Long Beach, California Event "Inspiration"

Long Beach, Queen Mary号 で Rintaro Tanaka (My Freedamn 写真集の編集者/写真家) 氏により開催された "Inspiration" と言う Event に行って来ました。 古着の文化と言ってしまっていいのか分かりませんが出展者の 1/2位は日本の方々でした。 Rintaro氏 の写真集や日本のこだわりの古着文化が California に輸出され花が咲き 今年3回目となるこのイベントは大盛況でした。 I went to an event on the Queen Mary in Long Beach called "Inspiration" which was organized by Rintaro Tanaka (My Freedamn photo book publisher/photographer). I'm not sure if it's correct to call it secondhand clothes for this event, but at least 1/2 of the people there were Japanese. Whether from Rintaro's photo book or the obsession in Japan over secondhand clothes culture, it's been exported to California and the flower has bloomed. The event is in its 3rd year and it was a great success. Queen Mary号、 横浜山下公園の氷川丸より一回りも二回りも大きいです。 The Queen Mary ship is twice the size of the Hikawamaru ship located in Yokohama's Yamashita Park. 左の MQQN Equipped は Made in Japan! 間違いなく 60年代の物です。 値段も目から $$$$$ が飛び出します。 となりのも $$$$, 驚きました。 The MQQN Equipped shirt on the left is make in Japan! No doubt it's from the '60s. The price will make your eyes pop out of their sockets. The one next to it had a shocking price too. 左が1960年のカタログと右が1968年のカタログ Left is 1960 catalog and right is 1968 catalog Made in Japan!! 昔の日本は今で言う中国のように賃金安いかったので海外の物を沢山作っていたそうです。 MQQN 製品も made in Japan 結構あります。 探し出したらキリがありませんがコレクションに良いです。 Made in Japan!! A long time ago in Japan, the wages for labor were similar to how China is, so a lot of things from foreign countries were made very cheap. There are quite a lot of MQQN products that were made in Japan. Searching for these items are not for wearing but for collection only. これはまた他のブースにあったシャツです。 襟ぐり等から (人から聞いた話です) 80s のでしょうとの事、 $100でした。 This was another shirt at a different booth. Based on the neckline, etc. (from what I was told) it's from the '80s era, so it was priced at $100. Clay Smith もありました、 しかも Long Beach のアドレスです。 これも$$$$$、ハァ~ There was also Clay Smith too, with a Long Beach address! This was $$$$$, oh... Auto系 Jacketも人気あります。 Auto type jackets are very popular. McDonald's のアロハ McDonald's Aloha shirt この Street Racers の Jacket は有名です。 This Street Racers jacket is famous. エアーブラシで描かれた Roth's Outlaw An airbrushed shirt of Roth's Outlaw これは会場内のオークションに出品されるそうです。 This was auctioned off during the event. STP とか Budweiser とか良いですね。 STP and Budweiser items are cool. と遂に Wildman 石井君大興奮だろうと言う物を発見! 早速画像を送ると返事が返って来ました(今は便利ですねー) And finally, I found something that gets Wildman extremely excited about! Immediately I sent him a picture and quickly got a response. (so convenient today) 「どこかの Vintage専門店でしょうか? Nikeは 70年代後半から 80年代初頭の一番おいしい所が揃っています。 左上段の黄緑色の Waffle Racer が欲しいです・・・」 "Are you at a vintage specialty shop? Looks like a collection of tasty Nike shoes from the later half of the '70s through the early half of the '80s. I want the yellow-green Waffle Racer pair on the left upper shelf..." 「KISS Shirts は 70年代後半のパジャマになります。 $250 というのは Vintage現在の相場としては妥当な金額になります。 一ドル\100以上の頃に $300くらいで買ってしまいました・」 "KISS Shirt is from the later half of the '70s, it's a pajama top. Priced appropriately at $250 for it's vintage. At 100+ JP Yen to $1.00 US Dollar, I paid about $300 for mine." との事、 KISS はもっているので Nikeを買ってほしいとの事なので Nikeを交渉。 しかし That said, Wildman already owns the same KISS pajama top but wanted to buy the Nike shoes. However... 「黄緑色のシューズですがサイズが巨大な 13インチなのとソールが傷んでいたので諦めます。 もう一足欲しいのがあったのですが、そちらは残念ながら売約済み。」 "The yellow-green shoes are size 13 and too big, plus the soles have damage so I will pass. There was another pair that I want though, unfortunately they were sold." と言う結果に終わってしまいました。 しかし日本に居ながら USAにある物を即座に購入できるなんて 何て良い時代でしょう。 So that was the end result of that. However, to be in your residence in Japan and be able to see and purchase something physically in USA, it's a remarkable time we live in. KISS のシャツです。画像を送った所返事がきました。 これはパジャマだそうです。 This is the KISS shirt. I sent this image and immediately got a reply. It's apparently a pajama top. 左上の緑が欲しかったのですが大き過ぎ、それでは2段目真ん中のシルバー/レッドは? 残念ながらこれは売約済みでした。 Wildman wanted the shoes pictured in the upper left but they were too big. So the alternate choice was the silver/red pair on the second shelf in the middle. Unfortunately, the were already sold.