真夏の Motorcycle Swap Meet

暑かったです! あまりに暑くて午後 軽い日射病になってしまいした。 今風に言うと熱中症だと思います。 この暑さにも関わらず駐輪場はバイクで一杯になりました。 皆様暑い中お出かけ頂きありがとうございました! また来年! It was hot! It was actually too hot and in the afternoon I had a very minor sunstroke. In modern times, I think the term heatstroke is used more commonly. Regardless of the heat, the motorcycle parking area was complete filled up. Thank you very much to everyone for spending the day in the heat with us! Hope to see you again next year! 朝5時の本牧、 まだ幾らか涼しいです。 Honmoku at 5:00AM, the temperature was cool. Photo by "PAN" Sumi 仕事帰りのお近所さんがお見送りに来てくれました。 Bar "IG" のオーナー八木さんです。 On his way home after work, our neighborhood bar stopped by to see us off. Owner of "IG" Bar, Mr. Yagi. Photo by "PAN" Sumi 朝陽を浴び Bay Bridge を下るのは通販 Oku の Falcon In the sunrise over the Bay Bridge, Mail Order Division's Oku and his Falcon was hanging in the rear. Photo by "PAN" Sumi Panhead に乗るのは Steve、 Panhead は Primary Cover を付けました。 手前から Steve、 "Occhan" 角谷、 "Map" 松浦 and "Hiro" 佐藤 Steve is riding the Panhead. We recently put a Primary Cover on the Panhead. From the front is Steve, Sumiya "Occhan", Matsuura "Map" and Hiro Sato. Photo by "PAN" Sumi 激写中の "PAN" 角 Taking awesome photos is Sumi "Pan". "激写" "Spectacular Photo" Photo by "PAN" Sumi Photo by "PAN" Sumi 羽田空港を通過中! Passing through Haneda Airport 激走 中の "MOMIJI" 村上 Flat out running Murakami "MOMIJI" Louieも居ます。 Louie was there too. 楽しそうです。 Looks like fun. Photo by "PAN" Sumi 入り口は Mr. Blue がずる休みしたので MQQNEYES Fan の "Uchie" と "Map" こと松浦君 At the main entrance, Mr. Blue played hookey so taking duties were MQQNEYES Fan "Uchie" & Matsuura "Map". 満杯状態の駐輪場です。 The parking lot at max capacity. セグウェイで巡回中! Patrolling on the Segway! あまりの日差しの強さでこんなに焼けてしまいました。 It doesn't take much sun to get sunburned like this. 和崎君、 イベントお手伝いありがとうございました。 Wazaki in the passenger seat. Thank you for helping out at the event. 到着したばかりのマッチャンのEarly Shovelです。 Just arrived in Japan is Matchan's Early Shovel.