PRA/Super Shot Speed Trial 仙台ハイランド

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22日 (日) 仙台ハイランドで PRA/Super Shot Speed Trial が開催されました。
On Sunday (8/22) in northern Japan at Sendai Highland, the PRA Japan/Super Shot Speed Trial was successfully held. Here are some photos from the event.

VW Type 1 with New MOONEYES Sticker

This Plymouth Roadrunner received a MOONEYES Award

今回のPRA カッコイイVWが多かったです。
The PRA event attracted a lot of cool VW this time.

Mr. K’s Vega Wagon

2010 SCN 「Burnout King」の Charger です。
This Dodge Charge received the award for “Burnout King” at the 2010 Street Car Nationals (SCN).

In the red Camaro (background) I lost in RT (reaction time).

11秒に近い賞、11.008 で賞をもらいました。
I did receive an award for “close to 11 seconds” in which I ran 11.008 seconds.

MOONEYES AWARD presented to the owner of the Roadrunner mentioned above.

Mr. Blue 呆然

A reminder to everyone, please be careful of fires.

Just shock and awe

Literally speechless.

These old wheels…

It’s hard to say just how many wheels in total.

A very tragic event.
I never experienced air raid bombings but I imagine the results were like this.

焼け跡に残る パイナップル
The remains of a burnt Pineapple man.

綺麗に整地され 分譲地になるのでしょうか?
Once the land is cleared the property will probably be sold.

The neighborhood is a new contractor housing development…

After the fire, cleanup and clearing.

以上の画像及びその他の内容は Blue Panic Mr. Blue 金子氏 の承諾を得て掲載させて頂きました。
皆さん 今一度火災保険をご確認下さい。
All images have been approved by Blue Panic owner Mr. Blue (Mr. Kaneko).
Everyone should please double check to make sure you have fire insurance.

Ford 352

Ford 352 Rebuilt Motor です。
This Ford 352 motor was just rebuilt. Wonder what it could be for?

明日は仙台でPRA Drag Raceです。 久々に仙台まで行ってきます。
PRA Drag Race tomorrow in Sendai (northern Japan). It’s been a while since I went to Sendai.

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 & 富士 ハンバーガー情報

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 です。
現場からの Hot な写真を紹介します。
This year MOONEYES USA went to Bonneville Speed Week 2010 and sent photos along the way.

MOONEYES Shop を出発、Las Vegas 経由で、
From their departure in Santa Fe Springs, a pit stop in Las Vegas, and

Bonneville Salt Flats に到着です。
from the Bonneville Salt Flats.


Drivers Meeting & 1st Run

Pizza Party!! & Downtown Wendover

BFG and Jimmy Shine from SO-CAL Speed Shop

Hamburger News

I was told of this place that had great hamburgers so recently I made a trip out to Fuji to find out.
You go over a metal bridge and through a tea plantation.

山小屋風のレストラン Baba Looey があります。
Then once you get past that you see a log cabin style restaurant called Baba Looey.

GPS と地元の人のガイドで行ったので 位置関係が全く分かりませんが
I was guided mainly by locals and my GPS but the exact location of this place I don’t know.
However, they have a blog and if you are heading to Fuji area this is a highly recommended stop.

The owner puts a lot of effort and their love for hamburgers really shows in the great taste.

Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2010

今年の Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS2010) の内容もほぼ決まり、9月からエントリー受付を開始します。
ショー内容は随時 MOONTERNET にアップされていますのでご覧ください。
This year’s Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS2010) is just about set with a few more things that need to be ironed out but we will begin accepting Entry Forms by September.
Show details have been building up and every update and confirmation has been updated on our MOONTERNET website so be sure to check it out from time to time.

Downtown LA の倉庫街に Shop を持つ Falcon Motorcycles が製作した Triumph、シリンダーブロックは CNC で作りだしたと言うこだわりの 1台は必見の価値大有りです。
The latest news that was announced was Falcon Motorcycles from Downtown Los Angeles where they work out of a warehouse facility. The Triumph based bike they will bring has amazing craftsmanship like the completely redone cylinder block via CNC and one-off scratch built perfection. It’s a one-of-a-kind that is worth seeing in person.

もう一台、この制作中の Triumph は Falcon Motorcycles とは対照的で
Another Triumph build that is quite the contrast as Falcon Motorcycles but equally pleasing to the eye thus far is currently under construction in his living room. I can’t wait to see this thing done.今

年は Mini Trucks もやって来ます。Mini Truckin’ Magazine 編集長の Mike Alexander の推薦 Mini Truck Car Club “No Regrets” のメンバー Steve Wilk の Chevy S10 “Green Inspiration” がオーナーと Mike と共に来日予定です。
Each year we try something new and different. This year it’s Mini Trucks. We contacted a good friend for help and Mini Truckin’ Magazine’s editor Mike Alexander recommended a very clean Chevy S10 called “Green Inspiration” owned by “No Regrets” mini truck car club member Steve Wilk. Both Steve and Mike will be coming with the mini truck.

そしてこの週末 14,15 & 16日(土、日&月)は MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Garage にて Robert Williams 来日記念の Preview Show を開催中です。ぜひお越しください
「Preview of Tribute to Robert Williams & Suzanne Williams」イベント!
And finally, starting this weekend on 14, 15 and 16 (Saturday through Monday) at MOONEYES Area-1 MOON Garage in Honmoku Yokohama, we will host a Preview Show to the low brow artist Robert Williams whom will be coming to HCS2010. If you are nearby, get the event information on our website.

Motorcycle Swap Meet

日曜日の Motorcycle Swap Meet、もの凄い暑さでしたが大盛況で終了しました。
This past Sunday was the Motorcycle Swap Meet and it was a really hot day but it went very good and was a great success.

On the way there in the morning, the skies looked partially cloudy and there were a couple drops of rain but that was as far as it went and I think everyone made it home safely.

本牧から東京お台場まで高速で一本, 行きは CB 500、
From Honmoku, Yokohama to Odaiba, Tokyo I rode the CB 500 one way,

帰りは H-D Panhead で戻って来ましたが H-D の方が全然楽ですね!
and coming back I rode the H-D Panhead, which made me realize how much easier the H-D is on the highway!
Comparing the two rides, it was very clear.

しかし! 帰り道 27キロオーバーで Speeding Ticket を貰った友人(この日はお休みの Helper の方)が居ました。
However! A friend of mine was given a speeding ticket for being 27km/h (about 17mph) over the speed limit!

You have to be careful of the Police bikes!

今回 MOONEYES のバイク全車展示しました。
At the event we had all MOONEYES bikes on display.

2010年 HCS で開催する「Forever Multi Palace」の対象車両も
For this year at HCS2010, we have “Forever Multi Palace” which is focused on particular bikes and with the help of many others, we had a display next to the MOONEYES tent at the swap meet.

今週の MMM にイベントレポートギャラリー見て下さい。
Be sure to check out MMM this weekend for our event report and gallery.

あと今週末は本牧 AREA-1 に
「Preview of Tribute to Robert Williams & Suzanne Williams」開始します!

Speaking of weekend, starting on Saturday for three days is “Preview of Tribute to Robert Williams & Suzanne Williams” right here at Area-1 in Honmoku. For more details about the event, please see our website.

明日は東京お台場で Motorcycle Swap Meet

明日は東京お台場で Motorcycle Swap Meet、100件 を超える Seller が集まります。
Tomorrow is the Motorcycle Swap Meet in Odaiba Tokyo. There will be over 100 vendors all focused specifically on motorcycles. It going to be a great day. Prepare for a summer day under the hot sun and head on out. We’ll be waiting!!
Event Information is posted here.

今晩&明晩は YC&AC で Bon Odori です。近隣に駐車場がありませんのでご注意ください。
Tonight and tommorrow night is Bon Odori (Japanese Lantern Festival) at YC&AC. Open to the public and fun for the entire family. Just remember that there’s no parking in the neighborhood.

8月の American Festival

Sunday, 8月1日 Fuji Speedway で開催された Super American Festival (SAF), Drag Race に参加しました。

I participated in the Drag Races at the Super American Festival (SAF) that was held on Sunday, August 1 at Fuji Speedway.

今回 ’69 Camaro は Pro Class となり 8秒台から 11秒台までの Race Car 13台中 8台が Elimination に出れます。

The ’69 Camaro was entered in a category called Pro Class that was for non-street legal race cars and the 13 car had times from 8-11 seconds with an eight car elimination.

MOONEYES Sticker (DM166)
MOONEYES ショッピングサイトで
MOONEYES Sticker (DM166)
Buy it from our online store for 840 Yen
(L) 345mm x (H) 70mm
[DM166] Price: 840 Yen each

Camaro はせいぜい 11秒台後半ですから予選落ちと思っていたらリタイヤした車等があり、なんと予選を 7位で通過してしまいました。

The Camaro runs in the mid to high 11 second range at best so I had little to no chance to qualify. However, as it turned out, I ranked 7th and made it to the Eliminations.

そんなで結局 Elimination も走る事になったのですが 組み合わせは 1位と 8位、2位と 7位と、Top と Bottom が組み合わさって行きますから 早い車が妥当に勝ち進んで行く仕組みです。3、4、5、6 位くらいの組み合わせは面白いかもしてませんが 2位と7位では 相手が Red Light になるとか、壊れるとか しない限り望みはありません。

Even with the chance of running in the Elimination rounds, it is hard because of the pairing of 1st and 8th, 2nd and 7th, etc. basically tops and bottoms but the middle area like 3, 4, 5 and 6 are good pairing to watch. As for 2nd and 7th in this scenario it is almost a given unless the 2nd ranked car gets a red light or breaks down.

しかし、大どんでん換えしがあるのが Drag Race です。とは言っても遅いクルマが出来るのは 早くスタートを切って追いつかれない事を祈って逃げ切るだけです。

However, that’s the way Drag Racing works. On that note, the best chance that the slower cars have is beating the other off the line and running away as fast as possible. If this goes well, they have slightly a better chance because there’s psychology involved as well. RT (Reaction Time) was the only way to have a chance for my Camaro!!

残念ながら今回リードできたのは初めの 100 Feet くらい、その後バーと抜かれゴールした時はかなり差が付いていました。

As for me, this worked to a degree, perhaps the first 100 feet I was in the lead off the line but then from my rear I could see the other car quickly catch up and pass and by the finish line there was a big margin.

I had a great time though.