Family Pet Toyopet Crown Pick Up

30年前の 1981年6月 Doug と二人で Oahu島へ知り合いを頼りに行った時買った雑誌 「Hawaiian Hot Rod」, 今ハワイで車雑誌は存在しているのでしょうか?
残念ながら Magazine Stand では見つけられませんでした。
色々興味深い記事の中に何と "Family Pet" と言うタイトルで Toyopet (昔の TOYOTA の呼び名) 観音 Pick Up を発見!
それも Chevy SB V-8 が載っていてカラーリングがいかしている 70s 風の車。
以前 Santa Monica で見た同系車をいれて USA ではこれで2台目の観音 Crown Pick Up。
「ハワイにもあったんだ」 「これも是非見てみたい」 と思ってもなかなか叶う物では無く島を離れました。

ちなみに Santa Monica にあったのは 2年前の Hot Rod Custom Show で衝撃のデビューをした車です。
話を元に戻し、30年経ったある日、 Oahu の友人にこのページを送ったら何と何とですよオーナーを見つけ出してくれたのです。
ガレージには Transmission, Engine 等が所せましを置かれ足の踏み場も無い感じ、車はバラバラ状態でしたがペイントもインテリアも当時のまま、ホイルは Ansen Slot から Centerline に変わっていましたがこのホイルもしっかり似合っていました。
Lanai で昔の話を沢山聞かせて頂きました。
この機会を作ってくれた友人の Hawaii Five O に感謝、感謝です。

30 years ago in June 1981, my friend Doug and I went to the island of Oahu to visit friends there. I bought this magazine called "HAWAIIAN HOT ROD", a quarterly magazine just started that year. I wonder if they are still around?
While I was there recently, I looked but didn't see any on newsstands for sale.

It was filled with great content and articles and one article was titled "Family Pet" and then I realized it was a Toyopet (old name for Toyota) 1st generation Pickup! It was stuffed with Chevy SB V-8 and was painted with a 70s theme.
I remember seeing the same model 1st generation Crown Pickup in Santa Monica back in the late 70s, so that makes 2 that still exist in the USA.

I remember thinking to myself, "They exist in Hawaii too" and, "Sure would like to see it in person," but I eventually left the island and returned to Japan.

By the way, the one from Santa Monica made a shocking debut at the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show a few years ago.

Back to the topic at hand, and 30 years later to the present time. I had sent this article to my friend in Oahu and next thing you know, he told me he found the original owner!

Not only did he find the owner, the owner still has the car in his possession. After they talked several times, he agreed for us to come and look at the actual car in person.

In the garage there was barely anywhere to walk because the engine and transmission were out and there were stuff all around. The car was taken apart but the paint and interior were still exact as the magazine article. The wheels which used to be Ansen were swapped for Centerlines which still look great.

"This was a popular car to cruise around Waikiki." His wife said that while going for a cruise, so many people would stop and look. It was embarrassing. He replied with, "They weren't looking at us, they were looking at the car."

We all sat around "talking story" about old times on their Lanai.
If it wasn't for my friends Hawaii Five O action, we wouldn't have been able to do that and I am grateful. Thank you!