WINTERNATIONALS に行く途中に見かけた珍しい El Camino、この辺の El Camino は最近ほとんど見かけなくなりました。
On the way to the WINTERNATIONALS last week, I saw this old El Camino (1973-1977 model). It’s rare and you hardly see any on the street now.

もう一人このタイプの El Camino を持っているのは Dean MOON Jr. 彼のガレージに埋もれているクルマがそうです。
One other person that owns this type of El Camino is Dean MOON Jr. It’s one of the cars buried inside his garage.

NHRA WINTERNATIONALS の Parking は一般は $10 入口までかなり歩きます、 Preferred と呼ばれ少し近くなるのが $20 止める場所によっては一般より少しマシですがでも歩きます。そしてもっとも入口に近いのが Pit Side、これはちょっと高く$30 ですが便利です。
少し位い高くても Pit Side ならクルマで一休みもできます。お勧めです。そんな Preferred Parking を歩いていたら Toyota Hi Lux と Datsun 620 が居ました。
There are several types of parking at NHRA WINTERNATIONALS. General parking is $10 (USD) but it’s a long walk to the entrance gate. Preferred parking is $20 and a little bit closer than general parking but you still have to walk some distance. However, the closest place to park is Pit Side. It’s the most expensive, $30, but most convenenient and closest. For the price, you are not only close but you can easily return to your car to rest which is great. Walking from the Preferred Parking area I saw an old Toyota Hi Lux (pickup) and Datsun 620 (pickup).

そして最終日の Race 場ですが昼寝が出来る位席が空いていました。ここは指定席でもなんでありません。
On the Elimination day at the Drag Strip you could stretch out and take a nap it was very spacious. This wasn’t the reserved seating either.
The good spots in the area where it was first come first serve are usually filled up quick but as you can see, it was not too crowded. Very unusual.

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