Finally the Show is Next Week!!


Finally the Show is Next Week!!

CB500 Sneak Preview その2
CB500 Sneak Preview number 2

Tank と Side Cover を CB500 に取り付けてみました。
It’s “Freakin’ Four” freak out なっちゃいますよね!
こんな CB 見たことある??
Installed a Tank and Side Covers on the CB500.
It’s “FREAKIN’ FOUR” with freak out paint!

今回はこの CB500 と 1970年代に作られた Honda Step Van を展示する予定です。
This CB500 build will be on display together with a Honda Step Van built in the 1970s.

Hot Rod Custom Show 2009まで2週間!!

2 Weeks Until Hot Rod Custom Show 2009!!

Hot Rod Custom Show 2009 まで残り 2週間を切りました。
We are now within 2 weeks of the Hot Rod Custom Show 2009!

CB500 のTank と Side Cover はこんな感じです。
Here:s a photo that shows what the CB500 Tank and Side Covers look like.


横田へ行く用事があったのでピザで有名な NICOLA へ寄ってプレーンピザを食べてきました。
I had some things to do near Yokota (US Air Base) last week and stopped at the famous NICOLA to eat a plain pizza while in the area.

クルマは勿論 涙テールのクラウンセダンでした。
A long time ago, the original Nicola’s was in Roppongi (it still is there actually), and I still remember the atmosphere of the place and how nice it was.
One night my dad suddenly said, “Let’s go eat Pizza!” Then the whole family jumped in the car and drove to the Nicola’s in Roppongi.
That was around 1964, and I think that might have been my first experience eating pizza.
Of course, the car we had was a 1963 “tear-drop” taillight Toyota Crown Sedan.

Nicola’s in Roppongi is detailed in a book titled, “TOKYO Underground“.
I’m not trying to advertise the book, but it is an interesting read.

It’s why I restrict myself to Plain Pizza!

スパイショット!MOON の CBです。ぜひ HCS09会場で見に来てください。
SNEAK PREVIEW of my CB! Debut at HCS09

By the way, HCS09 is roughly 2 weeks away! Check out this rough cut from the DVD in progress:
I posted a clip recently but there was no sound.

Car Dealers

MOONEYES USAの近くの Chevrolet Dealer です。
This is a Chevrolet Dealer close to MOONEYES USA.

それと、こちらの Cadillac Dealer はもぬけの殻となってしまっています。
Also, this Cadillac Dealer has been stripped clean and empty.

その反対にある Honda Dealer は健在です。
The Honda Dealer behind them looks like it’s in good health.
This is the current Southern California.

Pre Race at Pomona

レース前 の Pomona

Pre Race at Pomona

今週末は Pomona, California で NHRA の最終戦が行われます。
今日は10日火曜日 Jim Dunn Racing に連絡を取ったら Pomona に居るから言うのでレース開催前に行ってきました。レースは木曜日からなので、ご覧のように準備をしているチームばかりです。

This weekend in Pomona, California is the NHRA finals going on.
Today, Tuesday the 10th, I was told that Jim Dunn Racing was in Pomona so I went to see them before the races. The races are held on Thursday, and as you can see in the photos, a lot of teams were preparing.
Less races are expected next year.

20th Annual Crown Picnic

20回目の Crown Picnic

Crown が好きだからと言うだけの理由で 1990年に始まった Crown Picnic も今回で20回目を迎える事になりました。
It was the 20th anniversary for the CROWN Picnic this year which started in 1990, simply because I like Toyota CROWN.

Thank you very much for this special anniversary cake!! Its great to receive such a present. The cake is on a commemorative poster we handed out to entrants.

この所、問題があり過ぎ姿を見せなかった Mr. Blue も来てくれました。Mr. Blue は 1970年の Crown Pick Up を所有しているはずでが乗って来たのは???とても言えません。もしかしたら色々な事情からもう手元にないのでしょうか?引き続き彼のピックアップの情報 は募集中です。
Mr. Blue owns a nice 1970 Toyota CROWN pick up but he showed up with??? another car that I just can’t mention here. Mr. Blue has been away recently with many problems he makes. Maybe it is already gone with many reasons. If you have any info regarding his pick up we appreciate it.

何とMr. Blueは ブルーのジャンパー(ジャケット)、色が落ちた 501 ジーパン (ジーンズ) そして白のナイキの運動靴 (スニーカー) 80s を意識してかそれともこれしかないのかいずれにしても最近あまりお目に掛からないでたちです。
Mr. Blue appeared in rare style, jeans jacket, 501 blue jeans with faded color and white Nike sneakers that looks like he came out from 80s, not sure if he planned or only had these outfit.

そして頭に “M” を持つ MOONEYES Fan と Mr. Blue のお客様の山田さん
Mr. Blue (left) MOONEYES Fan with M shaped forehead (right) and Mr. Yamada a customer of Mr. Blue (back)

Mr. Sato who presented us that anniversary cake earlier(left) and Mr. Iida from Barracuda(center) with friend (right)

Mr. Morishita looking great with this T-shirt and red pants from Shimizu City, Shizuoka (Eastern Japan)

Pintriper T’s Designの田中さんファミリー
Mr. Tanaka and family of Pinstriper T’s design

Mr. Yokouchi who made entry with this left-hand-drive Kannon CROWN Sedan from Yamanashi Prefecture

All the young people gathered and enjoying the event.

I noticed that while everyone was enjoying the show, three of the elders including myself over the age of 50 had their arms folded in front. It’s not that we want to make a pose like that but we don’t know where to put our hands.

追記: SEMAショーの報告をしていませんでした。
PS. Didn’t report about SEMA Show.

Isky Camshaft の Mr. Isky に会えました。今までは会う機会があれば必ず 「誰が今のMOONをやっているんだ?」 と毎回同じ質問をされそのたびに 「僕です」 答えていましたが、今回は 「Shige」と ちゃんと名前を覚えていてくれました。嬉しいです!あの Cam Fathers “Isky” です。Dean MOON, Ed Big Daddy Roth, Jim Diest等沢山の Hot Rod のパイオニアが神に導かれる中彼には何時までも元気でいてほしいです。この後 Hot Rod は誰に導かれどこに向かうのでしょうか?

I met Mr. Isky of Isky Camshaft. This time I was so happy to hear that he remembered my name when he said, “Shige!”
Every other time he would ask, “Who runs MOON now?” and I would always answer with, “I do.”
It’s great honor for Isky Cam’s legendry Mr. Isky to know my name.

Las Vegas

ラス ベガスに来ました。勿論 SEMA ショーです。何時も会場近くのホテルに泊まるのですが今回は Old Downtown Las Vegas にある California Hotel に宿泊する事にしました。
We went to Las Vegas. Of course, for the SEMA Show. We normally stay at a hotel close to the event location but this time we stayed in Old Downtown Las Vegas at the California Hotel.

このホテルはハワイからの宿泊者が多く、ロコモコとかカルアポークとか Hawaiian Food が充実しているのです。
This hotel is particularly favored by many people from Hawaii, and it shows with local Hawaiian Foods, Loco-Moco, Kalua Pig, etc.

Old Downtown は Las Vegas の Strip (一般に言われるラスベガス)
The Las Vegas Strip on the Old Downtown side. (to the general public, this is Vegas)

Stripを北の方に走ること 10分くらいの所にあり途中に小さなチャペルもありました。
Walk north along the strip for 10 minutes and there’s even a Wedding Chapel.

It’s away from the bustling hotel noise and feels comfortable but it is an old street. (It’s far better)

The neon lights are always cool to see.


Bakersfield の Swap Meet では Hemi ばかり売っていました。でも、とても高い。
At the Swap Meet in Bakersfield, Hemi is a big seller as there are so many for sale, but very expensive.

画像の Hemi はどうですか?それも、ARDUN。
How about the Hemi in this picture? It’s also ARDUN.

上から見ると Hemi ですが、実は Chevy Small Block Motor を Hemi Look に見せるカバーでした。
From the top it looks like a Hemi, but actually it’s a Chevy Small Block Motor with Hemi Look covers.