop にも風にのり灰が降り、雲は火災の熱でこんなです。
連日で Fire Fighters は消火活動あたっています。
Wild Fire! Southern California has had many mountain fires this year, burning up property and even now there are fires going on. Even though the MOONEYES Shop is at a distance away from the fires, the wind has carried the ashes here. The clouds are very different and dark too. Fire Fighters were kept busy battling fires the other day.

There were some ashes falling here.

From the effects of the fires, the clouds were like this.

Now with the nearby fires, the skies are dark.

今から 25年前迄の車で燃費がある指定以上に悪い車を 燃費の良い新車に買い替えると $3,500ドル~$4,500ドルの補助が国からもらえるという何とも素晴らしい話がありました。この条件をクリアーするにはさまざまなハードルがある のです。まー古い車を減らすには ECO 的には良い話しですが燃費の良い車となると自然日本車になりますね。その日本車を売る Dealer は Sticker Price に Premium を上乗せして販売するのでこの補助をもらってもほぼ Sticker Price で買うのと変わらなくなってしまうと言う話を聞きました。 こちらでは人気車は定価に人気代を上乗せして販売されますので、結局は対して補助にならないって事だった人もいるそうです。
If you own a vehicle up to 25 years old that has bad gas mileage or a gas guzzler, you can get from $3,500 to $4,500 from the government in assistance on a new car trade in. That’s an incredible thing to hear. But there are many hurdles that need to be cleared first. That’s great the government is trying to get ECO and lower the amount of gas sucking cars on the road. I’m sure it will help the environment. However, when you think of good gas mileage, there are certain cars that are known for this, especially Japanese cars. That brings up a big issue. I heard that those car dealers are putting a premium on top of the sticker price so when you get this assistance money, so still end up paying the actual sticker price of the car. There’s really no savings to the consumer.
The campaign ended on August 24, 2009.

2000年モデルの S-10 Pick Up を持っている友人の Art は Tire を新品に交換したばかりだからと、この話に乗りませんでした。
This is a 2000 Chevy S-10 Pickup owned by my friend Art. He just put new tires instead of buying into the Cash For Clunkers campaign. I strongly recommended, “Sell it!”

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