ドライブスルー / Drive Through

日本でもおなじみのドライブスルーですが ハンバーガーやフライドチキンを買うのではなく 日常品から簡単な食品が買えるドライブスルーです。
Here’s something familiar to Japanese, the drive-through. However, you don’t buy burgers or fried chicken, but instead it’s a drive through for buying everyday items and simple groceries.

The entrance, if you will, more like a drive way into a house, but once you enter as you can see, there are so many items to select from.

Going further inside, you can see more of a selection.

But it’s up to the driver to be able to see what they want.

クルマ止まると中から人が出てきて「What can I do for you?」となるのですが  見える商品が限られているので 事前に買う物が決まっていないと大変買いづらいです。 「コーラ下さい」って頼むと スタッフが取って来てくれるのでクルマから降りる必要ありませんが ここまで横着しなくても・・・・。 クルマに乗ったままと言うのもこの場合かえって面倒です。
Once you stop your car, someone comes out to greet you with, “What can I do for you?” But the hard part is you can only pick what you can see, so if you don’t know what you are going to get it’s kind of hard to browse around. So I asked for a Cola, and the staff went running for it and I didn’t even have to get out of my car. I can be that lazy… Still riding in the car, it’s almost troublesome to drive back home.

「あっ!ウチに卵がなかった!」 と言っても後の祭り、ほしければもう一周です。
So after finished my purchase, we start to drive away and I see there had eggs for sale.
“Oh! We needed some eggs!” Too late! Luckily it is only a quick turn around the parking lot and time to got through again.

This is what it looks like from the outside. It’s a diminishing cultural landmark.

At night, it has a bit of a different appeal.

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