MOONEYES Area-1駐車場 – Parking

MOONEYES Area-1 の道をはさんだ反対側、 日、 祭日等に使用していた臨時駐車場が 2月一杯で使え無くなります。

この広大な土地は国の管理となるそうで、 近い将来売られるそうですからここにも大きな集合住宅が出来るでしょう。 横浜の街の 中心でこんな空き地がいつまでも残っている事が不思議なくらいだったので仕方ありません。

さてこれからお客様 Parking をどうするか大きな課題が残りました。
あと 1ヶ月で結論を出さないと行けません。

Across the street behind MOONEYES Area-1 is a large open parking lot that we have used on Sundays and holidays, however at the end of next month (Feb) it will no longer be available for use.

This huge area of land maintained by the government will most likely be sold for development in the near future and will become a large apartment structure or something. We have been very fortunate all this time to have such a large open area for our use in the heart of Yokohama. It’s been a miracle that we have had access to it all this time so we really can’t complain.

However, this brings up customer parking. Now we have to figure out a new parking plan. At least we have one month to figure out what to do.

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