最南端の MOONEYES Dealer "So Cal 沖縄"

沖縄の MOONEYES Dealer "So Cal 沖縄" (敬称略) にお邪魔してきました。
I visited MOONEYES Dealer "So Cal Okinawa" while I was in Okinawa.

アメリカンハウスを使った Shop は MOONEYES 商品で一杯でした。
The shop is made from an American style house and it's filled with MOONEYES products.

数ある MOONEYES Dealer の中も "So Cal 沖縄" が MOONEYES 商品の在庫量ではOne of the Best でしょう。
Out of the number of MOONEYES Dealers in Japan, "So Cal Okinawa" ranks up there as one of the bigger stocking shops.

The owner, Mr. Ozaki has been a MOONEYES Dealer for a very long time.

営業時間が 夜の 8:00 から 0:00 までと言う事ですがお邪魔した時も多くのお客様が いらっしゃいました。
Their business hours are from 8PM to midnight and I got there very late at night but there were customers there inside.

沖縄へ行ったら是非お立ち寄り下さい。MOONEYES 商品の充実度は素晴らしいです。
If you are ever in Okinawa, please make a point to stop by the shop and check it out. It's a fully stocked MOONEYES shop and a great place to see.

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