続 MQQN Exhibit at NHRA Museum (UPDATE)

遂に Original MQQNEYES Dragster と Devin Bodied MQQN Beam が Ocala, Florida の Don Garlits Museum から Southern California の NHRA Museum "MQQN Exhibit" に運ばれる事が決まりました。 これから輸送準備に掛かりますので 4月中旬位には展示が終了されるものと思います。 2台が Florida から来たら 入れ替えで 展示中の Chico's #533 LSR と MQQNEYES Dragster を Shop に持ち帰り、 #533 は Bonneville に向けて準備が始まりますし、 MQQNEYES Dragster は 6/23 & 24 (土日) シメイ ビール で有名な ベルギー シメイで開催される 1st European Hot Rod Custom Show に行くために整備開始です。 Original MQQNEYES Dragster と MQQN Beam が Southern California に戻って来るのは over 25年振りです。 楽しみです!! Great news! It's been finally confirmed that the original MQQNEYES Dragster and Devin bodied MQQN Beam, both which are located at Don Garlits Museum in Ocala, Florida, will be brought to Southern California for the "MQQN Exhibit" at the NHRA Museum. We are now in preparations for the transportation but we believe it will be on display by mid-April. Once the two from Florida arrive, they will take the places of Chico's #533 LSR and the MQQNEYES Dragster there now. #533 will be readied for Bonneville and the MQQNEYES Dragster will be heading for Chimay, Belgium where the world famous Chimay Beer is from, for the 1st European Hot Rod Custom Show on June 23 & 24 (Sat/Sun). It's been over 25 years since the original MQQNEYES Dragster and MQQN Beam have been back to Southern California. This is so exciting!! 有名なシメイ ビール Famous Chimay Beers NHRA Museum では Cobra 誕生 50周年を記念し。 4/19, 20 & 21 (金土日) Ford Cobra Shelby Reunion が開催されます。 その Cobra 1号車が作られたのが MQQN Equipment Company (現 MQQNEYES) の Warehouse だったのは今では有名な話です。 この写真バックに写っている棚、 まだ使っています。 Over at the NHRA Museum, they are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Cobra. April 19, 20 & 21 (Fri/Sat/Sun) they will host the Ford Cobra Shelby Reunion. The very first Cobra was built at MQQN Equipment Company (the original MQQNEYES) inside the warehouse, which is a famous story now. These photographs were taking at that time. We will use the warehouse today. 眼鏡を掛けた人は Larry、 長く Fred Larsen's Streamliner のチーフクルーを勤めた人です。 The man wearing the glasses is Larry. He was Fred Larsen's Streamliner Crew Chief. Cobra の室内で作業する Fred Larsen と Body を SOS で磨く Larry。 Dean MQQN は多くの MQQN スタッフを Cobra 製作の為に Shelby にレンタルしたそうです。 Working inside the Cobra is Fred Larsen and scrubbing the body with SOS is Larry. Dean MQQN allowed Shelby to rent the space and MQQN staff for building the Cobra. 今日の Warehouse です。ここが 1st Cobra が作られた場所です。 Here is our warehouse today. This is where the 1st Cobra was built.