Donated by Bill Jenks' Family

この Pick Up を見てピーンと来た方はかなりの MQQN Fan ですね。 この車の最初のオーナーはあの Fred Larsen だったのです。 Fred は 1992年に同じ車を買ったのですが自宅の Driveway で盗難にあったしまい この車を 1995年購入し 2003年に亡くなる迄この車で Bonneville へそして MQQNEYES へ来ていました。 その後、 Bill が譲り受け Bill もまた亡くなる迄この車で MQQNEYES へ通っていたのです。 そして Open House の日、 Jenks' Family から MQQNEYES へ寄付されました。 今年の Bonneville へ Chico's 533 Modified Roadster を引っ張って行く事でしょう。 Jenks' Family ありがとうございます! If you recognized this pickup, then you must be a MQQN Fan. This car was originally purchased and owned by Fred Larsen. Fred initially purchased the same model truck in 1992 but that one was stolen from his driveway so he ended up getting this one in 1995. He used this truck Bonneville and commuting to MQQNEYES until his passing in 2003. After that, Bill inherited the truck and used it to commute to MQQNEYES until his death. On the day of the Open House, the Jenks' Family donated the car to MQQNEYES. This year (next month) it will be used to pull Chico's 533 Modified Roadster to Bonneville. A very special thank you to the Jenks' family. We deeply appreciate the gift and will cherish it always. Fred Larsen が乗ってた時の車検証。 Registration when Fred Larsen owned it. Bill Jenks が乗っていた時です。 And this is when Bill owned the truck.