MQQN Oil Tank

Triumph用 MQQN Oil Tank の試作品です。
そして 1965年 Unit Motor Triumph に Hard Tail を装着しました。
この Triumphは 12/02/2012(日) に横浜で開催される HCS2012 に展示予定です。
This is a prototype model of the MQQN Oil Tank for Triumph motorcycles.
The photo also shows a new Hart Tail for 1965 Unit Motor Triumphs.
This Triumph will be on display at HCS2012 in Yokohama on 12/02/2012 (Sun).

明日はクラウン ピックニック/Tomorrow is Crown Picnic

23rd Annual Crown Picnic SUNDAY OCT. 28, 2012
本牧山頂公園 雨天決行 9:00am – 3:00pm
Honmoku Sancho Koen (Honmoku Hilltop Park) Rain or Shine 9:00AM – 3:00PM

明日本牧山頂公園で開催される Crown Picnic です。
雨天決行、 お待ちしております。
Crown Picnic is being held at Honmoku Sancho Koen (Honmoku Hilltop Park) tomorrow.
Rain or shine, we’ll be waiting for you.

HCS2012 情報/HCS2012 Information

HCS2012 へ向かう Bike が MQQNEYES USA に到着しました。
The bikes for HCS2012 arrived at MQQNEYES USA recently. They will head from Yokohama.

MQQN Illustrated Magazine #10 (MIM#10)

MQQN Illustrated Magazine #10 (MIM#10) 10/22(月) 発売開始です!
10/22 (Mon) release date confirmed for MQQN Illustrated Magazine #10 (MIM#10)!

MSA は大忙し!

MQQNEYES Space Agency (MSA-広告及び Website 等を行う部です) は大忙しです。
MQQN ILLUSTRATED Magazine Vol. 10 (MIM#10 10月22日 (月) 発売開始) を完成させたと思ったら
MIM#10 と同時に進めてきた MQQNEYES USA の 2013年カタログの〆切も追って来ました。
MSA では MOON OF Japan, Inc. (MOJ) だけでなく、 MQQNEYES USA Inc. (MUI) の Website からカタログ、雑誌広告等 全ての広告業務を行っています。

MQQNEYES Space Agency (MSA – Advertising Dept.) has been super busy. MQQN ILLUSTRATED Magazine Vol. 10 (MIM#10) will release on Oct. 22 (Mon) was just completed and is currently at the printer.
However, at the same time of making MIM#10, the MQQNEYES USA Catalog was started and the deadline is now. MSA handles not only MOON of Japan, Inc. (MOJ) but also takes care of MQQNEYES USA, Inc. (MUI) catalog, website and all advertising.

MQQNEYES USA 2013 Catalog

MIM#10 発売間近!!

MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #10 は 10月22日(月) 全国一斉発売開始!
21st Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012にやって来る、Guest Cars and Bikesの総特集です。
MOON Illustrated Magazine (MIM) #10 will be released on October 22 (Monday) and be available at bookstore across Japan!
This release features introductions to the guest for the 21st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 and showcases the guest cars and bikes.

2nd Annual MQQN Cafe Italy Reunion

2nd Annual MQQN Cafe, Italy Reunion
MQQN Cafe Italy のある Jesolo Beach は観光地で有名なベニスから船と車で 1時間の位の所にあるリゾートです。
毎年9月に Reunion を開催しています。
Reunion と言う位ですからショーよりも Get Together 的、 Friendly な集まりでした。
来年は観光も兼ねて MQQN Cafe Italy の Reunion へ行ってみて下さい。
詳しくは MQQN Cafe Italy の Owner Alberto のブログをご覧下さい。

2nd Annual MQQN Cafe Italy Reunion.
MQQN Cafe Italy, located in the sightseeing resort district of Jesolo Beach, around an hour away by boat and car from Venice.
Every year in September, they have a reunion.
It’s a reunion type of show but the feeling is a friendly get together of people.
Next year, you should make plans to do some sightseeing and visit the MQQN Cafe Italy reunion. For more details, please visit MQQN Cafe Italy owner Alberto’s blog.

Italy の MQQNEYES Dealer, “No Water”
MQQNEYES Dealer in Italy, “No Water”

左から MQQNEYES Sweden の Hank, me, MQQN Cafe Owner Alberto, 後ろがイツの W&W で働くNobbi, wife Minako and baby Koyuki, Chico, イギリス MQQNEYES Dealerの Tim and His Family.
From the left: Hank of MQQNEYES Sweden, me, MQQN Cafe Italy owner Alberto, in the back is Nobbi from W&W, his wife Minako and baby Koyuki, Chico, MQQNEYES Dealer in England Tim and his family.

Italian MQQNEYES Fan Dany

Dany rides this bike.

Keith も出店していました。
Keith had a booth there.

Dan & Tiffany Collins

Busiest guy at the event, Italian Pinstriper “Blaster”

MQQNEYES Award はドイツから来た W&W で働くNobbiへ
MQQNEYES Award went to Nobbi from W&W Germany.

Nobbi and Alberto

Romano’s ’29, member of Ramblers Italy.

Romano and His Son

We waited over one hour for our seats at a restaurant.

やっと座って注文したら違った物が来たと Dan, 怒りをおさえ ニッコリ。
After we got to our seat and ordered, the wrong item came but Dan was still happy.

Tim and His Family are from UK

“32” これイタリアのビールです。高島屋で売っていました。大きいボトルが1,500円でした。
“32” is an Italian beer. It’s sold at Takashimaya in Japan. A big bottle is 1,500 yen.

Nobbi and 32 Beer.

Nobbi, Koyuki and Minako on Jesolo Beach.

MQQN Cafe’s Smart

MQQN Cafe Owner Alberto

Speedster Replica

なぜSpeedster Replicaなのって思うかもしれません。
You might be asking, why a Speedster Replica.
It’s a well built car.
Honestly, I think I want one for my own.

The front is the battery.

The fact is, this Speedster is an electric car.
I took it for a test drive and it was wonderful.
The acceleration was incredible!
An old car with the latest technology, this is the perfect match.

New Wheels

新製品 Rallie Wheels/ラリーホイール
Black Center/Polished Rim & Silver Center/Polished Rim の2種類あります。

New Product: Rallie Wheels
Two types available, Black Center/Polished Rim & Silver Center/Polished Rim.
In the wheel images below, it shows examples of how existing center caps can be used.
Wheels will be available for purchase soon.