Santa Monica – Barker Hanger

先週金曜日はSanta Monica Airport の Barker Hanger (格納庫)でいい感じの写真集 “My Freedamn” の発行人であり写真家の Rintaro Tanaka が主催・開催する

The First Annual Kulture Recycling & Vintage Clothing World Gathering 2010 “Inspiration” へ

Last week Friday at Santa Monica Airport in the Barker Hanger, I was invited as a guest to The First Annual Kulture Recycling & Vintage Clothing World Gathering 2010 event subtitled “Inspiration,” put together and organized by the publisher of the very popular photo-book “My Freedamn” otherwise known as photographer Rintaro Tanaka.

Just as his photobooks illustrate and fixate on, it was a first event of its kind with a mixture of Japanese-American shops.

The event was packed with single obsessed collectors to crowds of curious people.

With this event, it is clearly visible how in this subculture or niche industry, Japan plays a big role to USA.

Hanger で開催するなんて素敵でした!
To hold an event in an aircraft hanger, that’s fantastic!
I want to try that!

PS: 以前 Santa Monica.に住んでいましたがSanta Monica Airportへ行ったのは今回初めてでした。
PS: I’ve lived in Santa Monica for a while now but this was the first time I went to Santa Monica Airport.

日米(英日)の Kid Rocker の二人、元祖 Kid Rocker Dice Magazine の Dean と MOONEYES Kid Rocker 松井君(有給休暇中でした)
Japan-America (English-Japanese) the two Kid Rockers. The original Kid Rocker, Dean from DicE Magazine and MOONEYES Kid Rocker, Matsui (he’s here visiting while on vacation)

写真中央が Rintaro Tanaka, 向かって右がかの有名な Garage Company オーナー Yoshiさん左が HD を作るには南カリフォルニアで絶大な人気のKioさん Garage Companyは引っ越しし、なんと 18,000 スクエアフィートの大きさってどのくらい大きいの??
In the center is Rintaro Tanaka, on the right is the famous Garage Company owner Yoshi and on the left is Kio that came all the way to Southern California to get have an HD built. Garage Company just recently moved to a new shop location. Just how big is 18,000 square-feet anyway??
Garage Company: 956 W Hyde Park Blvd. Inglewood, CA 90302
Phone: 310-821-1793 Web: www.garagecompany.com

あの Street VW’s magazine イラストレーター Red Hot も!! 彼はHCS09 で VW T-3 ベースの ’68 Porsche 913 で Awardに輝いています。
And Street VW’s magazine cover illustrator Red Hot was there too!! He was at HCS09 with a custom ’68 Porsche 913 (Type-3) and received HCS09 guest pick award by Willie Dorsey.

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