33年振りのT-bird / T-bird After 33 Years

33年振りに 1960年 T-bird が復活。
After a decade in storage, I decided to revive this 1960 T-bird.

復活させたは良いけどそれにしてもヒドイ外装、何とかしたいが どうにかなるのでしょうか?
Saying it is one thing but the condition is just about unbearable, I don’t know where to start and wonder how it’s going to turn out?

I don’t know if you can see it from the pictures (or can you) but the interior is just as bad as the interior.

34年前、1976年 東京原宿表参道にて
This photo is 34 years ago in 1976, in Tokyo’s Harajuku district.

33年前、1977年 この時は綺麗に見える。
詳しくは、MOON ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE Vol. 4 (MIM#4) を読んで下さい。
This photo was taken 33 years ago in 1977, when it looked very clean just before I sold it.
There’s more information about this car in MOON ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE Vol. 4 (MIM#4)


21日火曜日 VANS Shoes の広告の撮影で鎌倉に来ていた VANS Staff 一同が MOONEYES Area-1 に仕事の合間を見て来店しました。
On Tuesday Sept. 21, the VANS Staff stopped by MOONEYES Area-1 for a visit after a photo shoot in Kamakura for VANS Shoes.

Dean MOON 時代に作られた VANS Shoes を嬉しそうに撮影、MOONEYES と Vans は Dean MOON 時代からのお付き合い、つい最近でも Vans/MOONEYES Shoes が発売されていました。
They were delighted to take photos of a pair of original VANS when Dean MOON first teamed up with Vans Shoes. Vans and MOON have been connected a long time and even released Vans Shoes a couple years ago.

After that they took photos riding around MOONEYES on a bike.

Oh the cameraman? Virtually all the staff had top notch cameras and they were all taking pictures so I didn’t know who the main camera was. But as soon as they came, they were gone like a passing storm.

日本車の日本的カスタム/Japanese Cars with Japanese Custom Style

California でも流行? 日本車の日本的カスタム。

Is this popular in California? Japanese cars with Japanese style custom.

Japanese Classic Car Show at Long Beach

昨年まで Orange County, Irvine で開催されていた JCCS 旧車日本車のイベントが Long Beach に戻り開催されました。
Last year it was held at Irvine in Orange County, but this year the JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show) has returned to Long Beach.

海の隣で Queen Mary もあり横浜なら山下公園で Car Show 開催する感じです。山下公園で開催で来たら気持ちいいでしょうね〜。
The event in next to the bay with Queen Mary sitting in the port, just like having a car show in Yamashita Park in Yokohama, Japan. It woud actually be really cool to have an event like this in Yamashita Park.

今回も右ハンドルの Toyota Crown Pick Up RS46 を持って行きました。勿論 Booth も出したました。
We brought the RHD 1964 Toyota Crown Pickup (RS46) and had a Booth too.

RS46 なら Masterline だと思うかもしれませんがこの車は オーストラリア からの日本経由で California は送ったので オーストラリア 物なので Crown なんです。
As for RS46, it would normally be called a Masterline in Japan but since this car was originally an export to Australia, it was badged as a Crown. It went from Australia, back to Japan and now it’s in California.

Booth に居ると MOON T-shirt を着ている 3人兄弟がご両親と寄ってくれました。ありがとうございます。
At the booth, there were three young enthusiasts that stopped by sporting MOON T-shirts. Thank you very much.

今回一番気になったのはこの Dodge 達です
The cars t hat really got my attention this time were the Dodge cars.

そして何時もカッコイイのは Mazda RX-2。
And of course, as always, the Mazda RX-2 is cool.

これは Toyota の Hemi、この Century の Motor です。
This is a Toyota Hemi (left), that is standard in the big 1970 Toyota Century (right).

この Toyota Hi Lux も気になった一台です。
This Toyota Hi Lux also got my attention looking real good.

もう何回同じ車の写真を撮ったでしょうか? と思っても BRE カラーは何時も気になります。
I always think, everytime I come to the car show I see these same cars but anytime you see BRE colors it doesn’t matter because they are awesome.

このショーの為に Wildman が制作した Award Disc はこの Show の Best of Show に渡されます。
For this show, WILDMAN made a MOON Disc for the “MOONEYES Pick” and it went to the winner of the “Best of Show” award too.

そして Winner はこの Toyota Sports 800 のオーナーでした。
おめでとうございます。今回このイベントにはルイジアナとかマイアミ等 East Coast から沢山の人は来ていました。USA の日本旧車はちょっとしたブームの様です。
The winner was the owner of this Toyota Sports 800.
Congratulations. I noticed there were a lot of people that came to the show from the East Coast like Louisiana and Miami. Maybe old Japanese cars are getting more popular.


MQQN ロゴの原型となったと言われる
Creighton Hunter’s Hunter Oil Company Special が今 MOONEYES USA に展示中です。
It is said that this was the prototype MQQN logo.
Creighton Hunter’s Hunter Oil Company Special is on display here at MOONEYES USA.

1924年 T型で Santa Ana Drag Strip (現 Orange County Int’l Airport) や El Mirage を走った彼は MOON の初期の Customer でもあり Santa Ana Drag Strip をやっていた 3人のメンバーの一人だったそうです。
The base is a 1924 Ford Model T and it ran at Santa Ana Drag Strip (Orange County Int’l Airport) and El Mirage back in the day and was owned by one of the three main members that managed the Santa Ana Drag Strip, who was one of earliest MOON customers.

1940年代後半 El Mirage では 151mph (240km/h) を出したそうです。
During the late 1940s it reached 151mph (240km/h) at El Mirage.

街のCar Show/ Car Show in small Town, El Segundo

LAXにほど近い街 El Segundo で Car Show があったので行ってみました。
El Segundo は海に近い 静かな小さな街です。
There was a Car Show close to LAX in El Segundo area.
El Segundo is close to the beach and is a nice and quite small town.

この El Segundo には Kustom Kulture で有名な Gasoline Gallery があります。
10月9日 (土) – 11月10日 (水) まで「Counterattack of Yeti」by Pulp とそして世界的に有名な
Artist Ghost の「The Bright」と言う2名の作品展が開催されるそうです。
Reception は 10月9日 (土) 18:00-22:00、この時に行くのが一番良いかもね。
The famous Kustom Kulture art gallery Gasoline Gallery is located in El Segundo.
They have an art show coming up, Oct. 9 (Saturday) to Nov. 10 (Wednesday) called “Counterattack of Yeti” which features the artist named Pulp and world famous artist Ghost “The Bright” together in one show.
Reception is on Oct. 9 (Sat) from 6-10PM. That is the best time to go too.
It’s very close to LAX so if you get a chance, you should go visit them.


Chevy Cosworth Vega

Sunbeam Tiger

1967 Cougar, ほしい車の一台です。でも2万ドルでは手が出せません。
1967 Cougar, one car I would really like to own. But a 20K price tag prevents this.

1970 1/2 Chevy Camaro RS いいですね!
1970 1/2 Chevy Camaro RS is excellent!

Valiant? 良く分かりませんが MOON Disc を履いていたので撮りました。
(1963 Plymouth Valiant) It has MOON Discs so I took a picture of it.

1955 Chevy これもFor Saleでした。
This 1955 Chevy “post” is For Sale.

BMW Isetta でいいのかな?
BMW Isetta might be good?

VW エンジンと積んだ Fiat
VW engine Fiat.

こちらが普通の Vega
This is a regular Vega


1957 ChevyもFor Saleです。
1957 Chevy post For Sale

Blower を付けた Nova が走ってきました。
Blown Nova came driving by.

Pharaohs Car Club 25th Anniversary Party “LA Fiesta”

御前崎グランンドホテルで開催された Pharaohs Car Club 25周年記念 Party。
The Pharoahs Car Club held their 25th Anniversary at Omaezaki Grand Hotel located in Shizuoka, Japan

(右写真) 奪われたプラークかと思いましたがそうではありませんでした。
北は北海道、南は九州から 500人以上の Low & Slow な方々がお祝いに駆け付けました。
(right photo) I thought is was a collection club plaques for display but it wasn’t.
From the north, in Hokkaido to the south, in Kyushu, over 500 “Low & Slow” people joined the celebration.

プールサイドで “プールパーテイー”
There was a “POOL PARTY” at the hotel pool.

ホテルは貸し切り、勿論プールもって事でこの日だけは「Tattoo の無い方はプールへ入場は硬くお断りします」なんてお知らせも出ていたとか。。。
The hotel is conservative and like many traditional Japanese places, it’s common to see restrictions about visible tattoos. But on this day, it was the opposite, “Only persons with tattoos are allowed in the pool”… (humor)

さすが 25年老舗 Car Club が主催する Party だけあって、Friendly な Low & Slow な素晴らしい Party でした。
As one would expect from a car club at 25 years old, the anniversary party as well as everyone there had a wonderful low & slow party.

さすが Pharaohs Car Club, 良い感じの週末を提供してくれてどうもありがとう!
Vannuys Blog も見て下さい。
Of course, Pharaohs Car Club knows how to host a great weekend get together. Thank you very much!
Also check out Vannuys Blog for more.

MOONEYES USA Bonneville Report

今回のブログは MOONEYES USA Bonneville Report です。

My Hero, Kenji Okazaki

NHRA National Dragster 誌 August 20, 2010 Issue の表紙に何と Kenji Okazaki が出ているではありませんか!
Kenji Okazaki’s picture was on the cover of the August 20th, 2010 issue of NHRA National Dragster Magazine!

しかも中ページにも、「あの人は今?」ページかと思ったら National Event で1回しか勝った事のない Driver の特集でした。それも Reader’s Choice のです。1回と言うと少ない感じもしますが Cole Foster の御父さんの Pat Foster, Jungle Jim Liberman も National Event の Win は 1回だけだったそうです。
I thought it was going to be an article on "where are they now" but it was a special article about drivers who won a Nationals event just one time only. Plus he was a reader’s choice. It would sound like there would only be a few people that won a National event just once but there are many including Cole Foster’s father Pat Foster and Jungle Jim Liberman.