MOONEYES Area-1 臨時駐車場/Special Parking Lot

Parking lot 4月から日曜&祭日に限り Area-1 反対側の駐車場が使えるようになりました。
先週の日曜日、 その駐車場で一コマです。 珍しく全車 頭から駐車しています。
昔は 頭から駐車するのが「アメリカ的!」なんて思っていましたが
USA の様にサっと頭からサっと入れて サッと出るなんて事は不可能に近いです。
最近の California は小型車多くなったせいか何か分かりませんが
頭から入れると狭いので出にくい Parking がふえました。
そして僕は California でも後ろから駐車する様になってきました。
Beginning in April, the parking lot behind Area-1 has become available on Sundays and Holidays. The photo is from last week Sunday. Interestingly enough, all of the cars are parked front in first. In Japan, a long time ago, I used to think it was "American-style!" to park this way but parking this way in Japan makes it extremely difficult to get out. It isn't like the wide USA spaces where you can easily pull in and out, it's actually almost never that easy. I dislike the inconvenience so I always parking with the back in first. Lately in California, maybe because there are an increasing number of compact cars but it seems to be getting the same way as Japan where it's hard to park front in first because more and more of the parking spaces are getting tighter. So now, even when I'm in California, I always parking with the back in first. Sakura - Cherry Blossoms 本牧は桜満開です。 そしてよく揺れています。 Cherry blossoms are full bloom in Honmoku. The area has also been very actively shaking too.