Grand National Roadster Show

先週末は 61回目!の Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS) でした。

Last weekend was the 61st Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS).

Historical Race Car と言うコーナに MOONLINER と MOONEYES Dragster を展示しました。
In the Historical Race Car corner was the MOONLINER and MOONEYES Dragster on display.

素晴らしいクルマばかりの中、笠井さんが選んだ Best of Show は Chip Foose が作ったこれ、僕の Best はこれ
Among all the incredible and stunning cars, Mr. Kasai (Deuce Factory Japan) liked this one built by Chip Foose. My favorite and Best pick was this

1970 Ford Mustang. では?厳選なる審査の結果 61回目 GNRS の Most Beautiful Roadster (Best) に選ばれたのはこのクルマでした
a 1970 Ford Mustang. The final result after careful inspection from all the judges, the 61st GNRS Most Beautiful Roadster (Best) award was this car here:

ちなみに笠井さんはこのクルマが Best に選らばれるでしょうと言ってました。
さすが!脱帽です。この鋭い眼を持った笠井さんは HCS の審査委員の一人でもありますから心強いです。
By the way, Mr. Kasai mentioned earlier during the show that this would be picked as Best.
Wow, I had to tip my hat to his clever insight! Mr. Kasai is also one of the judges at the annual HCS so you can be assured awards are properly awarded.

ブースに居ると赤いカメラをぶら下げた広島 Lefties の山岡さんがやってきました。
When I returned back to the booth, Mr. Yamaoka from Hiroshima Lefties (southern Japan) was there with a red camera around his neck.

会場には昨年の HCS にも展示された Billy F Gibbons の Blackbird も展示されていました。
At the even this year was Bill F Gibbons’ Blackbird that was at last year’s HCS too.

7月18日(日) 開催されるMOONEYES Summer 2010 イベントポスターです。
雨にやられたXmas PartyのMake Up Dry Eventです。是非渡米して下さい!!
On July 18 (Sunday) this year is the MOONEYES SUMMER 2010 and we had the official poster on display.
The XMAS Party from last year was covered in heavy rain so we are having a Make Up Dry Event. So be sure to come to Irwindale this summer!!


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