Reyn Spooner/MQQN Equipped Shirts の続き

商品見る Black Body は MQQNEYES USA 20th Anniversary の限定品と以前ブログで紹介しましたが White Body も厳密に言うと限定品です。 Black Body は 200枚、 White は 400枚、 Reyn Spooner製 MQQN Equipped Shirts は全世界で 600枚しかない限定シャツなのです。 今後も White Body の MQQN Equipped Shirts は作るかもしれませんが Reyn Spooner製 は今回限りです。 The black base shirt is a MQQNEYES USA 20th Anniversary limited edition version, which I posted about recently but the white base shirt is still very much limited as well. The black base is limited to just 200 while the white is limited to 400 made. Reyn Spooner produced MQQN Equipped Shirts are limited worldwide to only 600. Perhaps we will make a white version MQQN Equipped Shirt some time in the future but for this special Reyn Spooner batch, this is it.