Congratulations to All the Graduates

USA の 5月は Graduation Season、 思えば 32年前通っていた大学の卒業式を見て大感動し 「卒業式に出たい!」一心で無理な勉強をし1981年なんとか卒業式に出席できました。
“Class of 1981” つまり 1981年卒業した人達をそう呼んでいます。
今年の人は “Class of 2011” と言う事になります。
Costa Mesa にある OCC – Orange Coast College
70年代 Playboy 誌でもっとも奇麗な女の子がいる大学って載っていましたが今もそうなのでしょうか? その OCC の卒業式です。

During the month of May in the USA, it’s Graduation Season. Which reminds me, 32  years ago when I attended college and saw the graduation ceremony for the first time, it was a moving experience and I thought to myself, “I want to graduate!” After that I studied hard and in 1981 I got to take part in the graduation ceremony. I was the “Class of 1981” or that is what you were called if you graduated in that year. This year they are “Class of 2011”.
OCC, Orange Coast College is a community college located in Costa Mesa and Playboy magazine back in the ’70s rated it as one of the colleges with the best looking women. I wonder how it ranks now? That where these graduation photos are from.
American colleges keep it simple in that you have required things to do in order to graduate. But as an alumni it has even more meaning to see a graduation now.
Congratulations to all the graduates!

Check out this special memorial Coca-Cola bottle.

OCC 2011 Graduation


Italy の続き / Italy Continued

イタリア MOON Cafe のグランドオープニングには
There were many people from all over Europe at the grand opening of MOON Cafe Italy.

MQQN Cafe Italy のオーナー Alberto と Ramblers Italy の Romano
MQQN Cafe Italy owner Alberto (left) and Ramblers Italy member Romano (right)

Mr. & Mrs. Alberto

Italian Pinstriper “Blaster

LOWRIDE Magazine 編集長 Giuseppe
LOWRIDE Magazine chief editor Giuseppe (right)

イタリア MOONEYES ディーラー No Water の Michele
Michele (right) from MOONEYES Dealer in Italy, No Water

Claudio & Alberto

MOONEYES Sweden の Hank & Gang from Sweden
Hank (left) from MOONEYES Sweden & friends

スペインにある MOONEYES ディーラー、 Free Kustom Cycles の Marcos & friend
MOONEYES Dealer Free Kustom Cycles in Spain, Marcos (right) & friend

Hard Nine Choppers の Danny (左) & Friend from Switzerland
Danny (left) from Hard Nine Choppers & friend from Switzerland

Marcus (right) from Walz Hardcore Cycles Germany.

DB Custom Leather
By the way, check out DB Custom Leather @http://dbcustomleather.wordpress.com/

MOON Cafe Jesolo, Italy

2011年 5月 18日、 イタリア、 それも観光地で有名なベニスのすぐ近くにあるリゾートタウン Jesolo Beach に MOON Cafe Italy がオープンしました。 MOON Cafe 創業 20年で初めてのフランチャイズです。
イタリアでは珍しいアメリカンスタイルのレストランです。 提供されるメニューはハンバーガーを中心に
ピザやサンドウィッチを中心とした軽食的なイタリアンメニューもあり、 Bar もあります。
営業時間は何と朝 8時から夜中 2時までなんと本牧の 1.5倍の営業時間です。
テラスが大きく開放的な感じの MOON Cafe Italy,
イタリア ベニスに行く事がありましたら是非お立ち寄り下さい。

May 18, 2011 ITALY. A close distance from world famous tourist and historic destination Venice, Italy is the resort town of Jesolo Beach and now home to the newly opened MOON Cafe Italy. After 20 years of being in business, MOON Cafe has its very first franchise.
Situated next to a cart-course race track, this weekend there was a motorcycle event taking place.
MOON Cafe is actually a unique American style restaurant in Italy. The main menu features hamburgers as well as pizza, sandwiches and light meals including an Italian menu and full bar as well.
Operating hours are from 8AM to the late hours of 2AM, that’s 1.5 times longer hours than in Japan.
The terrace is huge and open air really makes it feel original to MOON Cafe Italy.
If you ever take a vacation or travel to Venice, Italy, be sure to make a stop at Jesolo Beach for a visit.

まず目に入るのは MOON Cafe のサイン、 手前のテラスも利用出来ます。
The first thing you see from a distance is the MOON Cafe sign and open terrace.

オーナー Alberto の BSA Bobber。
Owner Alberto’s BSA Bobber.

I had sent uniforms just like we use in Japan by express mail but there were being held at Customs in Rome.

The stools are arranged along the counter with plenty of space.

Of course, they have the same box seats that are very popular in Japan.

This is their menu.

スタッフは 4-8名、 この日は 4名でした。
皆笑顔がすてきでした。 オーナーの Alberto は 「First Rule is Smile」 と言ってました。
The full staff ranges from 4-8 and on this day there were four of them.
Everyone with big smiles is very welcoming. Owner Alberto said, “First Rule is Smile.”

Wildman デザインの 2011 New T-shirt 人気爆発です。 2台の Chopper は Sweden から来たそうです。
Wildman’s newly designed T-shirt was a popular seller. The two choppers are said to be from Sweden.

夕方です。 いい感じになってきました。
Evening time. The neon lights look really great.

After it’s dark.

Wildman 製作の Grand Opening Disc をとオーナーの Alberto (左) & Italian Pinstriper Blaster (右)、 2人共 HCS に来ているので知っている方も沢山いると思います。
Wildman painted a Grand Opening Disc. Owner Alberto (Left) and Italian Pinstriper Blaster (Right) are holding it together. They both attend HCS each year so I’m sure many people recognize them.

Yes, MOON Fuel Tank!

Showcase 1

Showcase 2

Bar カウンター
The Bar and counter.

Wildman Goes to オアフ島/WILDMAN Goes to Oahu, HI

先週末、 オアフ島にある Ron’s Performance Center で開催された Cruise Night に Wildman が参加しました。
今回は MOONEYES, Hawaii Dealer の Pacific Rod & Custom のお手伝いですので Mainland からも Chico と Bob も手伝いに来ました。
Wildman は車 2台、 バイク1台、 ミニカー 2台、 ヘルメット 1個、 携帯カバー 1つ、 それに魔法瓶 3個を仕上げ大忙し、 本来 9:30pm 終了でしたが Wildman の仕事が多く、 終了は 11:00pm を廻っていました。
Last weekend, Wildman visited the island of Oahu and took part in the Cruise Night held by Ron’s Performance Center. MOONEYES Hawaii Dealer, Pacific Rod & Custom helped out with the event, so Chico and Bob from the mainland flew over to help out as well.
Wildman had a full plate with 2 cars, 1 bike, 2 diecast cars, 1 helmet, a mobile phone and 3 thermos bottles. It was a  busy day and even though the the event originally ended at 9:30PM, it was closer to 11PM when Wildman was complete.

MOONEYES Pick Award Disc

上は今回のイベント Tシャツ、 1枚につき$5を今回の震災への義援金してくれました。 下は 1977年に買った Ron’s の Tシャツ
Ron’s は 1977年南 California の帰り道 Hawaii に立ち寄り、 このTシャツを買ってきました
今回、 日本から持って行き展示した所 Old Timer の方々には大変喜ばれました。
そしてこの Funny Car もカラーリングが変わり、 今は Kauai 島で走っているそうです。
The image above/left shows the event T-shirt on display. $5 from each T-shirt sold will be donated to relief efforts in Japan. The faded yellow T-shirt shown at the bottom was one I bought in 1977 at Ron’s here in Hawaii. I was on a return trip from California with a layover in Honolulu and purchased the shirt.
I thought it would be interesting to have it on display so I brought it with me. A lot of the old timers noticed with delight. The actual Funny Car is said to be in a different color scheme but still running in Kauai.

T-shirt Design by Wildman

(right photo by Jason)
(右) Jason の Chevy に Pinstripe を入れる Wildman を見つめる Local Boy。
(Right) A local boy watches on as Wildman was pinstriping Jason’s Chevy.

(photo by Jason)

MOONEYES Pick は親子で 2年以上掛け自宅ガレージで完成させた 1949 Merc。
MOONEYES Pick went to father & son garage built 1949 Merc that took over 2 years to complete.

今回泊まったホテルは The Breakers at Waikiki, 一度泊まってみたかったホテルです。
2階建ての古くさい (実際に古い) ホテルですがこれは Waikiki のど真ん中にあるのが驚きです。
キッチン等も付いていますので長期滞在に良いと思います。 ちなみ僕らは 2泊 4日でした。
On this trip to Hawaii, we picked The Breakers at Waikiki, as I had always wanted to stay at this hotel.
It’s a 2-story hotel that has an old nostalgic smell (almost all old) but surprisingly it is smack in the heart of Waikiki. Room is complete with a kitchen so it would be very suitable for long period stays. Although I only stayed for two nights as our trip was only four days. However, I highly recommend this place, it was such an excellent hotel.

Hawaii souvenir, Taro “Manapua” (Manju), Mango “Manapua” and Hurricane Popcorn, etc.

MOON Garage

今日から22日 (日) まで MOONEYES Area-1 で開催する
MOONEYES 25周年記念ですが MOON Garage には MOONEYES が
製作した車やバイク、 関係があった車 & バイクのパネルが何と約 180枚、
自分でもビックリ、 その殆どは僕の思いつきで製作してしまった物ばかり
何か 25年の歴史を感じつつ、 「何て事をしてたのだろう」 と思ってしまいま した。
うーん、 本当に凄い台数です。 きっと昔話が弾みますよ!
これらの車を集めたポスターも販売します。 こちらも強烈です。
その他、 色々な催しを 22日まで行いますので是非お立ち寄り下さい。

Beginning today until the 22nd (Sunday), there’s a big celebration event at MOONEYES Area-1.
The 25th Anniversary of MOONEYES is taking place all week and we have a special exhibit in MOON Garage featuring photo prints of MOONEYES built cars and bikes. Related projects of cars and bikes over the years are on display and there are about 180 panels, even I was surprised. Looking at all the photos brings back memories from those times and puts 25 years in perspective like a historical record. Seeing all this makes me wonder, “How did I do all this?”
The gallery is amazing to see all together. I’m sure it will stir up a lot of old stories!
We put together a limited poster with a collage of these cars which will be on sale too. It’s awesome too!
There will be other festivities happening until the 22nd so be sure to stop by MOONEYES Area-1 in Honmoku Yokohama.
We’ll be waiting for you!

MOONEYES 25th Anniversary at MOONEYES Area-1 Honmoku Yokohama

山梨県甲府市に New Shop HOOPTIE Open!

5月14日 (土) 山梨県甲府市に新しく “HOOPTIE – フープティ” と言うお店が Open します。
MOONEYES 商品や色々な楽しいアイテムが沢山になる予定です。
オーナーの渥美君は丸テール Crown ワゴンを大事にしています。

山梨県甲府市国母 8-2-5
Phone: 055-237-1964

“HOOPTIE” a new shop in Yamanashi prefecture (Kofu Area) will open on May 14 (Saturday).
They’ll stock MOONEYES products and all kinds of interesting items in their store.
The owner of the shop, Mr. Atsumi, owns a well kept 1964 Toyota Crown Station Wagon.
He invites everyone to stop by and say hello when they are in the area.

8-2-5 Kokubo, Koufu City, Yamanashi
Phone: 055-237-1964

イタリアに MOON Cafe!! / MOON Cafe in Italy!!

MOON Cafeがイタリアに!
それもベニスにちかい Jesolo Beach と言うリゾートタウンにできます。
南 California で言うと Balboa Beach みたいな街です。
開店は 5月 15日頃、 イタリアに MOON Cafe カッコいいですね。
と言う事で僕は 5月 20日頃に行ってきます。

MOON Cafe is coming to Italy!
In addition to that, it’s close to Venice in a place called Jesolo Beach, a beautiful resort town.
It’s similar to Balboa Beach in Southern California.
Grand opening is scheduled for May 15, MOON Cafe in Italy is going to be so cool.
I hope they get a lot of great business.
On that note, I’ll be heading there on May 20 to check it out.


Garage Party

(左) 1回目 SCN Staff の集合写真 – (Left) 1st Annual SCN Staff group photo.

SCN 25回を 1回目からほぼ毎回手伝ってくれている方々にささやかなお礼が出来ました。
I wanted to express my gratitude to the people that have helped out just about every single year from the first SCN to last month’s 25th SCN.
Thank  you very much for your assistance through the years.
And I look forward to many more to come!!
One slight problem is the group’s average age is 55, so we don’t feel tired until two days after the event.

Deuce Factory の Kasaiさんはポスターを 8回目まで描いててくれた事が新たに分かりました。てっきり 3回目までだと思っていました。
I didn’t actually realize until now that Mr. Kasai from Deuce Factory created the event posters up to the 8th Annual. For some reason, I thought it was just the first 3 years.