Pharaohs Car Club 25th Anniversary Party “LA Fiesta”

御前崎グランンドホテルで開催された Pharaohs Car Club 25周年記念 Party。
The Pharoahs Car Club held their 25th Anniversary at Omaezaki Grand Hotel located in Shizuoka, Japan

(右写真) 奪われたプラークかと思いましたがそうではありませんでした。
北は北海道、南は九州から 500人以上の Low & Slow な方々がお祝いに駆け付けました。
(right photo) I thought is was a collection club plaques for display but it wasn’t.
From the north, in Hokkaido to the south, in Kyushu, over 500 “Low & Slow” people joined the celebration.

プールサイドで “プールパーテイー”
There was a “POOL PARTY” at the hotel pool.

ホテルは貸し切り、勿論プールもって事でこの日だけは「Tattoo の無い方はプールへ入場は硬くお断りします」なんてお知らせも出ていたとか。。。
The hotel is conservative and like many traditional Japanese places, it’s common to see restrictions about visible tattoos. But on this day, it was the opposite, “Only persons with tattoos are allowed in the pool”… (humor)

さすが 25年老舗 Car Club が主催する Party だけあって、Friendly な Low & Slow な素晴らしい Party でした。
As one would expect from a car club at 25 years old, the anniversary party as well as everyone there had a wonderful low & slow party.

さすが Pharaohs Car Club, 良い感じの週末を提供してくれてどうもありがとう!
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Of course, Pharaohs Car Club knows how to host a great weekend get together. Thank you very much!
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