20インチの MOON Disc – 20″ MOON Disc

前回、3月6日に お見せした 20″ MOON Disc、Saturn Type の金型を作り、この様になりました。
At the beginning of the month I had posted about 20″ MOON Discs. Using our Saturn design pattern, we made these.

地元 の Free Paper Yokohama Seasider

本牧・横浜から発行させれる 英語・日本語バイリンガルの Free Paper ”Yokohama Seasider”が 一周年を迎えました。 これからもローカルな話題でガンガン地元を盛り上げてほしいです。
The Japanese/English, bilingual Free Paper called, “Yokohama Seaside” celebrated its 1st Anniversary. The paper is published right here in Honmoku, Yokohama. I hope this paper will become even more popular locally and all around.

Cake の前に立つのが 発行人・編集長のRyです。 Ry is standing in front of the Cake. He is the Editor in Chief/Publisher of the free paper.

沖縄のハンバーガー ビクモン/Okinawa’s VICMONT Hamburger

古い物を整理していたらこんなステッ カー (右) が出てきました。
As I was sorting through some old things, this sticker popped out.
On the left is design of the bag that the hamburger came in.

このステッカーは沖縄の VICMONT 「ビクモン」と言うハンバーガーチェーンで復帰前の1971年頃から80年代まで沖縄各地に30店くらいあり
This is a sticker of a hamburger restaurant that was on Okinawa called VICMON that existed from around 1971 and throughout the 80s. It was an impressive franchise for its day with 30 or so restaurants spread all over Okinawa and run by locals.

そのビクモンを立ち上げたのは高校時代からの友人 Yamashiro のお父様で VICMONT の由来は御自身の名前から付けたそうです。
その後Mac等の沖縄進出によりフランチャイズを解散したそうですが 最後まで営業していた1番街店も昨年 Close してしまったそうです。
That VICMONT was originally founded by the father of my friend from high school, Yamashiro. The origins of VICMONT were also derived from his own name. Soon after around that time, McDonald’s and other big names began to advance into Okinawa and break up the franchise. However, until the very end the original VICMONT stayed in business until just last year when it closed.

Certainly, it would be ideal to eat there again.

Yamashiro は国際通りの「山 城時計店
Yamashiro is also Yamashiro Watchmaker on Kokusai-dori (the main avenue).

2 階で「Camp Carnival」と言う衣料雑貨のお店もやっていました。
On the 2nd floor was “Camp Carnival” which was a clothing and accessories shop.
This is their sticker from back in those days.

高校時代 東京に住んでいた彼の家で夕食を御馳走になった際、味噌汁に「ポークランチョンミート」が入っていて
当時、本土の食卓でトン汁以外に 味噌汁にハム系が入っているのは食べた事無かったと思います。
またタコライスを教えてくれたのも彼、彼のおかげで MOON Cafeは早くから沖縄食文化を取り入れる事が出来たのです。
In high school, they lived in Tokyo and I remember eating at their house one night and was literally shocked that the Miso Soup had luncheon meat (SPAM) in it, but even so, it was so delicious!
At the time, on the mainland of Japan, I don’t think I ever had Miso soup mixed with ham before.
He also introduced me to Taco Rice, and it was because of him that MOON Cafe began with a lot of Okinawa based dishes.

また MOON Cafe のポークランチョンミートは SPAM で無く沖縄で愛されているオランダ製チューリップ社製を使っています。
By the way, the luncheon meat at MOON Cafe is not SPAM, it’s pork luncheon meat from a company called Tulip in Holland.

前が My ’68 Chevy El Camino、後ろが彼の ’71 Dodge Charger 383。1978年当時 Santa Monica の彼のアパート前にて。
This photo is from 1978 in Santa Monica, Calif. That’s my ’68 Chevy El Camino on the left and his ’71 Dodge Charger 383.

Vicmont で Web を検索したら沢山ありました。
(JP) グー グル検索 (EN) Google Search


4月1日(木)から MQQN Cafe は店内全面禁煙となります。 個人的には大歓迎ですが 経営する立場からは大きな決断です。1992年 Open 当時の MQQN Cafe はカウンターを禁煙にしていましたが当時のニーズに合わず数カ月で消滅 それ以来何度となく出ては消えた話ですが今回は本気です。 でも売上も心配で す。。。
詳しくは かながわのたばこ対策 お読み下さい。

Beginning April 1, 2010 (Thursday), MQQN Cafe will be completely non-smoking. For me personally, as a non smoker, this is welcomed. However, it’s a big decision to consider from a managerial standpoint. When MQQN Cafe opened in 1992, the bar counter was initially non smoking. It lasted for several months but after constant requests from customers, the situation slowly changed. This time though, it’s for real…
Smoking will be permitted outside on the terrace, as it has always been. Smokers can enjoy the terrace seating and watch the cars drive along Honmoku street.

The Kanagawa Prefecture which includes the Yokohama area where MOON Cafe is located will put a new ordinance in effect to ban smoking in public places. The ordinance is dubbed the “Prevention of Exposure to Secondhand Smoke” and set new restrictions and guidelines. Places like MOON Cafe could offer smoking and non-smoking areas. However, the decision has been made to make it completely non-smoking.

CB500 Freakin’ Four

The weather was nice and the day was warm so I went for lunch in the neighborhood.
The old slick on the back of the bike isn’t a problem around the neighborhood.

昔見た南カリフォルニアの風景/A Southern California Scene from the Past

通勤途中の道に何時も止まっているブラックプレートのコロナ、ダットサン520ピックアップ、VW T-2 良い感じです。
今朝は一度通過しながらも 意を決してUターンし写真を撮りました。
I always see these old cars stopped on the street during my commute to work. The Toyota Corona has a “black-plate” California license plate. The Corona, Datsun 520 Pickup and VW T-2 all look great.
I have been thinking for a long time to myself, “I need to take a picture of this.”
I said it again this morning but this time, I made a U-turn and went back to finally take a picture.
“I’ll do next time.” I don’t know how many times I’ve said that all the while opportunity was now.
“Next time” does not come around very often.

Bakersfield で March Meet

先週末はBakersfieldでMarch Meetでした。

March Meet was held last weekend at Bakersfield.

Bakersfield, Famoso Racewayには
Drag Race等に貢献した人の名前がこの様に建てられています。
故Fred Larsenの名前もここに残されています。
Fred のお墓はないので、Bakersfieldは僕らに取って特別な意味もあります。
Famoso イコール Fred なのです。
At Famoso Raceway in Bakerfield, there’s a dedication plates with names like this.
Fred Larsen’s name is here too.
Fred doesn’t have a tombstone so Bakerfield has always had a significant meaning for me.
Famoso equals Fred to me.

さてRace場では Oahu島の MOONEYES Dealer, “Pacific Rod & Street” の Race Carを発見。その Pacific Rod & Street の New Design Tシャツが近々発売されます。
勿論 MOONEYES でも取り扱いとなります。(TM518WH & TM520WH)
On to the races. I saw this Race Car sponsored by MOONEYES Authorized Dealer, “Pacific Rod & Street” from Oahu.
Of course, we even have their new T-shirts design coming soon.
They are cool!

今回は Dean MOON Jr. も同行しました。
Dean MOON Jr. came with us to Bakersfield.

手前はMy Hero の Blue Max Funny Car です。
In front of him on the strip is my Hero, the Blue Max Funny Car.

Super Size 20″ MOON Discs

Dodge Magnum MOON Disc に 20″ です。

カッコイイ! 問題はホイルです。
Super big 20″ MOON Discs on a 2005 Dodge Magnum.
Look very CQQL, but you may need to find affordable 20″ rims.
We call it the “Next Generation of MOON Discs”

そして、何で MOONEYES にスクールバスが?
後姿は普通に見えますが、なんと Air Bag に MOON Discs です。
By the way, check out this School Bus that was at MOONEYES recently.
From the rear it looks normal, but it’s lowered and equipped with MOON Discs.

ハワイに行った時 / On My Trip to Hawaii

On the island of O’ahu on Kalakaua Blvd. near Waikiki Beach, it’s normally crowded with tourists but this picture was taken during lunch on a Saturday and it looks empty. Doesn’t look so good for a Saturday.

Around the hotel we were staying at was the same. Depending on who you ask but
the weekend we stayed in Waikiki, all hotels were low occupancy.

Here was a gift shop. Looks like a rough start for 2010.