Shop に着いたら何と Dean が居ました。
なぜか Dean は僕が来るのを察知できるようで普段まったく現れなくても
この日は木曜日 土曜日の Open House に向けて Machine Shop の大掃除です。
When I got to the shop, Dean, Jr. was already there.
For some reason, Dean must sense when I’m going to arrive because he is never there otherwise.
On this day, Thursday, in preparation for the Open House on Saturday, we did major machine shop cleaning.

Dean MOON Jr. and Toyota

Machine Shop の大掃除、 ちょっと前にもやったのですが今回は外に出しての大掃除です。
Machine Shop Clean up. We just did a major cleaning but this time we pulled everything out of the building.

そして金曜日は買い出し、 今迄は Smart & Final (S&F) で食材を購入していました。
なぜかと言うと Ed “Big Daddy” Roth が S&F で Party の食材を買っていたのでそうしていました。
Big Daddy は賞味期限の短いハンバーガーのパテを見つけ 値切って買うのが趣味だったのです。
今年からは COSTCO です。 日本ではコストコですがこちらではコスト、 “T” は発音しない言葉が多いですね。
This on Friday, it was time for some shopping. Up until now, we have been buying food supplies for the open house at Smart & Final (S&F).
The reason mainly being because Ed “Big Daddy” Roth would always buy food for parties at S&F. He would love to find hamburger patties with the shortest remaining expiration date to get the best bargain. This year, we went to COSTCO. In Japan, they pronounce COSTCO with the “T” unlike in the US where most people pronounce it with a silent “T”.
Four of us went and used 5 shopping carts.

Chevy Van は満載です。 水 700本、 パテ 360個、 バンズ 360個等等
The Chevy Van was fully loaded. 700 bottles of water, 360 patties, 360 buns.

COSTCO から戻ってから Parking Lot の洗浄です。
Once we returned from COSTCO, we hosed down the parking lot.

初めは大きな Darren がやっていましたが Leonard に交代し結局終わり迄彼がやってくれました。
At first Darren was hosing it down but he traded with Leonard and finished up.
The staff one by one left for the day and these were the remaining memebers.

In the process the sun began to head west, the setting sun has been getting stronger.


After a long day, the sun finally set and ended Friday.

明日は土曜日 Open House
The next day, Saturday, was our Open House.

The day of the Open House at 6AM in front of the shop.
Open House 当日 6時の Shop 前です。

Shop の真ん前で待機中、 どうしていいのか分かりません。
This was stopped right in front of the shop.

ゲートは 8時ころ迄 Close しています。
The gate was kept closed until 8AM.

一番乗りは Car Club “Corsair” & “Crusaders”
First to arrive were the “Corsairs” & Crusaders Car Clubs.

Norwalk Blvd はこんな状態です。
This was the condition of Norwalk Blvd.

Shifters の Billy君
Billy from Shifters CC

Chief Cook の Chico & Leonard
COSTCO の Patty は美味しい!
Chief Cool Chico & Leonard.
The COSTCO Patties are delicious!

Drag Race の Legend Hawaiian で有名な “Roland Leong”
Drag racing Legend, Roland “The Hawaiian” Leong.

陸王バイクの説明をする Tim です。
Tim explaining about his Rikuo motorcycle.
Most people don’t know.

仕事中の Area-1 Super Manager 成田君
MOONEYES Area-1 Super Manager Narita hard at work.

Wildman は忙しいです。
Wildman was very busy the whole day.

終わり間際にやって来た Lefties の山岡サン
Just before the end of the day, Lefties’ Mr. Yamaoka

そして皆帰路につき元の Norwalk Blvd になりました。
This is Norwalk Blvd. after everyone left.

That’s when I realized how the stuff we move next door looked like a junkyard.

Dinner は Wildman の大好物の一つ カニ です。
We ate Wildman’s favorite food, Crab.

Both of them look so happy.

カジュアルで楽しめる Sea Food レストランです。
It’s a casual and fun restaurant to eat seafood.
Highly recommended for a visit.

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