Triumph Chopper “California Blue”

久々の Triumph, 1950 Speed Twin “California Blue” Chopper
作ったいいけどフロントブレーキ無く、左足ブレーキでは 僕の場合間違いなく何かぶつかるだろうから乗れない。
It’s been a while but the 1950 Triumph Speed Twin “California Blue” Chopper was completed finally. I’d been wanting to build this bike for a while but with no front brake and the left foot brake, I was certain I would have difficulty riding it.


“You won’t ride it so why did you get it built?”
I wanted to see it built,” is the only answer I can think of.

Paint は Harpoon Kustom Paint, ちょっと古めの Riser に短めの Handlebar、Front Tire は中古の Avon Speedmaster 275-21, Rear は Hub Cushion 付き19″ をそのまま使用、Muffler は MOONEYES Original “Turn Out” Style, Seat は Bull Original 製、Head Light はまだ試作段階、これからまた形が変わります。Sissy Bar に Rat Fink Tail Lamp, Gas Cap は MOONEYES Original 3 Fin Type, この Triumph 何気にいい感じです。制作は横浜IM Factory です。
Paint was done by Harpoon Kustom Paint, the front end has slightly older risers with short handlebars and the front tire is a used Avon Speedmaster 275-21. On the rear is a Hub Cushion 19″ rim, the dual exhaust features MOONEYES Original Turn Out style tips, the saddle is handmade by Bull Original, the head light is a prototype which will be slightly different when the product is made. Sissy bar is where the Rat Fink Tail Lamp (brake light) is mounted over the license plate, the gas cap on the tank is an Original MOONEYES 3 Fin Type and all in all the Triumph just came together and looks sharp. It was all put together by IM Factory in Yokohama.

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