1st European Hot Rod Custom Show

Facebook や YouTube 等のおかげで情報はあっと言う間に広がってしまいますのでならば恥を忍んでブログで公開です。
8年前 Sweden で事故した時も 7年前日本で事故した時も情報は極限られた範囲にしか伝わりませんでしたが
今回はあっと言う間でした。 心配するメールを沢山頂きました。 ありがとうございます。
さすが 2回の Upside Down となると 逆さまになった Dragster のシートベルトで注吊りになりがら
「またやっちゃたよ」 と考えられる余裕も出てきました。
Medic の来る時間が早くすぐ救急車に乗せられてコース上にある医療施設で検査をしてもらい
Chimay Race Track の皆様 ありがとうございました。

I did it again.
Thanks to social media, Facebook and YouTube, news traveled super fast so rather than not saying anything, I figure I would post about it.
In Sweden 8 years ago when I crashed and 7 years since my crash in Japan, the scope of news didn’t travel very far. Unlike this time which was in a blink of an eye. I have received a lot of emails from people concerned and saying not to worry. Thank you very much.
This was my second time going upside down. As the Dragster is turned over and I’m hanging upside down by the seat belt, I could only think, “Oh man, I did it again, Dumb!”
The medics came quickly to the scene and got me into the ambulance real fast. They took me to a medical facility on the course area to check me out. There was nothing wrong to report so they let me go.
Thank you to everyone at Chimay Race Track and thank you for your concerns about me and the Dragster.

Right after this photo is when it happened.

Inside the ambulance

Narashino Automotive’s Mr. Oba saved the day by being there to provide service.

With a lot of assistance from people in the area, we were able to get it moving again.

Bad Luck Award を頂戴しました。
怪我しなかったから Bad Luck でも Good Luck だったのです。
I received the Bad Luck Award.
I wasn’t injured so it wasn’t Bad Luck, it was Good Luck.


修理終わった Dragster をガレージに入れて終わりです。
After it was repaired, the Dragster was pushed into this garage and we were done.

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