2010年、今年のNHRA Winternationals は 50周年記念と言う事で Historic Race Car を展示した “Golden 50” と言うイベントを NHRA Museum により開催され MOONEYES Dragster も声を掛けて頂き展示してきました。
For 2010, the NHRA Winternationals this year celebrates their 50th anniversary and they held a special Historic Race Car exhibition called “Golden 50” event presented by the NHRA Museum. They called upon the MOONEYES Dragster to come out to the event as well.

初めて Winternationals を見たのが 1978年、32年前ってずいぶん昔の話になりますが Winternationalsと言うとそのシンボルマークからも分かるように「雪」です。
The first time I went to the Winternationals was in 1978, 32 years back now and that’s quite a while ago. Even back then as well as the Winternationals title there was always that symbol mark of a snowflake.

Track からこの雪山が見られるのは Winternationals のこの時期だけ、ここ数年は雪が少なかったですが
From the track you can see the snowcapped mountains, that Winternationals. It doesn’t snow much in this region but compared to other years, there was a lot of it this year and the view was excellent.

その “Golden 50” で MOONEYES Dragster は綺麗な1台と言う事で Award を頂戴しました。
Speaking of “Golden 50,” the MOONEYES Dragster was recognized as one of the Golden 50.

Hawaii の Hero “Hawaiian” で有名な Roland Leong も Award を受賞していました。
Hawaii’s Hero in the field “Hawaiian” Roland Leong was there and also received an award.

Altered や Dragster など 80台にもなる Old Race Cars が展示されたなか気になったはこの「タツノオトシゴ」マーク、Tony Nancy。
Hero Drag Racer であり Interior の仕事をしていた Tony Nancy、既に他界してしまいましたが有名な Seahorse マークは余りにも有名です。マークを最近良く目にします。
その Tony Nancy 1970 年代前半に、富士で Dragster を走らせた事もあります。
Altereds and dragsters there were 80 Old Race Cars on display. One caught my eye and you might now it with the “seahorse” mark, which is Tony Nancy.
Not only a Hero Drag Racer, but Tony Nacy was an interior specialist by trade and famous for the work he did. The Seahorse marking is also as famous. Lately I have been seeing it more.
Tony Nancy also drag raced at Fuji, Japan in the early 1970s.

さて本筋の NHRA Championship Drag Race は言うとこの様に漢字スポンサーが遂に登場ですし中近東のスポンサーが付いた Team はこの様に大きなスペースを使っていましたが全体的には皆以前より小じんまりしていたようです。
OK, back to the main story, NHRA Championship Drag Racing. The current state has scene some changes such as a Chinese sponsored shown on the hood above and even a Middle Eastern team.

So as you can see, it is about getting money to keep it going from all over.

Jim Dunn Racingも今年も全戦参加予定です。
Jim Dunn Racing battled it out the entire season this year.

このオッサン3人、幾つになっても Drag Raceです。
Doesn’t matter how old they these 3 get, it will always be Drag Race.

この写真は1983年 Orange County Int’l Raceway で開催された NHRA World Finals、この年を最後に OCIR は閉鎖された Last Drag Race の時の3人です。
This photo was from 1983 at Orange County Int’l Raceway at the NHRA World Finals. The 3 of them were there for the final year of OCIR before they held the Last Drag Race and closed.

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