HCS 2010 DVD 撮影/HCS2010 DVD Filming

ショー前に行われた DVD 撮影の状況をお送りします。
This post is about the filming we did for the DVD before the show.

まず早朝 Mini Truck “NO REGRETS” の S10 Pickup を中心、USA Members は日本 Members の車に分乗し高速走行シーンを撮り、次が Motorcycle Guys, Metallicoupe を drive する Cole を先頭に 10台近い Motorcycle が Yokohama の街を走り抜けました。
First, in the early morning, it was mini truck club “No Regrets”, the S10 Pickup in the center with USA members driving Japan members’ cars on the express way.
Next was the motorcycle guys and the Metallicoupe driven by Cole and leading the way. Close to 10 motorcycles were following as the drove through the streets of Yokohama.

最後は Robert Williams ’32 Ford & Suzanne Williams ’34 Ford の Bay Bridge 走行シーン、今回は走行撮影を 3回に分けたためかなり見応えある内容なりました。DVDの発売2月中旬を予定しています。お楽しみに!
Last was a scene with Robert Williams ’32 Ford and Suzanne Williams ’34 Ford driving across the Bay Bridge. This year we shot three separate scenes of driving so I think that alone will be worth seeing the DVD. HCS2010 DVD is set to release in mid-Feb 2011. Stay tuned for more!

Monkey – “Have you owned a HONDA?” Honda 4台展示しました。
Displayed 4 Honda mini bikes called Monkey – “Have you owned a HONDA?”

Go Kart – ’70年代の日本製カートです。
Go Kart is from the ’70s by manufactured by a Japanese compnay.

California Blue Triumph – 新作です。1950 Triumph Speed Twin
Brand new paint scheme by Harpoon. 1950 Triumph Speed Twin “California Blue”

’60 T bird – 1976年の購入、その後売却し 2000年に戻って来た 1960 Ford T-Bird。
1960 T-bird – First bought in ’76, sold it and bought it again in 2000. Finally refreshed this year.

この CB750 カッコ良かったです!
I thought this was a cool CB750 in Multi Palace on dispaly at the show!

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