遂に明日になりました。準備に追われ staff の皆は大変でした。 今晩の Pre-Party 最近はそう呼ばれる事が多くなった Little Get Together Party ですが 今年は何と嬉しい事に600人近い参加者となりちっとも 「Little」 ではなくなりました。 その Party 後は DicE Magazine Party と Bean Bandits Party がそれぞれ違う場所で開催されます。 僕らはその間に Award 選考です。 Finally, tomorrow has come. The staff here have been scrambling to make final preparations. Tonight is the Pre-Party, which is what has become its common name for the Little Get Together Party but this I am pleased to announce there are close to 600 people attending so maybe it's not "Little" any longer. After the party there are after parties including the DicE Magazine Party and Bean Bandits Party but both are in different locations. During the after parties, we'll be going through the award selection process at the event hall. そしてショー当日、 Ride In を見たい方で早くから入場口が混み合いますので 今年は状況次第では少し早く Gate Open しようかと思っています。 4台の車と9台のバイクの Ride In を予定しています。 昼頃には Robert Williams & Suzanne Williams Booth でインタビューがあり表彰式は15:30位から、 今年は 30 Awards が用意されているので少し時間が掛かるかもしれませんが 皆さん帰らずに見て下さい。 Then, the main event on Sunday begins with the Ride In so if you want to be in a good spot to see it, you will need to be line up to get in early because the gate will open officially at 9AM and the Ride In is scheduled for 9:30AM. There are 4 cars and 9 motorcycles scheduled for the Ride In. At about noon, there will be a live interview with Robert Williams and Suzanne Williams over at their booth. At around 3:30PM we'll present the awards on the main stage. This year, we have 30 Awards to announce so it looks like it will be longer than previous years. I hope everyone sticks around to the end. Little Get Together 2009 その他にも Live Music など盛り沢山、外国からの販売ブースも沢山あります。 今年は Harley-Davidson Japan の大きなブースもありショーを盛り上げてくれる事と思います。 また今年初の企画 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Paint Contest は 40件以上もエントリーがあり、しかもTaiwanから2名も参加します。 Multi Palace, Street Truck Slammed Zone 等見所沢山、このブログを読むより明日会場へいらして下さい。 皆で Happy な一日を一緒に過ごしましょう。 前売り券はチケットぴあ(今晩22時迄らしいです)で購入可能です。 もちろん MOONEYES でも Shop 閉店までは購入できますのでご利用下さい。 それでは明日ショー会場でお会いしましょう!! Little Get Together 2008 Of course, as we have each year, there will be Live Music throughout the day, many vendors and foreign shops this year too. This year we have Harley-Davidson Japan taking part with a large display that I think will be interesting to see. Also this year will feature a few new sections as we have mentioned before. The Motorcycle Fuel Tank Paint Contest has over 40 entries to see and even 2 from Taiwan were entered. Multi Palace, Street Truck Slammed Zone has a lot to see too. If you are free tomorrow and are reading this blog, you will want to see all this in person right here in Yokohama. I hope everyone joins us and has a happy day with the whole family. Oh, and don't forget MOONEYES has limited event only items at the MOONEYES Shop in the event hall. Hope to see you all there tomorrow!