Dragster is back home from Europe

MQQNEYES Dragster と Ford Pickup がベルギーから戻ってきました!
The MQQNEYES Dragster and Ford Pickup has returned from Belgium!

MQQNEYES Official Traffic Stopper、Darren です。
MQQNEYES Official Traffic Stopper, Darren.

Trailer Company にも気を効かせてくれ、 Tractor Head も Yellow です!!
The Trailer Company was even effective with it’s yellow tractor head!!

Race Proven!! MQQN Tank は壊れませんでした。 
これで 2度目ですが 1回目も問題ありませんでした。
さすが MQQN Fuel Tank、 50年の歴史です。
Race Proven!! MQQN Tank didn’t break.
This is actually the second tank on the dragster but the first one didn’t break either. After 50 years of building history, the MQQN Fuel Tank holds up.

The wheel around the hub was broken up bad but a friend in Belgium repaired it enough to get home.

This isn’t good either…

Magneto の Cap も割れてしまいました。
Headers も作り直しです。
The body panel damage is severe. Maybe we have to create a new one?
The Magneto cap is broken too.
Need to remake the headers too.

Drag Master Original の Single Bar だったらどうなった事か?
MQQNEYES Dragster だけダブルループだったので助かりました。
I wonder what would have happen if this was a Drag Master original single bar frame?
MQQNEYES Dragster uses a modified double loop Dragmaster frame.
Thank you, Dean!!!

この Halibrand Wheel はもう駄目でしょう。
I think this Halibrand Wheel is no good any more.
In between the tire and wheel is asphalt.

It took about 3 hours to disassemble the dragster.
Like this, it looks like a full scale model kit.

If the chassis isn’t damaged that will be great but…

The engine will be completely cleaned up again too.

大喜びの Tim です。
Tim was enjoying the moment.

Old Sign

MOON Garage に新しいサインが付きました。と言っても新しくはありません。
1992年 California の MQQN Front Building を倒した際、付いていたサインを外しておいた物を
Woody Kobayashi に修理再生して貰い、 取り付けてもらいました。
これは MQQN Tower の縦部分に付いていた物で “MOON” しかありませんでしたので “Equip. Co.” は Woody Kobayashi が製作した物です。

We put up a new sign at MOON Garage. Well, it’s not really new though.
In 1992, when the MQQN Front Building in California was being torn down, we saved the signs and gave them to Woody Kobayashi so they could be repaired and restored. He also mounted them to the wall. This was the vertical letters on the MQQN Tower so only the “MOON” portion is from the building. The “Equip. Co.” letters were made by Woody Kobayashi.

側面に付いていた “MOON Equip.Co.” の一つは本牧 MQQN Garage 内にあり
もう一つは修理再生をすませ California に向かう Boat の中にあります。

The horizontal letters from the building, “MOON Equip. Co.” are currently mounted on the inside of Honmoku MOON Garage. The other one has been repaired and restored and it currently on a boat heading for California.
These signs are revivals from the 1960s era.

21st Annual HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2012 (HCS2012) のエントリー開始!

そして、毎回 HCS2012当日前の日に行う DICE PARTY のチラシです。
12月/1日 (土) THE BRIDGE YOKOHAMA 9:30PMからスタート!
神奈川県横浜市中区元町 1-13-5 ラビ元町 4F

Event Poster & Updates

仮ですが 21st Annual YOKOHAMA Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 のポスターです。
車 4台 + バイク 10台が USA から運ばれてきます。
The first release (temporary) poster has been released for the 21st Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show 2012. There have been changes already made and we are working on the final release that will be ready at the end of the month. Below is actually release B, slightly different that the first one.
4 Guest Cars + 10 Guest Bikes will be brought from the USA this year.
This year will be another outstanding show.

数ある企画の一つ Custom Paint Contest はタンク、 ヘルメットとバイク系が続いたので今年は ハブキャップ (ホイルキャップ) がベースです。
Each year we feature special sections and spotlights as well as in recent years a custom paint contest. A couple years ago we had tanks and last year it was helmets. This year the paint content will be hubcaps (wheel caps).

Dean が着ている 6XLの Tシャツをお相撲さんが着るとXL位にしか見えません。
We posted a photo of Dean wearing a 6XL T-shirt. Well the same size T-shirt on a Japanese Sumo wrestler looks like a regular XL size.
It is a huge size though.

こちらは 12月8日 (土) California Irwindale Speedway で開催される
MOONEYES USA Xmas Party “Show & Drag” のポスターです。
On Dec. 8 (Sat) in California, the MOONEYES USA XMAS PARTY “Show & Drag” will be held at Iwindale Speedway. This is the poster created by Wildman. We were worried at the beginning of the year after Iwrindale initially closed down but they are open and the show will take place.

Bonneville 2012 Report by Chico

This year’s Bonneville SpeedWeek was hopeful as we made a 220mph run last year with a rocker arm that backed out.
昨年、 ロッカーアームが壊れた状態での最後の走りは 220MPH だったので、

We left on early Thursday morning, as usual. This year we drove Fred’s truck and pulled the trailer with #533 car on it. The truck has a 460 CID engine in it and pulls the trailer with no problem. I had checked under the hood and the cooling system needed attention, so we put in a new radiator, a new water pump and all new hoses. We were confident we would not have any overheating problems.
いつもどおり木曜日の朝早くShopを出発。 今回はフレッドが20年近く前に購入したFordトラックで#533 のレースカーをトレーラーに載せて引っ張る事にしました。この トラックは フォード460CIDのエンジンを装着しているのでパワーにゆとりがあり問題無くトレーラーを引っ張る事ができます。 出 発する前にエンジンなどを確認し特にクーリングシステムが気になったので、新しいラジエーター、 ウォーターポンプ、ホース類などを交換しました。これ で遠く走っても問題ありませんね~。

Well, just passed Cajon Pass to pick up Dave Berry, one of our crew members, at top of Cajon Pass. We pulled into Chevron gas station and all of a sudden the radiator started steaming. Opened the hood and it was steaming from the radiator cap. All the work we put in, we forgot to change the radiator cap. Looking for radiator cap at 5:00am is hard. Nobody had one. We went on and drove to Barstow looking for a parts house. It’s just before 7:00am. Found Napa Auto Parts that was open at 7:00am. Got the radiator cap. $5.00.
With a new radiator cap, things seem to be good and got back on the road.
By the time we arrived in Wendover, it was already passed 7:00pm, so we didn’t even try going on the salt.
途中の「カホーン パス」でクルーメンバーのデーブ ベリーと待ち合わせの為ガスス タンドで休憩したら、 いきなりオー バーヒート!ラジエーターキャップからスチーム漏れ。色々修理はしたけどキャップは古い物をそのまま使用してしまった。でも朝5時 に新品 キャップを見つけるのは大変です。二時間近くかけバーストーの町でナパー オートパーツを発見、7時のオープンを待って、新しいラジエーター キャップ 5ドルで買いま した。たった$5のキャップのお陰で予定が遅れてしまった。
ボンネビルがある町のウェンドーバーへ の到着が 7PMになってしまったので、コースに行く事は諦めそのままモーテ ルへチェックインした。

Friday morning, we headed to Salt. Inspection day. Seemed a little different this year. Not too many cars. No cars lined up for tech. It was very relaxing.
Found a spot to settle our pit area and went to get the car inspected. No problem this year.
About 3:00pm, clouds and wind increased and it started to rain. Haven’t seen rain in August that much, but it does happen. We packed everything and headed to town. It rained pretty good.
金曜日の朝一、コースへ向かいました。今日はインスペクションの日です。昨年は車がもっといたけ ど今年は少ない様で
ピットエリアの場所を見つけ、車のチェッ ク行い特に問題も無く準備は終了。

Saturday, 9:00am driver’s meeting. By this time, there was plenty of people around. Officials decided to have course #1 closed all day due to rain. Course #2 (combo), #3 (short), and #4 (rookie) were open, but we opted to wait until tomorrow to make a run on course #1.
土曜日、午前9時からはドライバーズ ミーティングがあり昨日より大勢のドライバーが集まっていた。
コースは今日の天気の関係でコース #1はクローズされていた。
コース #2 (コンボ)、 コース #3 (ショート)、 コース #4 (ルーキー)の3コースがオープンだった。
しかしコース #1 で走るため、今 日は諦め明日に掛ける事にした。

Sunday, we warmed up the engine and got in line. Not too many cars were in line. Made a pass. Went through all 5 gears at 7,800RPM. 214.059mph. It was 9:08am. Made another pass in the afternoon. 201.211mph. The motor was just not pulling at higher RPM. Checked the data and it showed only 22lbs of boost. It was getting 28lbs. Checked to see if there’s any obvious reason for no boost, but couldn’t find anything.
日曜日、エンジンを暖め、スタートラインまで移動し列に並んでみると思っ たより車は多くなかった。
一回目のパス、 7,800RPMで 5速まで入れて、スピードは 214.059MPH、最初のランとしては悪く無い。
午後 にもう一回走り201.211MPH、ウーン、 ハイRPMでエンジンが廻っていない。
データを確認したらブーストは22LBS。本来なら 28LBSブースト位ないと良く無い。
何 故ブーストが足りないのかは原因不明。

Monday, we made another pass with no changes. It was running better. I was busy looking at the tach and by the time I looked up, I was aiming at the cones. I tried to dodge it and you know it, I ended up spinning at the 4-1/2mile mark at 206mph.
Once you spin, you must go back to get inspected to make sure the car is safe.
Got all that done and got back in line, but it was 105 degrees out. Got suited up and put my helmet on. As soon as I did that, it was like I was in a sauna.
Hard to breathe. I told Doug let’s not run and pulled out of line.
月曜日、変更無しで1本目走った。走りはいい感じ、しかし調子が気になるのでタコ メーターを度々見ながら走行、フっと気が付いたらコースのパイロンが目の前に追って来たの思いっき り避けようととしたら、4.5マイル マーカー付近で206MPH のスピンして しまった。
インスペックションは問題なし。すぐスタートラインに並 んだが列は長く
この日の外の温度は 105°F (40°C)、 レーシングスーツとヘルメットも冠ったままでまるでサウナ状態!
気がおかしくなりそうで ダグに、 「今日は無理だ!」と言って、走行を棄権した。

Tuesday morning, little cooler, suits and helmet are dry. Made pass.
206.071. 47% humidity and collective altitude of 6,091ft. not a good condition to run. Came back and checked over everything. We found a broken valve spring on the #4 cylinder intake valve.
With no boost and a broken valve spring, we decided to call it quits. I was sure we would be able to get a record this time, but again, we have to wait for next opportunity. I see why people go back every year trying to set a new record.
結果は206.071MPH。47% 湿気、 高度 6,091ft。高地で走るに は決して良いコンディションではない。
ピットに戻 り、ヘッドを確認したら 4番シリンダーのインテークバルブスプリング が壊れてしまってい た。
今回の ボンネビルは これでリタイア。
今回うまく行けば絶対に記録を取ると期待していたが、まあ、また次回頑張 るしかない。
何故 皆が毎年毎年ボンネビルに帰って来るのか分かったような気がした。
今度こそ!来年こそ! そう言って10年、20年、30年。。

Big thanks to Doug, Tim, Darren, Mcgiver Dave, Bonneville Bob, my family for all the help, Mooneyes and Torco Oil for their support.
クルーメンバーのダグ、ティム、デーレン、マックガイバー デーブ、 ボンネビ ル ボブ、 家族にありがとう!
そしてムーンアイズ、ムーンアイズスタッフの皆(USA&JPN) and Torco Oilのサ ポート、ありがとうございました。


2012 Bonneville SpeedWeek

今、Bonneville では BNI SpeedWeek が開催されています。
先週の金曜日の Inspection から始まり今週金曜日 17日まで 1週間です。
今年も行きそびれましたが Pan君が行っているので i-phone から送られて来る画像を紹介します。
BNI SpeedWeek is taking place right now at Bonneville.
Started last week Friday with vehicle inspections and lasts until this week Friday, one full week.
I was unable to go this year again, but MOON Space Agency “Pan” is there and has sent these iPhone images.

Fred Larsen, Bill Jenks と 2人のレジェンドが所有した Ford Pickup で
#533 Race Car を引っぱり一路 Bonneville を目指します。
Both legends, Fred Larsen and Bill Jenks owned this Ford Pickup. This year it towed the #533 Race Car to Bonneville.

10年振りにこの FORD が Salt Flats に戻ってきました。
実はこのトレーラーも Fred が使っていた物を修理し使っています。
It’s been about 10 years since this Ford was last here on the Salt Flats.
Fact is, this trailer was also owned by Fred. It was repaired as used by Chico. A long time ago, the trailer was painted nice to match the truck.

Little Hondas
Salt Flat に Japanese Bike が似合います。
Japanese bikes on the Salt Flat looks good.

さて日の出と共に Day 1 の始まりです。
With the sunrise, Day 1 begins.

Dean も久しぶりの Bonneville です。
It’s been a long time since Dean was here at Bonneville.

Pizza 独り占めの Sumi “Pan” です。
Sumi “Pan” with his own pizza.

Attempt 1

214.058mph、not bad, F/BFMR クラスのレコードは 219.648mph ですから
アベレージで 220mph でれば New Record となります。
214.058mph, not bad. F/BFMR class record is 219.648mph so Chico needs an average of about 220mph to get a new record.

Day 3

MQQNEYES Shop on the salt.

Attempt 3:
スピンと書いてあります。206.935mph でスピンですが恐いですね。
“DO NOT REMOVE” とあります、剥がしては良く無いそうです。
It has “SPIN” written on the tag. Did he spin at 206.935? That’s scary.
Relieved to see that it didn’t roll.
I guess “DO NOT REMOVE” means taking the sticker off is not good.

Attempt 4:
順番を待ち、 3番目まで来ましたが 「嫌な感じがした」 との事で明日に走る事にしたそうです。
Waiting in line. With three vehicles in front Chico had a bad feeling about something and decided not to run. When that happens, it’s best not to run.

Event Posters

今日から Bonneville Speed Week が始まります。
詳しくは Twitter と MQQNEYES USA Facebook でどうぞ。
MQQNEYES Bonneville T-Shirts も販売しています
MQQNEYES オンラインショップやエリア1に購入可能です。Limited Supply. 3,200 Yen
21st Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 のポスターと
MQQNEYES USA Xmas Party Show & Drag 2012 のポスターが完成しました。
Bonneville Speed Week begins today.
For updates, please visit my Twitter or the MQQNEYES USA Facebook page.
We also have MQQNEYES Bonneville T-Shirts for sale online.
Available online and at MQQNEYES Area-1. Limited Supply. 3,200 Yen
We just released the event posters for the 21st Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 as well as the MQQNEYES USA Xmas Party Show & Drag 2012.

Super huge T-shirt. It’s a size XXXXXXL (6XL).

HCS2012 ポスター、
HCS2012 Poster.
This is the first edition. We will be adding more guest motorcycles for the next one.
We’ll have the final version poster ready by the end of this month.

今年も Irwindale Speedway で開催です。
This year it will be held at Irwindale Speedway.

真夏の Motorcycle Swap Meet

暑かったです! あまりに暑くて午後 軽い日射病になってしまいした。
It was hot! It was actually too hot and in the afternoon I had a very minor sunstroke.
In modern times, I think the term heatstroke is used more commonly.
Regardless of the heat, the motorcycle parking area was complete filled up.
Thank you very much to everyone for spending the day in the heat with us!
Hope to see you again next year!

朝5時の本牧、 まだ幾らか涼しいです。
Honmoku at 5:00AM, the temperature was cool.
Photo by “PAN” Sumi

Bar “IG” のオーナー八木さんです。
On his way home after work, our neighborhood bar stopped by to see us off.
Owner of “IG” Bar, Mr. Yagi.

Photo by “PAN” Sumi

朝陽を浴び Bay Bridge を下るのは通販 Oku の Falcon
In the sunrise over the Bay Bridge, Mail Order Division’s Oku and his Falcon was hanging in the rear.

Photo by “PAN” Sumi

Panhead に乗るのは Steve、 Panhead は Primary Cover を付けました。
手前から Steve、 “Occhan” 角谷、 “Map” 松浦 and “Hiro” 佐藤
Steve is riding the Panhead. We recently put a Primary Cover on the Panhead.
From the front is Steve, Sumiya “Occhan”, Matsuura “Map” and Hiro Sato.
Photo by “PAN” Sumi

激写中の “PAN” 角
Taking awesome photos is Sumi “Pan”.

“Spectacular Photo”
Photo by “PAN” Sumi

Photo by “PAN” Sumi

Passing through Haneda Airport

激走 中の “MOMIJI” 村上
Flat out running Murakami “MOMIJI”

Louie was there too.

Looks like fun.
Photo by “PAN” Sumi

入り口は Mr. Blue がずる休みしたので MQQNEYES Fan の “Uchie” と “Map” こと松浦君
At the main entrance, Mr. Blue played hookey so taking duties were MQQNEYES Fan “Uchie” & Matsuura “Map”.

The parking lot at max capacity.

Patrolling on the Segway!

It doesn’t take much sun to get sunburned like this.

和崎君、 イベントお手伝いありがとうございました。
Wazaki in the passenger seat. Thank you for helping out at the event.

到着したばかりのマッチャンのEarly Shovelです。
Just arrived in Japan is Matchan’s Early Shovel.

This Weekend!

今晩と明晩は横浜YC&ACでBon Odori Festival
明日は東京お台場で Motorcycle Swap Meet が開催されます。
Tonight and tomorrow evening is the Bon Odori Festival at YC&AC in Yokohama. It’s a FREE event so if you have the time, please stop by for a visit.
Tomorrow (Sunday) morning in Odaiba, Tokyo is the Motorcycle Swap Meet at Aomi parking lot, general admission is 500 yen. (Map & Directions)
Please be sure to prepare for a hot day in the sun and join us at the Motorcycle Swap Meet.
We will be waiting for you!

Short Ride

Midori と Orange 2台で 5月河口湖へ行った際、 色々トラブルが発生した為、 修理に出しましたが。
その試乗をやって居なかったので 富士Speedway で開催された Super American Festival (SAF) へバイクの調子みがてら行ってきました。
今回は Midori, Orange and B. Gold の 3台です。
本牧を出発し海老名で給油を兼ねて休憩、 バイク屋さんに
「調子良いです」 ってメールを送り買い物に行き、 出発!
エンジンがなかなか掛かりません。 さんざんキックしてゼイゼイしているとバイク屋さんからのメールで
「え!試乗で御殿場までですか!パーキングで休憩して、 再始動に注意してください!気を付けて!」
再始動に注意して下さいって もう遅い!
After riding the Midori and Orange in May to Kawaguchiko, we ran into a lot of problems so both bikes were checked out and fixed. We didn’t actually go on a test run after the repairs but decided to use the run to Fuji Speedway where the Super American Festival (SAF) was held as a test ride.
This time there were three bikes, the Midori, Orange and B. Gold.
After leaving Honmoku, we made our first stop at Ebina (about 30km/20mi) along the way to check the oil and rest. I sent an email to the bike shop saying, “The bikes are running great!” Then did some shopping and it was time to get back on the road!
But the bike wouldn’t start. As we took turns kicking and kicking, the bike shop wrote back. “Oh, testing the bike all the way out to Gotemba? Be careful if you take a break at a rest stop along the way and shut the bike down after a long ride, it might be difficult to restort!”
What? It’s a little late for that!

掛からないのでまずはプラグを交換、 右は僕のセルモーターのマッチャン。
マッチャンはこの時点で B.Gold のミラーを飛ばしてしまっていました。
Having trouble starting, we changed the plugs, on the right is my starter-motor Matchan. Basically, his duties include starting the bikes.
At this point, Matchan riding the B.Gold had already lost the side mirror while riding.

While trying to kick-start the bike, it kicked back and threw his leg forward and bent my key. Luckily, this time the key didn’t break.

海老名から次の休憩場所、 足柄へ向かう途中に何とシフトレバーが飛んで行ってしまいした。
搬送の Dually に Orange を積み皆を残しハーレーショップを探しに御殿場へ一足先に出発。
結果御殿場にはハーレーショップは無く、 万事休す。
After the bike started, we headed out. From Ebina, our next stop would be Ashigara but on the way my shifter lever flew off. I had the same issue on our last ride to Kawaguchiko but luckily the lever didn’t fall off while riding. However, this time while we were on the expressway it flew off at some point. So we stopped at a rest stop, loaded the Orange onto the Dually and headed out in search of a Harley-Davidson shop. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate a Harley shop in Gotemba anywhere so that is where it ended.

夕食は Denny’s へ
Dinner at Denny’s restaurant.

自走可能は Midori と B.Gold の 2台となり B.Gold はミラーを無くしたので Orange の付けようとしたらこれが合わない!
それなら B.Gold のシフトレバーを Orange に取り付け、 Orange で帰ろうと言う事となりました。
The two remaining bikes were Midori and B.Gold but since the B.Gold didn’t have a mirror we were going to use the mirror from Orange but it wouldn’t fit!
So then, instead, we took the shift lever from the B.Gold and put it on Orange so that it could be used to ride back.

B. Gold のシフトレバーを付けた Orange
B. Gold shift lever on the Orange.

I really came to see the drag racing but with all the bike problems, it wasn’t even about that anymore.

Mr. K was either tired from the bike ride or the car was not running right.

今回の一番は阿部三曹の Belair, カッコいいです。
The coolest car I saw was Sgt. Abe’s Belair.

As you would expect from a previous JSDF member, Sgt. Abe salutes.

Toyota Dually が 2台です。 これもカッコいい!
A pair of Toyota Duallies. This was cool too!

じゃ帰るか! って走り出したらまたポロリ!
再度 行こうか! そうしたら今度は Midori のスタンドをとめているスプリングを紛失、
Time to go home! Worried about having another problem with the shift lever and if something happened there would be no way to get home, I had an idea that would insure the shift lever not get lost.
Now we were ready to go! This time, the spring that holds up the kickstand on Midori came off and wouldn’t stay up so we used tie straps (zip ties) to hold it up as well. The only problem was he would be able to get off the bike when we stopped.

Before anything else goes wrong, we headed home!

Orange は海老名でエンジン再始動に手こずりキーを折りそうになり、 シフトレバーを紛失し、
Midori はヘッドライトのタマ切れ、 スタンドが壊れ、
B. Gold はミラーを吹っ飛ばし、 色々ありましたが無事本牧まで戻ってこれました。
Orange had restarting engine problems in Ebina and lost a shift lever. Midori suffered a broken headlight bulb and kickstand spring. B.Gold lost a mirror but all in all, we made it back to Honmoku safely.

MQQN Cafe で眼鏡ケースから眼鏡をだして見ると何とバラバラ、 それもこれも振動が原因ですね。
At MQQN Cafe, I took out my eyeglasses case to change my glasses and they were in pieces. The vibrations can cause so many issues.