Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2010

今年の Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS2010) の内容もほぼ決まり、9月からエントリー受付を開始します。 ショー内容は随時 MOONTERNET にアップされていますのでご覧ください。 This year's Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS2010) is just about set with a few more things that need to be ironed out but we will begin accepting Entry Forms by September. Show details have been building up and every update and confirmation has been updated on our MOONTERNET website so be sure to check it out from time to time. Downtown LA の倉庫街に Shop を持つ Falcon Motorcycles が製作した Triumph、シリンダーブロックは CNC で作りだしたと言うこだわりの 1台は必見の価値大有りです。 The latest news that was announced was Falcon Motorcycles from Downtown Los Angeles where they work out of a warehouse facility. The Triumph based bike they will bring has amazing craftsmanship like the completely redone cylinder block via CNC and one-off scratch built perfection. It's a one-of-a-kind that is worth seeing in person. もう一台、この制作中の Triumph は Falcon Motorcycles とは対照的で 自分の部屋の中でコツコツ作り上げられています。 完成が楽しみな一台です。 Another Triumph build that is quite the contrast as Falcon Motorcycles but equally pleasing to the eye thus far is currently under construction in his living room. I can't wait to see this thing done.今 年は Mini Trucks もやって来ます。Mini Truckin' Magazine 編集長の Mike Alexander の推薦 Mini Truck Car Club "No Regrets" のメンバー Steve Wilk の Chevy S10 "Green Inspiration" がオーナーと Mike と共に来日予定です。 Each year we try something new and different. This year it's Mini Trucks. We contacted a good friend for help and Mini Truckin' Magazine's editor Mike Alexander recommended a very clean Chevy S10 called "Green Inspiration" owned by "No Regrets" mini truck car club member Steve Wilk. Both Steve and Mike will be coming with the mini truck. そしてこの週末 14,15 & 16日(土、日&月)は MOONEYES Area-1, MOON Garage にて Robert Williams 来日記念の Preview Show を開催中です。ぜひお越しください。 「Preview of Tribute to Robert Williams & Suzanne Williams」イベント! And finally, starting this weekend on 14, 15 and 16 (Saturday through Monday) at MOONEYES Area-1 MOON Garage in Honmoku Yokohama, we will host a Preview Show to the low brow artist Robert Williams whom will be coming to HCS2010. If you are nearby, get the event information on our website.