定年!  昨日 以前努めていた元上司を囲む会がありました。 同僚と話していると来月60歳になるので何と来月一杯で定年退職となると言うではありませんか。 もしあのまま勤めていれば後3年で僕も定年と言う事です。 同期に入社した人は沢山いましたが定年迄勤め上げたのは彼と元上司の2人だけ、 お疲れさまでした。 先日免許証の書き換えのハガキが来ました。 中に「70歳以上の方は...」 とあり  お! 後13年経てば70歳じゃん! って驚いたばかりです。 歳は確実に追って来ています。 さて年齢の事は置いておいて 明日は 26回目のSCNです。 限りなく 1,000台に近いクルマが集まり、 100軒の Swap Meet 等が軒を連ねる事になりそうです。 搬入に時間が掛かると思いますので強い忍耐力でご協力お願いします。 また周辺には新しい商業施設も出来たので 昨年迄とは周辺の交通事情も違い混雑が予想されます。 早めのお出かけをお勧めします。 天気も良さそうなのでノンビリ、 楽しい一日を皆様と過ごしましょう。 会場でお待ちしています!!  運転注意でお越し下さい。 MOON Illustrated Magazine - MIM#9 も会場で発売されます!! Retirement! Yesterday I got together with some old colleagues from my old job. Speaking with them, the topic of retirement came up as next month one of them turns 60 and will have to retire. Come to think of it, if I had stayed at that company, I'd have to retire in three years. We all started work there at the same time but only 2 people, a colleague and one superior, stayed there until retirement age. The other day I received my Driver's License renewal in the mail. In the instructions it had something like, "For those ages 70 and older..."! Oh! I have 13 more years before I'm 70! I was surprised. Age certainly comes suddenly. Now then, setting aside my age, tomorrow is the 26th Annual Street Car Nationals (SCN). There are close to 1,000 cars entered in the show and 100 Swap Meet vendors. Getting into the event area might take some time depending on the crowd so please come early and thank you for your patience. General admission is 1,000 yen (children under 12 are free). If you are driving to the event, please note that there are new businesses and buildings in the area and Sunday traffic might be heavy. We have maps posted on our website that may be helpful. Please drive carefully. The weather forecast looks to be excellent too. Have a good time and enjoy the day with us. See you at the show! MOON Illustrated Magazine - MIM#9 will be on sale at the show. See us at the MOONEYES tent!