久しぶりの東京/Recent Tokyo Visit


A friend of mine opened an Italian restaurant in Tokyo’s Aoyama district so I made the trip out to Tokyo for a visit.

折角だから代官山に出来た TSUTAYA の Daikanyama T-Site も覗いてみようと

It’s been a while since I went to Tokyo so while I was there I decided to stop by Daikanyama and take a look at TSUTAYA’s Daikanyama T-Site that was built not too long ago.

東横線に乗ると何と片手にカップ麺、 そして箸を持った人がカップ麺が出来上がるのを待っているではありませんか。

I took the Toyoko line and the guy in front of me was holding a instant cup-noodle in one hand. He had chopsticks in the other hand which means he was waiting for the noodles to be ready to eat.
(Traditionally in Japan, more or less culturally, eating “on the go” is unacceptable.)


This kid in uniform is under 12 which is half price of an adult ticket. Stand up, kid!


In shock about the cup-noodle guy I turned away and over in the corner seat was this kid in his short-pants school uniform. His bag was in the upper rack and he was sitting there with his legs crossed looking at this mobile phone as if he’s an adult.
(Again, traditionally/culturally in Japan, students were more formal and usually not sitting or lounging in public.)


Then a bunch of schoolgirls got on the train chattering loudly, which is no big deal until I noticed they all had “Garigari-kun” or similar popsicle like ice candy. (obviously I didn’t take a photo of that)
It’s been a long time since I’ve road the train into Tokyo and I was really quite shocked.
Maybe today’s common sense is equal to having no common sense of a long time ago?
I mean, a long time ago no one ate on commuter trains.

と呆れていると代官山へ到着、 T-Site をゆっくり見学し友人のお店に花を買って行こうと T-Site の隣の花屋さんへ入って

And finally I arrived at Daikanyama, checked out T-Site at all they had. I wanted to buy flowers for my friends restaurant so I went to a flower shop next to T-Site to see what they had.

しばらくすると奥から 「こんにちは」 って挨拶してくれるのでどなたかと思ったら Deuce Factory 笠井君のお客様がやっている花屋さんだったのでした。

Then I heard from the back, “Hello” and out comes Deuce Factory Mr. Kasai’s customers who owns the flower shop.

友人の Italian は “Italian deli & table, BEACH HOUSE La Pingna

My friend’s restaurant “Italian deli & table, BEACH HOUSE La Pingna
is located behind Peacock Store on Aoyama Dori (street).


It is fit snugly in real nice.
If you are ever in the Aoyama area, please be sure to drop in for a visit.

Tokyo the city.

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