Cherry Blossom in Full Blossom - 桜満開

お花見の特等席! MQQN Cafe Cherry blossom viewing (Hanami) Super Seat at MQQN Cafe! 歳を取ると桜が奇麗に見えてくるか不思議ですね。 ポカポカ陽気につられて1960 T-birdでランチ、桜満開の本牧通り、 普段は渋滞フリーのこの道も年一回この時期だけは混みます。 水曜日は雨が降ると言うので見納めかもしれませんね。 It's strange how you start to appreciate the beauty of the cherry blossoms as you get older. In a cheerful mood we took the 1960 T-bird out for lunch, drove along Honmoku Street, cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Normally this street is never backed up with traffic but once a year it gets like this. The forecast is for rain so it may have been the last chance to the them. 本牧通りは桜満開です。 Sakura (cherry blossoms) in full boom along Honmoku Street. あまりに気持ちが良い天気だったので1パイ、もちろんアルコールFreeです。 最近これで用が済むケースが多くなってきました。 It was such a great day I had to have one, of course Alcohol Free. これ以上直してもキリがないのでこの辺で諦めモードに入ったT-bird. 取り敢えず近くなら問題なさそうです。 There's no end to the amount of work that can be done to the T-bird so I've settled with it, as is. I don't mind driving it around to nearby places. ボロボロT-2, 海が近いせいか古い車はすぐに駄目になります。 海が近いと言えば本牧は「津波警報 避難対象区域」に指定されました。 The worn-out T-2, it either from the nearby saltwater or just the fact it's old. Speaking of the ocean, Honmoku was recently added to the Tsunami Warning Evacuation List. 友人が書いた本です。「プリンスとイタリア」スカイラインスポーツ誕生の秘話等知らない事が満載、興味ある1冊です。 Amazonで予約受付中! Short Link: My friend wrote this book in Japanese. The title translates to "Prince and Italy" and the book is about the creation of the Skyline Sports and all the secret stories and information from the inside. Very interesting book. Taking Reservations at Amazon Japan Short Link: