MQQN Cafe’s New Menu – Cheese Melt Sandwich!

MQQN Cafe オリジナル チーズメルト サンドウィッチ

This is delicious!
MQQN Cafe Original Cheese Melt Sandwich
Includes a soft drink for 998 yen. I’d definitely get it with a beer.
I wonder how much more it would cost?
It’s not too heavy but I’m sure it has some calories!!
Try one today!

1st European Hot Rod Custom Show

Facebook や YouTube 等のおかげで情報はあっと言う間に広がってしまいますのでならば恥を忍んでブログで公開です。
8年前 Sweden で事故した時も 7年前日本で事故した時も情報は極限られた範囲にしか伝わりませんでしたが
今回はあっと言う間でした。 心配するメールを沢山頂きました。 ありがとうございます。
さすが 2回の Upside Down となると 逆さまになった Dragster のシートベルトで注吊りになりがら
「またやっちゃたよ」 と考えられる余裕も出てきました。
Medic の来る時間が早くすぐ救急車に乗せられてコース上にある医療施設で検査をしてもらい
Chimay Race Track の皆様 ありがとうございました。

I did it again.
Thanks to social media, Facebook and YouTube, news traveled super fast so rather than not saying anything, I figure I would post about it.
In Sweden 8 years ago when I crashed and 7 years since my crash in Japan, the scope of news didn’t travel very far. Unlike this time which was in a blink of an eye. I have received a lot of emails from people concerned and saying not to worry. Thank you very much.
This was my second time going upside down. As the Dragster is turned over and I’m hanging upside down by the seat belt, I could only think, “Oh man, I did it again, Dumb!”
The medics came quickly to the scene and got me into the ambulance real fast. They took me to a medical facility on the course area to check me out. There was nothing wrong to report so they let me go.
Thank you to everyone at Chimay Race Track and thank you for your concerns about me and the Dragster.

Right after this photo is when it happened.

Inside the ambulance

Narashino Automotive’s Mr. Oba saved the day by being there to provide service.

With a lot of assistance from people in the area, we were able to get it moving again.

Bad Luck Award を頂戴しました。
怪我しなかったから Bad Luck でも Good Luck だったのです。
I received the Bad Luck Award.
I wasn’t injured so it wasn’t Bad Luck, it was Good Luck.


修理終わった Dragster をガレージに入れて終わりです。
After it was repaired, the Dragster was pushed into this garage and we were done.

久しぶりの東京/Recent Tokyo Visit


A friend of mine opened an Italian restaurant in Tokyo’s Aoyama district so I made the trip out to Tokyo for a visit.

折角だから代官山に出来た TSUTAYA の Daikanyama T-Site も覗いてみようと

It’s been a while since I went to Tokyo so while I was there I decided to stop by Daikanyama and take a look at TSUTAYA’s Daikanyama T-Site that was built not too long ago.

東横線に乗ると何と片手にカップ麺、 そして箸を持った人がカップ麺が出来上がるのを待っているではありませんか。

I took the Toyoko line and the guy in front of me was holding a instant cup-noodle in one hand. He had chopsticks in the other hand which means he was waiting for the noodles to be ready to eat.
(Traditionally in Japan, more or less culturally, eating “on the go” is unacceptable.)


This kid in uniform is under 12 which is half price of an adult ticket. Stand up, kid!


In shock about the cup-noodle guy I turned away and over in the corner seat was this kid in his short-pants school uniform. His bag was in the upper rack and he was sitting there with his legs crossed looking at this mobile phone as if he’s an adult.
(Again, traditionally/culturally in Japan, students were more formal and usually not sitting or lounging in public.)


Then a bunch of schoolgirls got on the train chattering loudly, which is no big deal until I noticed they all had “Garigari-kun” or similar popsicle like ice candy. (obviously I didn’t take a photo of that)
It’s been a long time since I’ve road the train into Tokyo and I was really quite shocked.
Maybe today’s common sense is equal to having no common sense of a long time ago?
I mean, a long time ago no one ate on commuter trains.

と呆れていると代官山へ到着、 T-Site をゆっくり見学し友人のお店に花を買って行こうと T-Site の隣の花屋さんへ入って

And finally I arrived at Daikanyama, checked out T-Site at all they had. I wanted to buy flowers for my friends restaurant so I went to a flower shop next to T-Site to see what they had.

しばらくすると奥から 「こんにちは」 って挨拶してくれるのでどなたかと思ったら Deuce Factory 笠井君のお客様がやっている花屋さんだったのでした。

Then I heard from the back, “Hello” and out comes Deuce Factory Mr. Kasai’s customers who owns the flower shop.

友人の Italian は “Italian deli & table, BEACH HOUSE La Pingna

My friend’s restaurant “Italian deli & table, BEACH HOUSE La Pingna
is located behind Peacock Store on Aoyama Dori (street).


It is fit snugly in real nice.
If you are ever in the Aoyama area, please be sure to drop in for a visit.

Tokyo the city.

1st European Hot Rod Custom Show

今週末は 1st European Hot Rod Custom Show がベルギー、 シメイで開催されます。
それの先立ち、MQQNEYES Dragster と Ford Pickup も無事に到着したと
主催者の Kobus 君から連絡がありました。

This weekend is the 1st European Hot Rod Custom Show in Chimay, Belgium.
I got a call from Kobus, the event promoter, letting me know the MQQNEYES Dragster & Ford Pickup arrived safely before the event.
Now, jump on a plane or find a way to travel there and join us.
Certainly, I will be waiting for you at the event! See you there!


U.S. Independence Day
Sunday, July 8th, from 10:00 A.M.
Please join us at YC&AC for live Rock & Roll music and great food celebrating Independence Day. Admission is free for YC&AC members; non-members are 1,000 Yen (12 and under FREE).

VW Classic

今年の VW Classic は台数も多く盛り上がっていました。
この時期の Southern California は朝のうち天気が悪く (特にコースト沿い)、 昼に近くなると晴れて来るので
素晴らしい VW はきっと雑誌で掲載してくれると思いますので ここでは少し毛色の違った VW を集めてみました。

This year’s VW Classic was packed with a lot to see.
During this time of the year in Southern California, the morning weather is usually bad (especially along the coast). The weather improves and clears up by lunchtime. So the photos I take of cars in the morning have to be retaken later when the sun comes out.
I’m sure all the wonderful VWs will be shown in upcoming VW magazines so I decided to look at slightly different VWs.

There were a lot of this style this year.

懐かしい Avenger です。なかなか無理がありますね。
Here’s a classic Avenger. It looks unreal.

こうしてみると Puma はかなり完成されたスタイルです。
Looking at this Puma, it was perfectly styled.

VW Chopper

Air Cooled 以外はこの一台しか撮影しませんでした。
なんと言うクルマでしょうか? カッコ良いです。
Out of the Air Cooled photos I took, this was the only exception.
I’m not sure of the model it is but it sure looks cool.

沢山のVWが居ましたがSpeed Master Wheelを履いたのはこの1台だけでした。
There were a lot of VWs at this event but I only saw one VW with Speed Master Wheels.

HCS2012 3台決まりました。3 Cars for HCS2012

Flat-4 さんの協力の元、この2台が HCS2012 の Spotlight “Air Cooled in Action!” のGuest Car となりました。
Dale の Rocket ともう一台、何になるか私にも今のところわかりません。
今年は VW 結構良いのではないでしょうか。

With the cooperation from Flat-4, we have two more HCS2012 guest cars. These two are for the Spotlight “Air Cooled in Action!” section.

The other guest car was announced previously, Dale’s ROCKET, and then there’s one more but even I don’t know what will it be.
I think it will be a good time for VWs this year.

遂に会えました / Finally Met Him

5月09日のブログで少し触れた会いたかった Old Man に会う事が出来ました。

I first mentioned about meeting him in my May 9th blog post.

連絡がなかなか取れず心配していましたが今回やっと連絡が付き、 いきなり往復 600 mile の日帰り対面となりました。
It was difficult to get in touch wit him and I was starting to get worried but we finally got in contact with him so we made a 600 mile round trip drive to meet him.

The Old Man の名前は Don Nichols 氏、60年代日本のモータースポーツの発展に貢献し、Shelby, Goodyear, Firestone そして
MOON Equipment Company の日本での代表を勤めた方でもありその後、Shadow と言うRacing Team のオーナーとなり
CanAm, F-1へ参戦、 UOP Shadow と言えば当時の事を知っている方々にとってあまりにも有名な人です。
当時 MOON の日本代表であった彼に昔の MOON と日本との関係を是非聞きたいと思い長い間コンタクト取っていたのです。
やっと会えたので色々聞きたかったのですが話の大半は UOP Shadow の話となってしまいましたが
彼がいなければ富士スピードウエイも そして日本のレースシーンも無かったと思っています。

The old man’s name is Don Nichols. In the ’60s he was a contributing factor in the development and growth of motorsports in Japan along with Shelby, Goodyear, Firestone and MOON Equipment Company. After being involved from the start he was employed as a representative in Japan and Shadow Racing Team owner. Within the racing world of CanAm, F-1 and such, UOP Shodow is a familiar name and famouns company.
In those days he was also a representative for MOON and did a lot together with MOON in Japan so I had also wanted to connect with him to talk about that time.
With all the questions in my head, I finally got the chance to meet him. However a majority of our discussion was about UOP Shadow. It didn’t matter because everything he talked about was so interesting to me. In the end, we made a promise to meet again and talk some more.
I feel that if it wasn’t for him, Fuji Speedway and Japan’s racing scene simply would not have been created without him.

Don Nichols氏、 89歳、 元気です。
当時 Carroll Shelby は凄くもてたと言っていました。
Don Nichols. 89 and still strong with energy.
Back in the day, he said Carroll Shelby was very popular.

UOP Shadow CanAm Racing Car, 当時を知ってる人には Shadow はアイデアの宝庫でした。
UOP Shadow CanAm Racing Car. Even back in those days, Shadow was a treasured idea.

帰り道の101、 CHPが先頭立ち、 蛇行しながらクルマのスピードを強制的スローにさせています。 と言う事は この先 「事故」? と言う事は 「通行止め」 になる? 嫌な予感の一時です。
On the way home on 101, there was a CHP in the center of the road driving real slow forcing the cars to slow down. So we thought, it must be an “accident” or something? Which means it must be severe and the road is probably closed? It was a bad feeling.

It was a brush fire causing the slowdown after all.

自然発火もありますが ほとんど場合はタバコの投げ捨てが原因の火事、 乾燥した場所ではすぐ火がついてしまいます。
There are times when brush fires are caused by nature but many times it’s caused by us humans (tossing a cigarette out the window) and with the bushes so dry, a fire is easy to ignite.

1960 T-bird Goes to SCN 鈴鹿 (Suzuka)

1960 T-bird 快調で鈴鹿 SCN へ行って来ました。
横浜ー鈴鹿往復は約 800km (500mile)、 使ったガソリンは約 165リッター (41ガロン)、 燃費はなんと
脅威の 5キロ (20mpg)、 良いのか悪いのか、 良い訳ないですね。

The 1960 T-bird drove all the way to Suzuka SCN in excellent condition.
Round trip from Yokohama to Suzuka is about 500 miles (800km) and it used about 41 gallons (165 liters) of gasoline. It got about 20mpg (5km/g), good or bad, it isn’t that great.

At Vannuys Automotive

行き帰り第2東名と使いました。 行きは第2東名に入ってから 「Vannuysさんに寄って行こう」 となり
新清水で降りたら Vannuysさんのある JR 清水駅まで遠い遠い。
しかも第2東名降りた交差点に 「清水こっち」 って看板を観ましたが それから出て来るのは 「浜松とか藤枝」 ばかりで
海の近くになって 2度目の 「清水」 がありました。 地方から来てどこを走っているかすらも分からない我々には
「浜松とか藤枝」 とかあっても位置関係が分からないのでまったく役に経ちません。
こういう看板って地元の人の為にあるのでしょうか? 本来我々の様な人の為にあると思うのですが?
東北道でも仙台から乗ると 「盛岡」 「福島」 とかあって自分の居る場所が分からない知り合いは
「せめて東京、 青森」 とかにしておいてくれると分かり易くてたすかるのですが。。

In both directions we used the No. 2 Tomei Expressway, which recently opened. On the way there we decided, “Let’s stop by Vannuys” and exited the expressway at Shinshimizu but Vannuys is located near JR Shimizu Station which is far, far away.
However, there was a sign at the first intersection after we got off the expressway that showed “Shimizu this way” on it and then we saw another sign with “Hamamatsu & Fujieda”. We were close to the beach. Come to find out there was a second Shimizu exit. Driving around in this area, we had no idea which way to go. We kept seeing “Hamamatsu & Fujieda” signs but since we didn’t know where we were the signs were useless.
Seriously, are these signs for locals only? I just can’t see how it would be intended for someone like us, coming from outside this area. It’s like, when you are in northeastern Japan like Sendai heading back to Tokyo you pass signs with “Morioka” or “Fukushima”. All I know is I’m on my way to Tokyo, I don’t know where I am exactly so they make no sense. It’s almost laughable.
If they just took the furthest or main destinations on that particular route, it would make more sense. That way you know what direction you are heading in.

In Japan, the signs don’t indicate the heading, e.g. North or South.
For example, say you are traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco and make a stop somewhere in between. When you get back to the freeway, the only signs would be “Fresno & Bakersfield”. If you don’t know where you are, how can you know which way is San Francisco?

Jumping back onto topic, we made it to SCN Suzuka. The weather was cloudy but everyone was excited.

MOONEYES Shop at Suzuka SCN

詳しいレポートは今週の MMM 「A-中野君の Trip Report」 で紹介します。
Oh、 第2東名はなだらかで良かったです。 走り易いです。 でも眠くなりました。
帰りは最後の給油をしていたら雑誌 Fueler の Dually がガソリン垂れ流し (タンクに穴が空いて) で入って来たので
修理に付き合って 30分余計に掛かりました。
For more details about SCN Suzuka, check out the Trip Report by A-Nakano coming this weekend.
Oh, a little bit more about the No. 2 Tomei Expressway. The road is smooth and gentle. It is a great road to drive. Although it does get tiring.
On our way home at our last stop for gas, Fueler magazine’s Dually pulled in with their gas pouring out (the tank had a hole) so we stuck around and helped out which took over 30 minutes.

I had to hold on with both hands because the play in the steering.

人に運転させて後部シートで寝ているのは Blue Panic の金子サンです。
While I had to drive, in the backseat laying down is Mr. Blue of Blue Panic.

指を出しているのは クルマを買うと間もなく 「スリル」 も付いて来る
Blue Panic の金子さん。
That’s Mr. Blue’s thumbs-up through the window.
Mr. Blue runs a used car lot in Yokohama. If you want to have a “thrill”, buy a car from his place.
There’s always something thrilling about his cars.

Mr. Blue, why did you look at the camera!!
It was such a great picture, if he stayed straight in the car.

写真を撮るPan, あぶないな~
Dangerous, Pan!

Late night on the No. 2 Tomei

Made it home safely.

鈴鹿SCNに居ます。(Suzuka SCN)

WWII敗戦直後のNew Grand Hotel
Right after the end of WWII in 1945.
New Grand Hotel Yokohama

天気も持ちそうだしならし運転兼ねて 1960 Thunderbird で行ってきます。
何でも鈴鹿が 1962年に出来て今年で 50周年と言う事で 「1962年型のクルマ集まって」 と
主催者の Hot Stuff 山口さんから声が掛かったので 1962年 Toyopet Crown Custom も持って行きます。
Crown は積載車に積んで行くので道中 T-bird に何かおきたら Crown に乗り換えれば良いので安心ですね。
それでは 6/3(日) は鈴鹿で会いましょう。
富士開催される Ikura’s American Festival にも勿論 MQQNEYES は出店しています。

Looks like the weather will hold up this weekend so I’ll be driving the 1960 Thunderbird.
From Yokohama, Suzuka is about a 5 hour drive with a distance of 368 km (229 mi).
Suzuka Circuit was built in 1962 and this year it’s their 50th Anniversary. I received a call from the event promoter Mr. Yamaguchi of Hot Stuff asking me to bring my 1962 Toyopet Crown Custom as they want to bring together cars built in 1962.
The Crown will be brought to the event on a hauler so if something happens to the T-bird along the way, we’ll switch the cars and I’ll drive the Crown.
So I hope to meet you all on Sunday June 3rd at Suzuka Street Car Nationals in Suzuka Circuit.
If you are planning to go to Fuji Speedway instead for Ikura’s American Festival, MQQNEYES will have a booth there too. Stop by and say hello.
This weekend is going to be busy.