最高傑作 at GNRS/GNRS Masterpiece

今年のGNRSで一番の傑作はこのクルマです。 This car to me was best masterpiece of GNRS this year. この角度からでは車種を特定するのは難しいです。 At this particular angle, it's difficult to tell what the base vehicle is. Cadillac 風 Front Bumper/Grille It's got custom Frenched headlights and Cadillac front bumper/grille treatment. Tail Fin, Cadillac 風リア Tail Fin にあるブレーキランプも Cadillac 風 もう車種分かりますね。 Long Cadillac type tail fins. The brakes lights are Cadillac styling too. You can tell what car this is by now. Dodge Magnumでした!! 車高下げてホイルを代えてたらもう少しは良い印象だったと思います。 It's a Dodge Magnum!! Perhaps if it were lowered and different wheels were used it would have a better impression. こちらは Area-1 に来店されたお客様の Magnum。 These Magnums are customer cars that visited our shop in Area-1. P.S. 4月24日 (日) お台場で開催予定の 25回目のSCN, 会場側の協力を得て昨年同様全面使用可能となりました。 Burnout Demo も開催予定です。多分お台場のあの場所での開催は今回最後かもしれません。 エントリーお待ちしています!! P.S. News Update in regards to the 25th SCN event scheduled to be held on April 24 (Sunday). We just confirmed that were will be able to utilize the entire are or the parking lot, much like last year. We will also plan to hold a BURNOUT DEMO! With construction plans in the works for developers, this may very well be the last time this space is used for SCN. It will be one to remember. Be sure to enter early for the event!!